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Reviews for Strangers for the Night (For The Night #1) and Virgin for the Night (For The Night #2) by C.J. Fallowfield

About the For The Night Series:
My name is Logan Steele. I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.

By day I’m a private personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class gigolo.

I don’t advertise my sexual services anymore, I have a long client list that come to me through word of mouth. I’m that good I’m booked months in advance. Scores of women pay me extortionately high fees to fulfil their fantasies. And for the most part I do. I have a strict set of rules that I abide by, which are provided in the full contract that you’ll receive along with the booking form, if accepted. I’ve bullet pointed an abridged version below, just so you’re clear before you send me an email request:

Rules my clients must comply with are:
I must see a picture in advance.
I can decline the booking request without explanation.
I can only be booked for the night.
All sexual acts must be consensual.
I will provide you with a report to complete, then I will choose the setting for our meeting based on your scenario.
I am flown first class or by private jet if I am required to work abroad.
In the event of the above, I will provide my dietary requirements in advance.
I will perform a full background check.
I base my variable charge on the scenario being requested.

“No” rules that I stipulate are:
No bareback.
No minors.
No physical violence.
Nothing illegal.
No form of emotional attachment during or after the event. I am merely performing a sexual or companion service.
No contact after the event, unless it is for a new booking.

And my absolute number one rule, without exception is:
Full payment up front which, is non- refundable.

There is no requirement for a refund clause, I never fail to perform.

So, now you are aware of my rules for the night and are about to contact me, all that remains to be asked is “Who do you want me to be?”


Strangers for the Night (For The Night #1) 

by C.J. Fallowfield


'Strangers for the Night' is Camilla Domville's idea of the perfect fantasy. Meeting a hot guy in a bar and going back to his hotel room for a night of unbridled passion, that’s if they even make it to the hotel room before Logan seduces her.

Downright raunchy, saucy and hot, Logan's sexcapade with Camilla threatens to be his last, as she's set her sights on him and is determined to be his one and only client moving forwards. But Logan's main mantra is “Never get emotionally attached to your client.”

While this works with Camilla, a booking with a future client has him looking forward to it in a way he never has before.


Review By Gia: 

Wow, this is a great read!  Logan is an interesting guy.  He sexy and is great at pleasing woman.  He uses that to his advantage to make money.   He's a high class gigolo.  He is very thorough in investigating his clients.   I really liked Logan's character.   At first I was sure whether I liked him or thought he was disgusting because of his job.  In the end I fell on the side of liking him.

When we first meet him, his client is Camilla.   Camilla has all the details of her time with Logan planned to a T.   She even has where and how often they will have sex.   She has a different plan with Logan besides just sex.  Logan has a great couple guys working for him and they seem to be able to take care of things for Logan.   

Strangers for the Night is a great quick read.   I'm excited to read of Logan in Virgin for the Night.

5 Amazeballs Stars!!!



Virgin for the Night  (For The Night #2) 

by C.J. Fallowfield


My next client is aspiring actress Summer Beresford, whose brief for the evening is that she wants to be treated as if she’s a virgin, to be seduced and wooed. I’d already felt conflicted when I’d received her booking form detailing her scenario, as a rule I didn’t do tender gentle love making, women booked me because of my reputation for fucking, hard. To compound my dilemma, I couldn’t stop looking at her damn photograph and had even used an image of her in my mind to get hard and come with another client. Not only was that highly unprofessional of me, it was potentially hazardous to my reputation in case I groaned the wrong woman’s name. I was already treading that very fine line between professional and personal. Before I’d even met the damn woman she had me breaking one of my cardinal rules, Never fall for one of your clients. The more I looked at her photo though, the more I wanted her.

Summer Beresford, I’m about to woo your arse off and have my own virginal experience, making love for the first time.

Review by Gai:

In Strangers for the Night it took in a little bit to like Logan.  In Virgin for the Night, I not only like Logan but now I absolutely love Logan.   Logan is cocky and great at what he does.   She has just been cast in a role in a movie as a young submissive and she needs help getting into character so she requests Logan's services.  Summer requests for Logan is to “makes love to her like it is her first time".   Logan usually doesn't do sweet and tender but he's drawn to Summer.   Logan find out pretty quick the Summer is actually a virgin.  

I love Logan and Summer together.   Summer and Logan definitely have crossed Logan's rules and emotions were involved.  I hope Summer pops up in Logan's life again.  I can't wait to read the next one Filthy.

About the Author
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