Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blog Tour for Requital by Christa Lynn

Title: Requital
Author: Christa Lynn
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Release Date: December 12, 2014

Doctor Leslie Phillips just married off her best friend, who never wanted to get married. Now she’s alone and facing a life of being single, which was never in her plans.

Someone from Leslie’s past turns up dead and her life is turned upside down when she is named in the Will. She’s left something that doesn’t belong to her, and it’s nowhere to be found.

A notorious New York City crime family claims it belongs to them and they want it back at all costs, including corruption, sabotage and murder.

Special Agent Jason “Mo” Morrison is assigned the task of protecting her from the repercussions of the situation she has been put in - but can he protect his heart? Things aren’t always what they seem, especially when lines are crossed and trusts are broken.

Will Leslie and Jason survive the firestorm with their lives and hearts in tact? Or will the crime family win and change everything?

Review by Tabitha
 I really enjoyed this book. It had it all..the perfect amount of HOTNESS and suspense. I have not read Reprisal yet and had I known that they had connecting characters, I would have read it first. This one can be read as a standalone, you won't be lost, but like I said there are connecting characters. I absolutely love Dr. Leslie. She is such a strong and stubborn woman. And Jason aka Mo, is a bossy, overprotective, sexy as sin, alpha male. I was drawn in from the very beginning. The flow of the story was perfect in my eyes as were how the characters were written. Now that I have read this one, I am going to read Reprisal now so I will have a much better appreciation for these amazing characters. I am looking forward to reading many more books from this author. My one and only complaint is that the first 20% of the book was a little slower than the rest. That will not deter me from reading anything else this author publishes. I am a sucker for a really good suspenseful romance. A really high 4.5 AMAZEBALLS stars for me. 

Christa is married with a teenage son. She resides in the beautiful Atlanta, GA area. She is an avid reader and writer. After reading a book that left her with much disappointment, she had the thought-“I can do better than that.” The next morning, Christa set out to do just that, to write a book that would not disappoint. Her first novel hides in the bowels of her laptop, collecting dust. Her debut novel, Running Destiny released in October 2013. The sequeal-Accepting Destiny released in January 2014. Reprisal released in May 2014.

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