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Blog Tour for The Commitment (The Promise Series #4) by Kate Benson

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The Commitment (The Promise Series #4) by Kate Benson


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The Commitment
Copyright 2014 © Kate Benson

Sophie Ryan has not had an easy life.

In the past two years, she’s faced heartbreaking loss, gotten a rare second chance at unconditional love, revealed her darkest secrets and been forced to make unimaginable choices.

Dusting herself off time and time again, she’s always bounced back in the name of love.

After suffering yet another devastating blow, Sophie is faced with the choice of fight or flight.

With forces and emotions from her past still in play, will she find that some promises are made to be broken?

Or will she finally make the commitment it takes to find the forever she’s been searching for?
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THIS IS IN MY TOP 5 MUST READ FOR 2014! The ending is jaw dropping! Unbelievable!"
-Amazon Reviewer

"I would give this book a million stars if it were possible. However, she will have to settle for 5, you know.. because that's all Amazon will allow."
-Amazon Reviewer

This book is perfect. In every way. It is the absolute perfect conclusion to the story that I fell SO in love with.
-Amazon Reviewer

Wow, Kate you've done it again. Another amazing book to add to the collection. Thank you for bringing these characters to my life and for bringing them to life.
-Amazon Reviewer
Review by Gia:
I'm not a fan of big books.  In fact book 300 pages and over scare me.   Every book in the Promise Series is a big book.  When I first picked up the Promise Series, I was afraid that I would get bored with it.  The Promise Series hooked me and I have read every one.   The Commitment is book four in The Promise Series.  It can not be read as a standalone, you must read the first three first.   The Commitment is another big book (about 417 page).  Kate Benson write her stories in such a way that you never get bored.  Kate keeps you guessing on what will happen next.  You would like after three long books that Sophie, Ana, Chase, Drake, and Jack won't have much more going on to fill 400 pages of story of a forth book but omg they do have a bunch more things going on. 
I loved reading this story.  It's great that we get several POVs.  The epilogue left me wanting more Jack.
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!
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Author Bio:
My name's Kate but you can also call me Katie. I just finished my debut novel The Promise, a contemporary romance with a dash of suspense. I grew up in Texas and moved to Florida when I met the love of my life 13 years ago. I wrote my first poem when I was five and it was about my love affair with pickles. I still love pickles but I like to think my writing has grown since then. I absolutely adore anything to do with books whether it's writing them or devouring them in one sitting. I live on music, love and sweet tea and am known for my silly but blunt personality. I've been lucky enough to find the love of my life, marry him and now we're working on our happily ever after. He inspires me in everything I do, but especially in telling love stories. I'm an ordinary girl living an extraordinary love and I'm so happy I get to share it with the world through my writing. I can't wait for you to read it!

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The Promise Series




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