Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Featured Author: LaDonia Boulton

Welcome Today's Featured Author
LaDonia Boulton !!

Promiscuity to Promises #1

How Promiscuous is She

Promiscuity to Promises #1

by Ladonia Boulton  

Nina Avoids relationships like the plague, drinks to much and sleeps around with random guys whom she never sees twice. Until one Sunday night she sees a man on the floor above. She can't stop staring until she notices they are pointing at her so she gets out of sight. She doesn't get to avoid him long she ends up working for him and another man that wants to fight for her affections to. To top it off one of the random guys she slept with has decided he wants more and he isn't taking no for an answer leaving her notes and gifts, following her to work. How will it end will she pick one will her stalker be stopped?

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About LaDonia Boulton:
I am a new writer working on my first book of at least 30 I have in mind to write mostly romance novels and few sci-fi romance mixed in.

Interview with LaDonia:
1) Can you tell us about your book?
P to P one is about a young woman that was abused as a child, which brought her to the state of mind relationships aren’t for her. She’ll sleep around like the boys do love’em and leave them. She never sees a man more than once and one of those men is not happy with one night only. He lets her know he’s not happy with it too. She soon finds that relationships can be hard to avoid when she sees and meets Liam and feels a magnetic pull to him. This pull scares the heck out of her.

2) Using one sentence describe Promiscuity to Promises #1.
P to P will make you wet and take you on an emotional thrill ride.

3) Will there be a Promiscuity to Promises #2?
Yes this is the first in a series of three maybe four we will see where the characters lead me.

4) What was it like hitting publish on your first book?
Liberating actually like phew done because I was struggling to finish the book at the end and my writer friend Craig Lowe gave me the push to get through.

5) Do you have a favorite spot to write?
No mostly I need a room to myself and music in my ears, I listen to a crazy variety of music rock, pop, emo, techno, etc….

6) What is your favorite food?
Really don’t have a favorite I like all different types of food but I really don’t like to eat and I would choose to eat very little if I didn’t have to cook for the family.

7) What do you enjoy the most about writing?
I enjoy writing the same way I enjoy reading. I love how it puts me in another world and takes me away from whatever chaos is going on in and around me and trust me there is plenty.

8) What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
I’m Dyslexic, it makes me double word because I don’t see the word I just wrote on the page or words get swapped sentences flip flop or disappear words do the same it can be quite frustrating. I am currently trying and failing so far to work with the dictate program on dragon naturally speaking.

9) What's the last book you read?
Tara Oakes A Lil Less Broken

10) What writing projects are you currently working on?
I am currently working on book 2 hope to have out by summer if not late spring I’m not going to rush this one.

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