Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cover Reveal for Southern Perfection by Casey Peeler

We, along with Casey Peeler, are excited to share with you the COVER REVEAL, BOOK TRAILER, EXCERPT and PRE-ORDER links to Southern Perfection! Southern Perfection is being re-released on January 13th. The new version will have changes and added scenes. Make sure to watch the TRAILER and enter the GIVEAWAY below for a $20 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

Cover Designed by: Paperclutch {Custom Invitations & Stationery}

To Be Released: January 13, 2015

Pre-Order Now Available!

Life is full of choices: good, bad, and ones you can’t control.
Raegan strives to be perfect in every way. Varsity cheerleader, honor student, and proud granddaughter of Dover Lowery. By day, Raegan is an over-achieving high school student, but at three o’clock, her real work begins.
What happens when appearances are not what they seem? Will Raegan be able to hold on to her life as she knows it, or will she be left all alone?
All of these questions are answered with one night, one song, one story, and one boy.

Make sure to Add to your To Be Read List:

“Oh, no, you didn’t!” she hollers, and it’s on.  She begins tossing water my way, and I do the same.
“Stop, Em!” she squeals as I hit her with more water.  I laugh and just continue splashing her.  When I know she’s about to get pissed, I stop.
As soon as I let down my guard, she hits me with a wave of water that leaves me speechless.  “You’ve done it now!” I say and make my way to her.  She tries to hurry out of the water, but I catch her, pick her up, and place her back into the water. This time I fall in with her.  We both giggle and then stop when we gaze into each other’s eyes.  As I bring my lips to hers, I get soaked with water, yet again, and she jumps up, laughing and running toward the truck.  Damn.

Casey Peeler grew up and still lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her first passion is teaching students with special needs. Over the years, she found her way to relax was in a good book.
Her perfect day consists of water, sand between her toes, a cold beverage, and a great book!

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