Monday, December 15, 2014

Review for Locking You by S. Donahue


Joella Soriano and Brendan Kirkpatrick have been living a blissful life together since their engagement a year ago. They have flourished in the months after tragedy nearly took Joella’s life in the line of duty. Very much in love, they are planning a June wedding and juggling their hectic jobs.

Brendan, a savvy businessman, is coerced by his younger brother Connor into purchasing a casino that is in disrepair. It seems like a good business opportunity, until the owner of the casino turns up dead – murdered in cold blood. Joella, who is a lead detective with the Boston PD, receives a call to report to the murder scene the very morning that Brendan is scheduled to meet with investors and bankers. The wife of the deceased businessman begins pointing fingers at none other than Brendan and Connor Kirkpatrick. It is Joella’s difficult task to determine who the real murderer is and the motive for the crime, in order to get Brendan and Connor off the hook.

Don’t expect smooth sailing in the Kirkpatrick home, either. With Joella working hard on the case with rookie cop, Chase Wilson, Brendan becomes jealous. Don’t expect him to hide the fact that this bothers him either. To make matters worse, Brendan begins receiving calls from his ex-wife Jessica who claims to still be in love with him. Jessica wants Brendan back and will not take no for an answer. Joella doesn’t take well to Jessica’s advances and is not pleased that his ex is trying to cause a rift between her and Brendan.

Can Joella and Brendan’s relationship survive the obstacles ahead? As the plot thickens, and more people are murdered, Joella and Brendan realize that there is more than just their relationship at stake – their own lives are in danger. If the forces at work have their way, there might not be a wedding after all.

REVIEW by Tabitha:
Oh Brendan how I have missed you and all your sexiness!! I claimed Brendan as my own dibs, infinitely and forever no takes. Did you know that Joella is really Tabitha? Well it is...hehehe... ok now on to the good stuff. I have been so looking forward to this book and have had the pleasure of beta reading it for this fantastic author. I fell in love with Brendan and Joella in Protecting You and could not wait to read Locking You. I was not disappointed. This one had the same awesome hotness and fieriness as the first, but added a whole new element to it with the "who killed Mr. O'Malley?" I absolutely love everything about this story. I loved the same yumminess from Brendan and Joella and now they are planning their wedding all the while Brendan is running his business and Joella is trying to find a killer. A killer that could be someone she actually knows. Is Brendan or Connor involved" I'm telling you this book had be guessing right up until the very end. I had that WTF moment for sure. That is all I can say about it without giving anything else away. I will be buying this book in paperback to add to my favorites shelf and will absolutely be reading this series over and over again. Great job!!! 

About the Author:
S, . Donahue's first novel “Acquiring Hearts” was released on October 4, 2013. She has also began writing her second book "Trusting Hearts" due out in Spring/Summer 2014.

She decided to start writing a novel this year when she was inspired by her friend who published a book in May. The thought process was always there inspired by her love of reading. She lacked the confidence to make it happen until she stepped into the world of Indie Authors.

Her time is spent first and foremost as a wife and mother to her gorgeous and loving three year old baby boy. She is a family oriented person. The rest of her time is spent working a full time job as a Business Systems Analyst, attending University as a part time student at night, working on her upcoming novels, cooking, cleaning, reading and maintaining various Facebook pages. When does she sleep?

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