Monday, October 19, 2015

Featured Author: Mav Skye

 Welcome Today's Featured Author
Mav Skye!!!

Wanted: Single Rose

"Violent visions in our souls. You and I are brother and sister of the axe, husband and wife to the dark. The crow caws at midnight.”

It’s Halloween night. Timothy Sun stands in a garden of graves beneath the branches of the Tim Burton tree, his eyes deadlocked with the gorgeous creature in the raven costume. She beckons to him with one hand, while holding an axe in the other.
One month ago, he was a lonely shop owner hiding from a dark past. Then he met her. He met his violent violet and Timothy knew he’d never be alone again… if only murder wasn’t the only way to keep Velva Jones's affection. Either Timothy plays her game of secrets and murder or damns himself to an early grave. The game has begun, but how will it end?

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A reader with spunk and a vivacious spirit. One who reads fast, enjoys a game of chase and catch, murder and mystery, detective and clue, violence and romance. Halloween and mischief are a must. Can you follow my clues? I lay them out one by one just for you. We were made for each other you and I, story and reader, violet and violence, our names are written side by side in the stars.

About me:
I love a good old-fashioned milkshake, expensive shoes, axes, and graveyards. I bore easily, so pay attention: I will provide hours of mystery, horror and romance in every possible way my deep, dark need guides me.
By the time you’ve finished reading this, our game has already begun. No need to write me back. Here are the rules: Pay attention, stay away from the plants, don’t play with the undead, carry something sharp and although the urge may overcome you to seduce my lonely, but charming Sir Sun, he is mine. Remember that.
Most of all, be dangerous, darling.
The clock is ticking.  I’m waiting for you. Game on.
PO Box 666

About Mav Skye:
Mav Skye has never murdered anybody, nor does she own an axe or gator stilettos with Victorian points. However, she has her very own Tim Burton tree that leans over the duck puddle in the backyard. She enjoys mystery, old noir flicks, and occasionally, a walk through a dark wood. Her short stories have been published across the globe and have won several awards. This is her first full length novel.

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