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Featured Author: Sami Lee

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Sami Lee!!

Hot In Here – Ashton Heights Fire Book 3

Taming these firefighters promises to be one wild ride…
Best friends Leo and Blair share everything—a workplace, a house, and even women. When they meet the mysterious Ally she seems destined to be another notch on their bed posts. Yet one night of passion has them wondering if there’s more to life than an endless string of meaningless hook-ups… and if their wild Ally Cat might be the one to tame them both.
Ally figures fooling around with a couple of hot firefighters is a one-time deal. Her over protective family can barely stand the idea of her having one boyfriend. Introducing them to two could cause mass hysteria. But after one night of lethally hot loving, she’s seriously tempted to go back for more…
Even though, when they find out who she really is, there’s every chance Leo and Blair will run screaming for the hills.

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Nothing turned Blair Bowman on more than a woman who drank beer straight from the bottle and knew how to play pool. Except maybe a woman with all the above and a penchant for wearing brightly colored lingerie.
Most men liked the black. A lot of other guys didn’t care for the lingerie as long as it was easy to take off. But for some reason, Blair liked a woman who wore vivid colors under her regular clothes. It bespoke a boldness he respected in a sexual partner.
He’d noticed earlier that the beer-drinking pool shark named Ally wore a bra that was bright pink.
Now, he barely managed to stifle a curse when she bent over the pool table to line up a shot. She was playing against Leo and totally transfixing Blair in the process. That little denim skirt was driving him mad. It was short enough to give him an excellent view of her supple upper thighs but not short enough to allow him a peak at her underwear. He’d love to know if her knickers matched the bra. If they did, he’d decided he was going to do everything in his power to take this woman home and have his way with her.
Hell. He’d be willing to take her home if she were wearing granny panties. The brief conversation he’d had with Leo while Ally was at the bar had confirmed his friend felt the same way. If Ally was in to the idea, it was all systems go as far as Blair was concerned.
Wish I’d known what I was getting into when I agreed to this game.” The twitch of Leo’s lips told Blair his comment wasn’t a genuine complaint. The man was clearly having the time of his life facing off with Ally. “I would have insisted on a handicap.”
Ally sank the red ball in the side pocket with ease and stood. She flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder and arched a brow at Leo. “There you go, selling yourself short again. Are you always so humble?”
Blair answered for Leo. “Pretty much. Leo Chatfield, the humble hero.”
Hero?” Ally prompted.
Leo gave him a look meant to shut him up, but Blair ignored it. “Leo here—otherwise known as Chats—regularly saves cats from trees and damsels from burning buildings.”
Blair saw the moment Ally put two and two together. She turned back to Leo. “You’re a firefighter?”
Leo looked abashed. The way some women reacted to his profession—making jokes about his hose and asking to ride on his big red truck—tended to make him uncomfortable. Blair considered it a perk of the job. “Yeah,” Leo said at last. “Blue and I both are.”
Ally walked around the table to line up her next shot, not appearing impressed in the least by their careers. “Oh, that’s funny.”
Why is that funny?” Leo asked.
She looked about to answer but then stopped herself. Her brow furrowed. “Which station are you at?”
Leo answered for the both of them. “Ashton Heights.”
There was no discernable change in her expression, but Blair sensed there was something she wasn’t saying. “Why do you ask?”
Ally flashed him a smile and went back to lining up her shot. “No reason.”
There was a reason all right, but Blair couldn’t begin to guess what it was. He let the lie go because trying to figure out the inner workings of a woman’s mind was a fool’s errand. Besides, he wasn’t interested in Ally for her mind. Her body would do very nicely for his purposes.
Leo clearly felt the same way. Blair would know it even if he hadn’t outright asked the man only a minute ago. They had the same taste in women, which had always worked very well for them. Lately, Blair had started to get the impression Leo was losing interest in sharing, but he hadn’t wanted to confirm his suspicions by asking Leo about it. He liked the way things were—sexy, fun, uncomplicated. Truth be told—although he’d never admit it to a soul—Blair did better with women when Leo played wingman. Leo’s nice-guy vibe balanced out Blair’s harsh exterior. On his own, his complete lack of sensitivity tended to lose him a lot of points.
You’re killing me,” Leo groaned.
Anyone else would have thought he was referring to the fact Ally had sunk another ball. Blair noticed the way Leo’s gaze was trained on the girl’s butt and knew the other man was talking about the physical effect watching her bend over the table was having on him.
Ally flashed Leo that devastating grin. “Don’t worry. Your luck could change at any moment.”
Ally’s gaze tracked over Leo’s form in open appreciation, the same kind of look Blair had caught her giving him once or twice while he’d been playing pool.
Jackpot. The woman definitely wanted both of them.

About Sami Lee:

Despite falling in love with creative writing in her teenage years, Sami worked a wide variety of jobs on her way to eventual publication. As a bartender she used to scrawl snatches of dialogue on the back of flyers advertising $2 drink specials. Now she types on a computer like a bonafide, professional author—but she wouldn’t mind finding a bar that still sells $2 drinks. If you know of one, please feel free to get in touch with her and let her know ASAP!
An author of hot, unashamedly romantic stories, Sami lives in Australia with her husband and two stupendous daughters. If that’s too far away for you, visit her webhome at, or catch her on social media.

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