Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thirty-One Authors in a Month Presents: Theresa Sederholt

Author Theresa Sederholt

Theresa Sederholt was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. She is a graduate of Campbell University in North Carolina, with a degree in Criminal Justice. Theresa now calls North Carolina home, with her husband, a professional chef, and her two dogs. 
Experiencing life first hand is what she does best. Believing she can do anything has put her in many crazy situations. Whether it's babysitting a pig farm or cutting the top off of a mini truck; nothing is ever out of reach. Her list is endless, A to Z.

As a flight attendant (there's that list again), she would make up stories about all of her passengers as they came and went. It seemed only natural to put pen to paper and see where these characters led her. What started out as a single woman, having a cup of coffee--trying to make it through life--grew into a complex story of romance, mystery, and murder. The Unraveled Trilogy was born.

Theresa's beliefs are pretty simple. There isn't a luggage rack on the hearse, and give a girl Nutella and espresso and she can change the world.

Theresa enjoys connecting with her fans. She can always be reached through her website at:

(Everything can be purchased from one link.)
I’m including two teasers per book, plus cover. They are Romance/Suspense.
The Unraveling of Raven Book 1

Darkness into Dawn Book 2

Shattered Lies Book 3

FB Author page

Uniquely Mine A Fitz Series coming fall 2015

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