Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review of Nothing More Beautiful by Lorelai LaBelle

Nothing More Beautiful

Nothing More Beautiful


There’s nothing more beautiful than love. There’s also nothing more dangerous . . .

Bakery owner Maci Goodwin is 25 and has never experienced the big O. Not once. She’s been with five guys—and five duds. Sexually reserved, Maci finds herself paralyzed when it comes to bedroom exploration, despite the unbridled encouragement from her enlightened friends.

Then, after a spell of failed online dating, Maci meets Vince Forte and everything changes. He’s a man who has it all—looks, brains, and billions in the bank. The fierce attraction between them is undeniable, which ignites feelings Maci has never felt before, and she realizes she can’t get enough. After composing a list of their secret sex fantasies, the two set out on a series of kinky adventures, where they discover a world neither of them has ever imagined. It is a world of lust and love, pleasure and patience, and unexpected deviance . . . But will the list bring them together like they hope, or will it send Maci running back to her prudish, O-less life?

Nothing More Beautiful is a sensuous journey of experimentation, romance, and passion. Featuring spurned friends, long-lost lovers, deranged ex-business partners, and not-so-natural disasters, Maci’s story takes the reader on a fun, sexy tromp through the City of Roses, craft beer, and sexual freedom.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Review by Gia:
I loved reading Nothing More Beautiful.  This was a book that was recommended to me based on my liking another book.  I wasn't sure what I was in for with this book.  At first I got the impresses it was going to be a light and fluffy read but towards the end it take a darkish turn but then comes back to nice and sweet. 
At the urging of friend, Maci tries online dating.  Maci is looking for a guy to give her an organism.  After failed dates she gives up.
She keeps running into Vince, so, she decides to give him a shot.  Vince is more than just sexy eye, he is a very successful businessman.  Vince is a very sweet, nice, and patient guy.  He and Maci put together a list to help explore their sexuality.   I loved the list. 
There are definitely some bumps in their relationship that is caused by them exploring their list.  There is also a few twists that really surprised me.  The story moved at a slow but nice pace in the beginning, towards the end it sped up but it was still a nice pace.  I loved the ending and it's doesn't have a cliffhanger.
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!

About the Author:
Lorelai was born in 1989. She is a bookworm who loves writing erotic contemporary works that push boundaries and have a touch of mystery/suspense. She also enjoys writing paranormal and dystopian when the mood strikes her. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, their chubby cat, and two birds. In her spare time she likes to bike, hike, and drink craft brews, like many Portlanders do, and watch movies in the dark. 


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