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Featured Author: S.K. Logsdon

Welcome Today's Featured Author
S.K. Logsdon!!!!

LEX  (Unconventional Hearts #1)

LEX (Unconventional Hearts) 

S.K. Logsdon 

Note: This is a story of finding oneself, through the horrors and pains of life. This isn't just a story about love. It's a story about anguish. This is a story about Lex's journey to acceptance.

Not for Close minded people.

Lex Keagan isn't your typical woman. Her past has left her broken and afraid, yet she remains bold and successful. As a result of her painful past, love has never come easy; therefore, she’s convinced herself to spend her entire adult life staying busy working at her own company--that is, until her best friend Roni persuades her to give online dating a try. When she concedes, Lex quickly discovers that the world of online dating is nothing like she's ever dreamed. The mysterious charm of her online crush leaves her reluctant and afraid to let love in. As two more men enter her life outside of the online dating world, she's left confused and overwhelmed. Who will she chose? With the deep scars and raw truths her past contains, is anyone capable of accepting the real woman trapped inside, or will she remain alone forever?

Caution: This book contains heavy adult sexual context, which may include LGBT scenes. Some heavy emotional scenarios, including ones of abuse, might be difficult to read. For ages 18+


Wrapped up In You (F/F Novella)

Dawn finds herself lusting after her neighbor and best friend, Scarlet. But what Dawn doesn't realize--is when your fantasies become a reality, lust takes on a whole new meaning. The taste of a woman has never been sweeter than Scarlet, and one nibble could never be enough. Is she falling in love? Or is this feeling fashioned from the river of sensual exploration?

-This is an Erotic Romance Novella.

Caution- Contains heavy adult sexual content, profanity and lesbian encounters. For ages 18+

WRAPPED UP IN YOU -- My F/F Erotic Novella is FREE



Stricken Trust (Stricken Rock, #3)

Stricken Trust (Stricken Rock #3)

It’s vacation time for Emily after all the anguish Johnathan’s dumped on her. Spending two weeks in the mountains of Colorado with James, Stacy and Kyle comes as a much needed relief. Until a deep dark secret is revealed, leading her down a path she’s most eager to follow. Once returning home to LA, Johnathan gives Emily an amazing present, can she accept what he’s offering? Or will the past few weeks of realization be enough to change her forever?

Caution: The book contains heavy adult sexual content & profanity. For ages 18+


S.K. Logsdon is the author of four series; Stricken Rock, Attraction, Unconventional Hearts and The Circle of Blood. She writes erotic romance novels, full of steam, unpredictability and sass. 
A stay at home mom. She enjoys her family, loves cake decorating and is an avid reader. 

"I became a writer after being a stay at home mom for the past 10 years. 
I've always had a passion for reading and the creative nature for writing. Being an only child growing up, I spent hours living in my own world of imagination. Note books were filled with my thoughts and ideas and as an adult I have been lucky enough to turn those creative juices into a product for others to enjoy."

Interview with S.K. Logsdon:
1) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Stephanie, Pin name is S.K. Logsdon. I am a mother of 3 awesome daughters. I live with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years. Who happens to be a pretty perfect match for me and 14 years older. I'm a Libra- If that really tells you much. And I am probably one of the most forward, openly honest, and loving people you could meet. 

2) Do you have a favorite spot to write? 
I used to write in bed, all the time. It's the only place in the house where it's quiet. But I have recently been lucky enough to convert my sunroom into a author oasis. It has a giant chair for me to write in. I love it. So now I split my time between the two. 

3)  Do you have a favorite character to write about?
Lex- She is my favorite character I've written and I love being able to get into her mind. I can't wait to add her to the second book to my Unconventional Hearts Series. It's going to be Epic! 

4) Are you doing any author signing events this year?
I did one already. But I have the Rebels and Readers in WV come November. Which I am very excited about. Not only do I get to meet fans, make new ones, talk to fellow authors, I get to meet Paul Blake! lol-- I am sort of addicted to the man. 
What is the hardest scene you have ever written?
I know this is going to sound weird. But I have a harder time writing SAPPY hardcore Romance, the make you melt kind of stuff. Then I do writing drama, rape scenes, abuse, or explicit sex...etc.... To be honest the overly gooshy stuff gives me a toothache. I write it because it's necessary to a story and it's outcomes. 
6) What's the last book you read?
Precarious by Bella Jewel- It rocked my Socks off! She is fabulous! 

7) What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
I have 5 Serious addictions (Besides my kids)- 1. Moccasins; Omg I love them!! 2. Sunglasses; I can't leave the house without a pair on my head or over my eyes. 3. My computer; this thing is addicting! 4. Books; I love them and I thrift shop for them all the time. Even if I never read the book I want to buy it anyhow. 5. Snowmen; My house is littered with them they are too darn cute not to display year round.  

8) What’s your favorite outside activity?
Does reading count? I like to read outside. If I had to choose another outdoorsy activity it would have to be in the shade, no direct sunlight. I burn so easily, I can't tan to save my life, and spf 50 can only work so much. I've been this way forever, unfortunately. I do love going to the beach, watching my children swim, or play in the water. Oh and I do love to fish, even though it's been a while since I've gone. 

9)  Of your four series, do you have a favorite one to write?
I have to say Unconventional Hearts. It's the most honest, in depth series I've ever tried to accomplish. It's serious, and it's romantic. You are introduced to a vast array of characters who all live in a small town, and are different, like many people in the world. They may not look it from the outside (although some may) it's about their journey to find love. In Lex you meet her and look into her dark past and see how she's become the beautiful woman she has. It's an emotional ride for me. I cried a lot writing it. And Lincoln's story is next. Which will be just as emotional for me and my readers.
Now that doesn't mean I don't love my others series. I do, very much so. 

10) What project are you working on now?
I have 2 things I have to tackle next- 1. A short novella for an anthology I am taking part in. Which releases in December. And then I am going to, fingers crossed, try to tackle Lincoln.

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