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Featured Author: Avery Claire

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Avery Claire!!!

Lucky Stars (Lucky You Book 1)

Lucky Stars (Lucky You Book 1)

A shooting star
A tragic mistake
A forbidden secret
A sexy summer of love
When two worlds collide, two hearts unite.
Jackson “Jax” Caraway has been on the journey from hell. Four years ago, his life was turned upside down when he was smacked with the title of pedophile, fleeing the city, now a black sheep. There are two sides to every story, and his side has yet to be justified. Finally ready to step from the shadows to live his life, he decides to take the plunge. He just never expected for fate to drop a bombshell at his feet.
Jessa Roberts, a graduate of fashion design school in Paris, is at a crossroads in her life. Finally she is free to plant her roots wherever her heart takes her. After having accomplishing her dreams, she doesn’t know what to live for anymore. Looking skyward, she wishes upon a shooting star to discover what the meaning of her life is. Normally a quirky, urban girl, she decides to branch out during a boring summer to experience the country life. And boy does she love the country view, all six feet, hard body in tight wrangler jeans, white t shirt, and boots. Lucky for her, the amazing specimen is outside her window too.
On a hot summer day, their worlds collide; sparking instant chemistry, weaving their hearts together and a magical love affair begins. A true fairy tale. Will the past come back to haunt them? Will the secrets of their forbidden love tear them apart? Can their love be enough to last more than the summer?

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Hot Summer Nights Anthology

Hot Summer Nights Anthology

Can you handle the heat? A compilation of steamy stories to entice, tantalize, heat you up and take your breath away by ten of your favorite authors. Grab a cold drink before settling in for a hot summer night of reading.

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About Avery:
I'm a Texan girl, born and raised in Fort Worth. Currently I'm a full-time student, with a full time job, I'm a wife, a mother to three fur babies. I love to cook, bake and BBQ, but my favorite hobbies, include reading and writing.

I love that I have found my true passion in life, combining all things I love, being able to get creative through my writing. I have written bits and pieces of myself in all my characters.

My husband, "Mr. Claire", challenged me a few years ago, to write my own story down, and put it out there for others to read and enjoy. I finally decided to "make it happen."

Interview With Avery:
1) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm married, with four fur babies, I recently adopted another baby, I now have two Boxers and a Boston terrier and a Siamese cat. I love to cook, bake, craft, BBQ, and write. I'm also guilty of watching too much TV, I love drama and comedy. Son's of Anarchy, True Blood, Arrow,  The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, my list can go on. I love my DVR, it gets used every day.

2) Do you have a favorite spot to write?
My couch, my office, sometimes anywhere the mood may strike. I write notes on my phone and cut and paste them into my manuscript.
3) Which of your characters would you like to meet in person and why?
Addison Caraway, because she's so much like me, personality wise and she's been the most fun to write.

4) What is the hardest scene you have ever written?
A scene where my character didn't know if his mate was going to make it or not. Talking about his feelings, of how he'd have to cope with the loss of her. It pulls at your heartstrings to read it, but most of all to write from your heart.

5) What's the last book you read?
Hot Summer's Night Anthology, all the stories are amazing.
6) What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
I'm a full time student, I work a full time job, and I have no idea where I find the time to write, but its  my passion, my hobby, and I make it happen. 
7) What’s your favorite outside activity?
BBQ, gardening, fishing, water sports, I'm still waiting for the hubs to take me hunting. I also enjoy playing with my dogs or my nephew.
8) When writing do you work with an outline or just write?
Both, my first novel I broke down every chapter, but I have mixed it up a bit and only write a beginning middle and end, everything else I fill in as I go.
9) What project are you working on now?
I've sent off Lucky Stars Part 2 to the editor, I'm working on the second book of the Lucky You series, Lady Luck. Which is Addison's story.

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