Thursday, April 15, 2021

Release Blitz for Overtime by Rebecca Barber

Title: Overtime
Series: Playing the Field #1
Author: Rebecca Barber
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: April 15, 2021


The time had come for Luca Conti to hang up his boots.

After a career travelling the world and playing in some of the biggest games, his body was tired, and he was looking for the next step.

The only problem was, what came next?

After playing the game he loved day in day out since he was a kid, Luca had no idea what life looked like on the other side.

Enter Elise McCoy.

Elise doesn’t do sports. She does margarita Mondays and tight-arse Tuesdays. With her job as a schoolteacher filling her days and her crazy best friends filling her nights, she’s not looking for anything more.

Elise is ready to play and Luca is out to win the most important game of his life.



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"How are you feeling anyway?”
“Better than I was.”
“Good to hear. You know you should’ve called me. I would’ve come over and taken care of you. Or you could’ve crashed at my place,” I offered, choosing my words carefully, conscious of the little ears hovering around.
“I know. I just didn’t want to make you sick too. Besides, I didn’t want you to see me all snotty and gross.”
Unable to keep my hands to myself a moment longer, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and hugged her against me, almost a bit surprised when she let me. “That’s the part in the vows ‘in sickness and in health’,” I reminded her.
“Yeah, in wedding vows. We’re not married, remember?” she threw back, thinking she’d won this round. Silly girl.
“Not yet anyway.”


Releasing June 15


Releasing August 15



Rebecca is a clumsy, introverted, bubble bath loving, chocoholic who'd rather read a book than go shopping. And don't even mention shoe shopping!

Rebecca is a lucky girl - one of four kids to school teacher parents. Wife to a football obsessed husband. Aunt to the most crazy/adorable little girls. And sister to two very determined sisters and one easy going brother.

Rebecca lives in Canberra Australia and spends way too many hours a day working the day job.

She is a book whore who can easily (and happily) read a book from start to finish in one sitting and spends her spare time writing.


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