Monday, April 19, 2021

Cover Reveal for Living Wilder by Lēigh Tudor

Title: Living Wilder
Series: Wilder #1
Author: Lēigh Tudor 
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Damonza
Release Date: May 23, 2021


There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. Add in an irreverent prodigy with deadly combat skills and an upbringing devoid of normal life experiences, and that line’s going to get more than blurred, it’s going to get obliterated.

Three sisters, all geniuses, raised in a wildly abnormal environment, escape to a quaint hideout in the remote prairie town of Wilder, Texas.

Loren, is determined to make the town love her and her sisters, despite inappropriate clothing choices and a set of abs resembling corrugated steel. If the good people of Wilder require more convincing, middle sister, Mercy, has an arsenal of weapons and intimidation techniques to bring them around. Cara, with the temperament of a nun-in-waiting, does her best to dampen her older sister’s unpredictable natures.

To make matters more complicated, the town’s namesake, Alec Wilder, doesn’t buy into their backstories. He vows to protect his own little sister from their web of lies. But he can’t deny his attraction to Loren, the ring-leader of the sketchy threesome.

Nothing adds up when it comes to the new women of Wilder, but one thing’s for sure, figuring them out is going to be one wild ride.




Lēigh lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, with her husband whom she lovingly refers to as The PoolBoy.

She recently retired from a career in the tech industry, working a variety of positions where she sold, trained, marketed and managed . . . a ton of shit. She loved it, don’t misconstrue the excrement comment, but now finds herself blissfully happy following her, well, bliss.

Lēigh’s motto is “Find your tribe and love them hard.” If this sounds like someone ya’ll want to hang out with, come join her tribe!


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