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Review for So Right With You by Maggie Kaye

So Right With You

So Right With You

So Right with You

Book 1 of The Girlfriend Series – Chloe’s Book

In the work place, we all know there are boundaries. One of those boundaries is Never Date Your Boss, especially if he is a playboy and you just had your heart broken. When Chloe Lambert finds herself down on her luck, none other than her hunky CEO boss, Garrett Nolan, steps in to rescue her, offering her temporary shelter at his ranch. Now, her boss is looking more appealing, and her friends can’t agree on whether she should sleep with him or not. Don’t even mention the fact she just learned he has a soft spot for kids and is using the ranch to help sick kids. What is a girl to do when it feels so right?

Review by Gia:
 So Right With You is a great read!
When the book starts Chloe has found her getting out of a relationship with her fiance because she found him cheating on her with her friend.  They share the same place together so she finds her self with no place to live.  Chloe's boss, Garrett, overhears Chloe's whole conversation with her ex fiance.  Garrett is a sexy caring boss.  He offers Chloe a place to stay. 
Chloe and Garrett are attracted to each.  But Chloe has a rule Never Date Your Boss.  Garrett is a hardworking businessman who doesn't let many people in.  The more Chloe learns about Garrett the harder it is not to be her rule.  But what's the point of rules, if you can't bend and break them.  Garrett is so worth breaking that rule.  
Garrett is their to pick up the pieces for Chloe.  At first I wasn't sure if he really liked Chloe or if he just he the need to fix everything.  I loved all the characters.  They are well written and easy to connect with.  I loved Chloe's interaction with her friends, Ree, Leighton, and Harper. 
So Right With You, is a great read.  The story just jumps right off the pages.  It's a fun read.  I can't wait to read Leighton's story in So Into You.

5 Amazeballs Stars!

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About this author

When I was in college, a friend and I attempted to write our first romance book. We actually never reached the writing part. Mostly, we laid in the sun, brainstormed, laughed, and snacked, typical behavior for young college students with short attention spans. I went on to earn a teaching credential in special education and a career in teaching. Although we never completed that first book, the desire to tell stories remained with me. Eventually, I took out a writing pen or in my case a notebook computer my hero (husband) bought me to pursue my dreams and wrote the end.

Today, I live in Southern California with my husband, two children, and two cats that sometimes share the keyboard with me. I enjoy writing stories with plenty of heart, humor and a bit of steaminess.

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