Sunday, November 18, 2018

Featured Author: Michelle Brown

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Michelle Brown!!

La Asesina Bonita Duet Box Set

La Asesina Bonita Duet
Rosalina Maria has death in her blood.
Anthony has blood on his hands.

She is the head of the family business.
He was meant to take it from her.

But instead, she stole his heart.

What happens when things don’t go their way?
Will they risk it all for each other?

My name is Roman.
He should have never stayed.
He doesn't play by the rules.
What are we going to do now?
Warning: this book will contain triggers and is intended for a mature audience 18+

Diamond B!tch


They hate me, but they don’t even know who I really am.

They see the person I show to the world.
They don’t know what I’ve lived through and they don’t know me.

But they will.

There’s a reason I’m called a bitch.

This is my story. You better pay attention.

Warning: this book will contain triggers and is intended for a mature audience 18+

Hatter and His Alice
Ally Michelle

Ready for a new twist on an old fairytale...

How far down the rabbit hole would you fall before you found the perfect Alice?

What if when you land instead of a Wonderland, it's an obsession you can't cure...

*This is a dark fairytale*
Warning: may contain triggers, intended for a mature audience 18+

In Plain Sight
Ally Michelle

I watch him from the shadows, capturing his essence through a tiny lens.
Every inch of his skin I have committed to memory, I know his body as well as my own.
I’m waiting for the right moment to let him catch sight of me.
Just like the way he seized my attention so long ago.

Unease and fear are my constant companion; a side effect of the eyes I can sense on me, watching my every move.
I don’t know how to make the feeling stop.
The not knowing if someone is lurking out there, just waiting for me to drop my guard is making me lose my mind.

I wish I could tell Thomas how he makes me feel.
The feelings that I hide are consuming me, making it harder to face him.
I’ve wanted him for years, but never found the strength to admit the truth.
The lie is getting harder to tell, and every day I feel myself starting to slip.

About Michelle Brown:

Michelle Brown is an International Bestselling Author, writer of mulitple genres such as Mafia Romance, Dark Romance, Horror Fiction, and many more. Michelle lives in a small town located in North Carolina, USA. Wife and mother, she writes stories that will break your heart only to put it back together again, just a bit bloodier. Michelle also co-writes with a close friend under the pen name Ally Michelle.

“Murderous Mayhem with a Touch of Romance”

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Interview With Michelle Brown:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

Hi, Gia and Tabitha. Well let’s see, my books tend to be darker than regular romance. I have a few mafia romance books under my belt but I do write other genres. I feel like the best way to describe them would be saying, my books show how even bad things can’t bring you down and you will end up where you should be. Oh, and you won’t find a weak female character in any of my books.

2. What inspires you to write?
Honestly, I have no idea. I write things that feel right to me and I just write what comes to my mind.

3. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I write when I can. My typical day goes like this: wake up at 6:30 am, 7:15 am take my kid to school, 8-2:30 is a mix of writing, plotting with my co-author, and scrolling social media after I pick up the mini… I don’t get much writing done.

4. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
My couch. I have a desk, I just don’t ever use it.

5. If you could be friends with one of your character, which one would you chose?
Amalia from DIAMOND B!TCH. Her personality is basically me in book form.

6. Do you have a release day tradition?
I read my reviews, hyperventilate a bit, and we celebrate with me not cooking.

7. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose?
London. I have always wanted to go there and my goal is to one day do that as an author.

8. What writing projects are you currently working on?
I just wrapped up In Plain Sight, which is a co-write under the name Ally Michelle and an anthology story called Missing Pieces (second chance romance). I am currently working on Elena, which is a second generation mafia romance.


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