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Release Blitz for Just Joe by Jen Luerssen

Just Joe by Jen Luerssen
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Hey there, beautiful! I’m Joe, just Joe, not like that asshole with a heart of gold, F*cking Frank. Hope you’re not too disappointed that I kept my abs under wraps, I’m no show off. Check out the guns, though, am I right?
Really, my abs would have distracted you too much away from my handsome face, and that would have been a travesty. I am the full package—handsome, built, funny, charming. You could say I’m a little full of myself, but I’m just honest. We are always told to build our self confidence and believe in ourselves. Then you agree when someone compliments you and you’re some kind of monster.
Wait until you meet Betsy, she’s fantastic and I’m sure you’ll love her. She’s a stripper, oh shit, I mean she’s a burlesque dancer. Please don’t tell her I messed that up. She hates when I call her a stripper. She’s also a f*cking genius computer whiz.
Betsy hired me and my construction company to renovate her house. I’m a musician but I also really like making people’s homes up to date, plus it pays a shit ton.
Bets and I have friend-zoned each other but I secretly have the hots for her. My brother, Jack thinks I’m crazy for just being friends, but he’s only 18 and was raised by me, so he clearly knows nothing.
Or maybe he’s the smart one.
I think you should get this book and see what happens, or at least get it for the perfection that is the cover, ya know, me.

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Review by Gia:
 Just Joe is book two in the Smirk Series.  It can absolutely be read as a standalone.  Joe is a great guy.  He's sexy and sweet.  He is a little full of himself at times but he also has his insecurities.   
Betsy is great too.  She's a character would make a great friend.  She hires Joe to fix her house.  Her house has way more wrong with it then she thought and she ends up staying with Joe and his brother.  Betsy is an interesting character.  She's smart and during the day she works as a computer programmer and at night she's a burlesque dancer.  I loved these two together.  Some of their banter is funny.   They start as friends. It's a slow burn read and I was getting a little frustrated with them because I just wanted them to the admit they wanted to be more then friends but it was worth the wait.   
4 1/2 Amazeballs Stars!!

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About Jen Luerssen:

Jen Luerssen grew up in New Jersey and then lived for 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area. She has held various jobs in her adult life. Some examples are nanny, waitress, receptionist, dispatcher, caterer, and finally teacher. She spent 10 years teaching 4th and 5th graders, until she finally felt the call to write. It's been plaguing her thoughts and dreams for years, and those thoughts finally fought their way out.

Jen loves to read, obsessively. She has an unhealthy attachment to her Kindle and is rarely seen without it. She'll read anything, but especially loves good smut or a post-apocalyptic young adult book.

After "retiring" from teaching, Jen sat down and wrote a book and then another and another and it was the most fun she's ever had working. She is self-published even though she's not sure how it works and hopes that people like her funny stories.

Jen is back in her native New Jersey and lives with her husband, daughter, and dog, enjoying suburban life.

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