Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review for Midnight Watch by MJ Lowell

Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch


Danger and desire entwine in a sensually charged novella from the author of Reckless Games

In the world's most romantic city, at the darkest hour of the night
Billionaire Dmitri Petrovich has two objectives in Paris: to deliver the Empress of Midnight, his priceless Fabergé egg, to the Louvre and to enjoy the special skills of his porn-star mistress.

A woman keeps watch over a thief's prize
Investigator Cassiopeia Reynolds has two objectives of her own: to safeguard the Empress and keep her job. But everything changes when enigmatic Interpol Agent Parker walks through the door with knowledge of a plot to steal the precious treasure.

But nothing is safe when destiny steals in
Locked in a hotel suite with Parker watching Dmitri and his mistress enact fantasies beyond her wildest imagination, Cass finds her self-restraint pushed to the breaking point...and past it. What happens next shatters her careful defenses, challenging everything she thought she knew about right and wrong, pleasure and pain. It's not just her job but her heart on the line - and she is in danger of losing both on the...

Midnight Watch.


Great start to what promises to be very intriguing series of novellas. This one is a hit in my book because not only does it catch your attention from the very beginning, but it develops the characters in such a way that had me feeling like I knew them. It didn't feel like it was rushed in anyway and for it to be so short, I must admit, surprised me. As I was reading it, I was really paying attention to every detail. I was definitely engrossed in the storyline and was guessing in my head who the thief was and how they pulled it off. I think there is much, much more to these characters and how they "figure" things out has left me seriously hoping this author writes really fast. I need to know what happens, yesterday. I find myself wondering what is going to happen even after a day from finishing this little novella. Can't wait for more!! An easy 5 AMAZEBALLS stars for me!! 

A copy was gifted in exchange for an honest review. 

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M.J. Lowell is a Brooklyn-based writer, reader and pizza lover who started telling stories as soon as she could talk (sorry, Mom and Dad!). She enjoys falling in love, breakfast in bed, Hot Tamales candy, ice-cold Manhattans, and Pitch Perfect. Her inspirations include Meg Cabot, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mary Stewart, Agatha Christie, J.R. Ward, Sylvia Day, and Princess Mononoke. She fantasizes about riding off into the sunset with a handsome French baron whose apartment has a bath tub and a shower, but until he appears she's happy spending her days with her French bulldog, Coco Chanel. 
Reckless Games is her first novel and Midnight Watch is her first novella.

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