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Blog Tour for Written in Blood by Elaina Lee

Romantic Suspense
Date Published: Jan 1, 2011 (Re-published June 2014)


 Written in Blood: A dark and sensual, award winning, romantic suspense.
Lyndi Crisdean is assigned one of the hardest cases in her career as a defense attorney. A serial murder case. Investigating is Alek Trevian, the lead investigator for the district attorney, and a handsome and supremely dangerous man. Lyndi finds herself in over her head when she chooses desire for Alek over common sense. If they're caught, Lyndi will lose everything she's worked for. Circumstances beyond her control pull her toward Alek, for he turns out to be the only one who can help when threats start to mount against her.
Lyndi may be the key Alek needs to bring down a murderous cult running loose in his city. When her beach house is broken into and a man begins to tail Lyndi, Alek can't help but reason Lyndi may be next on the cult's hitlist. The question is, will he discover the identity of the cult, keep her safe, and still win the case against the serial killer she's defending, all while losing a battle against the strong, untamable desire she alone ignites within him?


Black hair framed his face and hung down just past his collar. Her fingers twitched at her side, gripping her purse tighter. What she wouldn’t give to find out if his hair was as soft as it looked under the pale lighting. With a quick shake of her head, she snapped out of her reverie. Coming here had been a mistake. Sin, like the man walking toward her, didn’t need another invitation to her front door.

 Before she could change her mind, she turned away from him and headed toward the entrance. The door to freedom seemed much farther than she remembered. She reached out; her fingers touched smooth wood. A cool, fresh breeze brushed the flushed skin of her face, beckoning her. She didn’t make the night wait. She burst out onto the sidewalk, sucking in air to calm her raging pulse. What was wrong with her? For whatever reason, though, something about that man had told her to run and not look back. 

Hair flitted across her face, and she pushed the stray locks away. Home was only fifteen minutes from here. Shouldering her purse once again, she turned and started in the direction of her apartment building.

 “Miss.” A deep, smooth voice sounded from behind her. 

Lyndi froze. Did she really want to look? Biting her lower lip, she glanced over her shoulder. Mr. Wickedly Handsome’s lips twitched in what she figured must have been his equivalent of a smile.

 “Do we know each other?” she asked, turning to face him.

 “Are you alone tonight?”

Listen... I don’t know you, and I’m not going to answer that question, so have a good evening.” 

When she tried to turn away, his hand caressed her upper arm. Gentle and confusing, the touch left her too mystified to protest when he stepped closer. Leaning down, he whispered against her mouth, “Trust me when I say, you know me.”

 His warm breath brushed across her lips, sending a wave of heat to the pit of her stomach. Every muscle in her body wanted to move closer, wanted the distraction she knew that mouth could offer. But despite her earlier thoughts, losing herself in a man wasn’t something she could afford right now. 

Steeling herself against the tingle of desire he created, Lyndi lifted her gaze to his shadowed eyes. “You’re wrong and must have mistaken me for someone else.”

 A small smile curled along his lips; his fingers grazed along her jaw. Her breath caught in her throat, and she swallowed the whimper forming in her throat. “I know exactly who you are, Ms. Crisdean. You are unmistakable.”

Review by Tabitha:
Holy hell this book was freaking AMAZEBALLS!!! Seriously, I could not put it down. I was hooked from page one to the very end. I mean so hooked I didn't shower, change clothes, eat the whole day. I just sat there reading and flipping my kindle pages like they were on fire. I am a HUGE fan of Romantic Suspense books, so I jumped at the chance to read this book. Usually they are better in one area or the other but this one had the perfect amount of Romance and some major heat and suspense. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. The main characters were awesome and totally lovable. I mean Alek and Lyndi were written absolutely perfect. Their interaction from the very beginning was spot on and developed so great. I loved both of them. They were definitely two characters who "shouldn't" be together but just had to be together. Their attraction was so electric and smoldering! I can not wait to read more from this author!!! Awesome job Ms. Lee!!!! This deserves as many stars possible and is an absolute MUST READ!!! 

A copy was gifted in exchange of an honest review. 


Elaina Lee

I'm Elaina Lee, romance writer. Since given an assignment in the 6th grade to write a fantasy story, I knew writing was a passion I'd never be able to do without.  From that moment on my imagination took flight.  Over the years I've written everything from the Dark Ages to Science Fiction, all with romantic elements, of course ;-).
As a mother of two boys, a kindergartner and high schooler, life is never boring in my house!  When I'm not keeping a little one out of trouble, or trying to keep my sanity as a boy migrates into a man, I write.  I'm very fortunate to have met my remarkable husband who has supported and encouraged my dreams of being an author since the day we met. 
Thanks for taking the time to learn about me!   
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