Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blog Tour for Fate's Love by L.A. Cotton

When you meet that one person in the world meant for you… you should hold onto them.
Olivia Bannon walked away.
When 17-year-old Livy meets Ethan, she can’t deny their inexplicable connection. Lost in his dark, intense eyes and smile-to-die-for, Livy never thought she would feel like this. It almost makes her want to break her childhood vow, but Livy knows happily ever after is just an illusion, and despite her heart wanting Ethan, her head is telling her to stick with the plan. The one that doesn’t include falling in love. Period.
Eight years later, Livy finds herself back in her hometown. After the way she left things, the last time they were together, Livy is anxious about seeing Ethan again. It shouldn’t come as shock to discover he has finally moved on—but it hurts. A lot. Accepting that she will never get the chance to put things right isn’t easy, but it’s not until life comes crashing down around her that Livy realizes what she could’ve had.  Left broken, alone, and depressed, only one person can pull her out—the guy she thought she’d pushed away one too many times.
Livy has finally realized that you can’t fight fate… Some things are just meant to be. Is this finally her time to get it right, or has Livy missed her last chance with Ethan?
Meet the Author
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L.A. Cotton has a busy mind in need of constant stimulation. A youth worker from the Midlands, UK, if L. A isn’t immersed in a book, she’s figuring out what course to study next. With an imagination that refuses to stay quiet, early this year, L. A finally decided to put finger to keyboard and start typing. Her first novel, Fate’s Love is due for release September 30th.
When she’s not busy reading, writing, and plotting future books, L. A. is mum to two gorgeous children, and their hyper terrier, Rocky.

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 Review by Gia:
Fate's Love is a good book.   It broken down into three parts that spread across years in Livy's life.  Each part starts with a little saying.  Part One is "Fate decides who enters into your life, Your actions decide who stays".  Part Two starts with, "Fate brings two people together, but it's love's job to keep them there".  The last section is, "And if you really need him fate won't let you lose him, fate will bring him back".  I absolutely loved the little saying before the different parts of the books. 
The story spreads through a time span.  At points I felt it was going slow.  The first part of the book was the slowest part for me.  The last part of the book was full of stuff and definitely kept me interested. 
Livy is a strong character who has plans that don't involve dating and falling in love.  Fate throws Ethan in her path.  She continues to run away from him.   Ethan and Livy's paths continues to cross.   At points where I felt the story was dragging, I kept reading because I wanted to know when and how Livy and Ethan's paths would cross again. 
There are some heart wrenching scenes and some scenes that had me wondering if it was to late for Livy and Ethan.   Overall, Fate's Love was a good sweet read.
4 Amazeballs Stars!!!!!


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