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Blog Tour for Guarded Hearts by L.A. Corvill

Guarded Hearts

L.A. Corvill

Blog Tour | October 27 - October 31

Publication Date: August 12, 2014



I want nothing but to escape the bitterness and emptiness surrounding me....

I'm, Olivia Rey, a product of an unwanted pregnancy and since that day forward my world has not beeneasy. My mother's anger at not being able to hold on to my 'father' made her lash out all her hatred and venom at me growing up. So, I did the only thing I could to survive, I enclo...sed my heart until I can be in the light.

All I want is to be surrounded in darkness to not feel...

I'm, Phoenix Ryan, I have lived a life of privilege with no boundaries making me feel invincible. Then when I was on a high, tragedy came crashing down on me and cast me into a world where I was left numb. So I did the only thing I could to survive I enclosed my heart, so I could walk into the darkness.

Will theses two guarded hearts eclipse into each other to find love, or will they be forever guarded.

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Excerpt #1 

Bro, step on it. Don’t be a pussy,” I yell. I am fucking wasted. I feel like I am flying super high. We are going home after a party that was being held at this abandoned warehouse outside of town. It was a secret party since there was going to be a lot of underage drinking and drugs involved.
“Nix what if we get pulled over? I can’t get a fucking ticket, my parents will kill me,” Sky says, paranoid.
“Dude, my fucking father is the town judge. He will make sure nothing happens. Come on, there is a reason this car can go 180 mph. Step on the gas.”
“Fuck, this feels awesome, bro. We are flying,” Sky says, laughing.
I stick my head out the window, feeling the night’s air on my face.
“Fuck yeah, we are fucking seniors. Can’t wait to leave this place and start getting college pussy,” I scream into the night.
Then I feel the flames of hell consume me.


Excerpt #2

I was around four years old the last time I cried. I had fallen outside my friend Mandy’s house. I scrapped my knee and the blood was running down my legs and onto my new socks. I didn’t cry from the pain; I cried because my mother was going to be so upset that I ruined my new socks. She was either going to spank me or put me to bed without dinner. Mandy’s mom picked me up and sat me on her lap while she sent Jenny to get a wet paper towel and some Band-Aids. She told me to stop crying, that she knew it was going to sting, but it was going to feel better in a bit. She hugged me tight and cuddled me while we waited. I had never felt that kind of warmth before; my mother never hugged me and she certainly never cuddled me. Those were the best three minutes of my life, it felt so nice that I didn’t care if I went to bed without dinner for a whole week or got spanked.
“Olivia! Where are you? Aye wuerca,” I heard my mother yell from the front yard. Mrs. Scott was just putting on my Band-Aid when my mother knocked on the door.
“Vicki, she’s here. She just fell and scraped her knee, but she is okay now,” Mrs. Scott told my mother. As she set me on the floor she kissed my head, I cried some more, but it was happy tears this time. Mandy was so lucky.
“Well, thank you, Barbara, for taking care of my pumpkin,” she replied with her fake smile.
She extended her hand towards me so that I could take it, and as soon I did she squeezed it hard and I started crying again, and we started to walk towards our trailer.
“Olivia, I told you to stop crying. Do you want me to give a reason to cry? Only weak, pathetic people cry. If you keep cryingLa LLorona will come get you because she will think you are her niƱa. You won’t want to be taken by her, because even though you are afraid of me I would never kill you like she killed her children, so be grateful to me, bastardita,” she told me.
I still didn’t know if I should have been grateful or not, because I still hadn’t seen the light in life.


Reviewed by Gis:

Guarded Hearts is an amazing read.   I was hooked on this book right from the prologue.   I did want to put it down until it was done.  It's told in the dual POVs of Nix and Olivia.   I love reading books in dual POVs because you can get into both characters heads. 

Both Nix and Olivia have had troubles in their past.  Nix has had his best friend pass away in a car accident that he survived.    We get glimpses of the car accident through Nix.   When I was reading the point where we get information on the car accident, I got a little teary eyed.  That part is written so well that you can't help but be sad. 

Olivia has had a rough childhood.  Her mother didn't want her and isn't very nice.  Olivia has study hard and go off to college with her best friend Mandy.   Olivia is head of her sorority when she meets Nix.  She is a master at only letting people see as much of her as she want them to see.   

Nix and Olivia have chemistry right away but her party image puts Nix's off a little.  Once they get to really know each other there relationship goes great.   When they hit a bump, it's a major bump.  There is a crazy turn of events that involves Nix and Mandy.  Kylie and Tom also play a crazy unthinkable  part in the story.

This one is a definite one click.  

5 Amazeballs Stars!!



Guarded Hearts Playlist 

Wake Me Up- Avicii
Concrete Angel- Gareth Emery
Animals- Martin Garrix
Now or Never- Tritonal
Still with Me- Tritonal
Dark Horse- Katy Perry
Talk Dirrty- Jason Derulo
All Of Me- John Legend ft. Tiesto
Last Chance- Kaskade & Project 46
Young & Beautiful- Lana Del Rey (Kaskade Remix)
Hurt- Johnny Cash
All shook up- Avila
Say Something- A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera


About the Authors

Leli and Aimee are Texas-Natives who reside in the Rio Grande Valley. They work in the medical field and have evolved into New Adult Romance authors. Both share a passion for HEA. Their love for books helped them decide to purse their dream of writing. When they are not working or writing, Leli spends her day reading and adding new book boyfriends to her list, her kindle/ipad is never far from her. Aimee spends her time with her kids being a taxi to their various extra-curricular activities and her Ipad is never far either.

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