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Review of Hasty Resolution by Sam Taylor Mullens


Hasty Resolution 
by Sam Taylor Mullens

Jake, a US Marine, has been on a nonstop roller coaster ride in the Middle East for over a decade. While on a medical leave seeking help for PTSD he snaps and abducts a woman thinking it will be the remedy plaguing his thoughts. The woman, Liz, witnesses his hallucinations, night terrors and anxieties and quickly becomes sympathetic to his plight. A relationship between the two begins to flourish.

Review by Guest Blogger Angela:
First, I want to tell Sam Taylor Mullens that I truly love this book, and can not wait for the continuation of this story!  Thank you!

Jake is a Marine who is on medical leave while he deals with severe PTSD.  Liz is a teacher and wife whose husband cheats on her. One day Jake encounters Liz while she is out on a Sunday morning walk. He suffers a break and kidnaps Liz, taking her back to his cabin over the border and into Canada.  Liz falls for Jake, and they begin a relationship. 

The victim falls for her captor. Sounds crazy, right?!?  I thought the same thing when I read the blurb for Hasty Resolutions. I couldn't possibly understand what would make Liz fall in love with Jake, the man who kidnapped her for no apparent reason, but I was intrigued.  And then I began reading, and I could see how it could happen.  Sounds even crazier, right?!

Jake is very traumatized by what he has seen in combat over many tours of duty.  He doesn't want to return back to active duty until he feels like he is stable enough not to be a danger to himself or his unit.  During his tours of duty, he keeps seeing the image of a blonde woman who smiles at him. And when he sees her again in the flesh, he has a break and kidnaps her.  How can Liz fall in love with someone who would kidnap her and keep her from her family? Well, I wasn't sure how that could happen until I began to see what Jake had been through, not to mention what all Liz had been through in her marriage, which wasn't ideal.

As the weeks and months slip away, Liz's husband gives up on finding her and chalks it up to her abandoning them of her own accord, even though her shoe, iPod, and phone were found in a ditch on a farm road.  Jake and Liz begin to open up to each other and connections are made between them.  

I will not say much more in order to keep from spoiling a wonderful story for you.  But I can tell you that I am dying to read the next book in Jake and Liz's story which comes out in May, which, thankfully, isn't too far away!  

Jake is a wonderful human being who has a great deal of baggage to deal with. He's loyal, loving, gentle, kind, and protective.  Liz brings out all of these things in him and helps him find the peace he's been looking for.  Liz has been in a loveless marriage, and has been beaten down by her husband. Together, will they be able to find the happiness and peace that they have been looking for?  Will their pasts tear them apart?  I am glad to have been able to read their story, and as for whether or not they are able to continue their relationship....... Well, I'll never tell! 
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!!!
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