Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Featured Author: Lonna Enox

Welcome Today's Featured Author

Lonna Enox!!!

The Last Dance

The Last Dance

Saddle Gap, a quiet little town in southwestern New Mexico, seems the perfect place for Sorrel Janes to start her life over. But within a few days she finds herself entangled in two murders, the object of harassment, and the number one suspect of a murder. Will her past terrors destroy her future dreams? Amid the evolving conflicts, she resolves to reconstruct her new life and find happiness. Detective Chris Reed is equally resolved to solve the murders as well as Sorrel’s secrets. Neither of them suspect where the steps of this dance will lead, but they are too stubborn to sit this one out.

Chapter Eleven:
"The house seemed strangely empty after Reed left that afternoon. I concentrated on the floor. My arms and shoulders felt numb, but the floor looked wonderful." 
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The sequel of The Last Dance coming soon…

About the Author:
Lonna is a professional writer with extensive experience writing all forms of literature. The Last Dance is her debut into the mystery novel genre. 

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