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Featured Author: Sharlyn G. Branson

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Sharlyn G. Branson!!!


Limits of Destiny (Volume 1)
Alexia Welson is very beautiful and men do not fail to notice. Still, she feels unhappy and
depressed because she’s never managed to fall in love.
But this quickly changes. At a birthday party, she meets the most eligible bachelor in
Switzerland - the young and incredibly ambitious multimillionaire Alexander Kraftberg.
Despite her friend’s warnings against getting involved with him due to his notoriety as a big
womanizer, the two begin a love affair full of great passion and powerful sexual attraction.
However, their future is threatened by Alexander’s depraved and dark past.
Upon finding out about his lifestyle, Alexia is shocked. She begins to feel torn and terribly

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Limits of Destiny (Volume 2)
The detonation of a bomb in Kraftberg’s hotel takes Alexander and Alexia to Dubai.
Reminding her of the stories of Scheherazade, the beauty of the Arab world delights Alexia,
but at the same time, she has to face the fear of losing her beloved.
Their relationship continues to be threatened by the dark secrets hiding in Alexander’s past.
Will they manage to overcome these challenges together?
Will they discover who ordered the attack on Alexander’s hotel?

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Limits of Destiny (Volume 3)
Back in Switzerland, Alexia is forced to face new difficulties. People from their past constantly stand in their way, trying to split them up. Will these ghosts of their pasts manage to destroy their relationship? As a man accustomed to getting what he wants, Alexander Kraftberg is determined to do anything to keep Alexia just for himself. But can she trust him? Is Alexander really the man she thinks he is? Their love is shaken to the core when an unknown person sends Alexia pictures from Alexander's depraved past. Shocked and confused, she feels she is skating on thin ice that can crack at any moment...

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Limits of Destiny (Volume 4)
What are the thresholds of pain tolerance? Alexia feels empty inside – all the joys she’d experienced before are gone. She realizes her recovery will take a long time and she has no right to drag Alexander – the only man she’s ever truly loved – down the hole of her own despair. Alexia must forget her ordeal if they are to be happy together again. But will she be strong enough to forget what has happened to her? Or will she lose everything? Alexander Kraftberg is a man of strong character who has money and power, and won’t stop at anything to achieve his goals. He loves Alexia and is determined to do whatever it takes to maintain his relationship with her. But their future together is in the hands of his beloved.

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About Sharlyn G. Branson:
Sharlyn G. Branson is happily married and mother of a lovely boy. She is addicted to coffee
and dark chocolate. She believes erotic novels could save a lot of marriages and improve
sexual life of many people. Branson reads various genres, but adores erotic romance. She
loves to write all kinds of love stories.

Interview with Sharlyn G. Branson:
 1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
In my books, I focus on what I consider most important in life and this is love. No matter how powerful or successful someone is, when it comes to love, there are no boundaries between people. It’s the most important thing God has given us.
I adore books with dominant alpha males who need to control everything. They seem ego centric, but have a good heart deep inside and would do anything to protect their beloved.
In the Limits of Destiny series, the main character Alexander Kraftberg is exactly this type of a man. As an owner of a multi-million dollar company, he is powerful and very successful, a man who doesn’t go unnoticed by women. Sadly, he doesn’t know what it means to truly love and what it takes to keep someone by his side.
When he meets Alexia Welson, the beautiful American who left her country to study and work in Switzerland, he realizes she is the opposite of the women he has ever had. Alexia is very honest, romantic and she fascinates him from their very first meeting. The two begin a love affair, which becomes stronger and stronger every day. But his dark past threatens to destroy everything between them. How is the story going to end? The readers need to wait a bit more until the last volume is published.

2. Which book has been your favorite to write?
My most favorite book is volume four of the Limits of Destiny series, because it‘s very emotional. I‘m a hopeless romantic who would cry when reading a book or watching a movie. I had to stop a few times while writing the book, because my eyes would become watery and I wouldn’t be able to see my writing. But I had to keep going. I wanted my readers to feel the story, the desire and the emotions the way I feel them. And seeing, that they do like what I have written and have felt the same way I have felt, is my greatest present.

3. What inspires you to write?
My ideas come often unplanned. When I go for a walk, I like to observe people in love, laying on the grass or sitting on a bench alongside the lake. My greatest inspiration though are my readers telling me how deeply touched they are by my books. This is the best incentive for an author to keep on writing.

4. Do you have a favorite spot to write?

My favorite spot to write is my desk where I can look at the lake and the Alps from my window. Nature gives me internal peace and clarity which help me write my books.

5. Do you listen to music while you write?

I love listening to music and this is the reason why my books have a playlist of the songs used within the story. Lyrics are like a book, which shares the emotions, the love and the feelings of the writer. I really enjoy when my fans tell me how well my music selection suits the situations and the emotions of the characters.

6. When did you know you wanted to write a book?

As a child I loved to write poems. I was always stronger in literature than in math. But life took its own course and I ended up with a university degree in Economics. I was happily working for a bank when my life made an unexpected turn and forced me to quit my job and take care of a family member. I wanted to use my time at home to create something beautiful and that’s how the Limits of Destiny series was born.

7. Do you work with an outline, or just write?
Usually I have ideas on how the story should continue and I often note them down. Other times I begin to write and the story unfolds before me. In my books, I give in all my love and passion, completely dedicating myself emotionally. I either work at my desk or in the
bed with the laptop on my lap and I block everything around me, so that I can focus on my writing.

8. What are you working on next?
I‘m currently writing the last volume of Limits of Destiny series, preparing the final surprises for my readers. I will not hide that I already know what my next novel will be about. In fact, I have several different ideas, but I will start with the one I think would be the most intriguing. I will keep them a secret for now.

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