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Featured Author: Kris Jayne

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Kris Jayne!!

The order of her books is as follows: 
CHARMING YOU (Thirsty Hearts Series #1):
CHOOSING YOU (Thirsty Hearts Series #2):
CHERISHING YOU (Thirsty Hearts Series #3):

Scheduled release: February 2016

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CHARMING YOU (Thirsty Hearts Series #1) by Kris Jayne:
Micky Llewellyn has trusted men before - with disastrous results. Now, she’s focused on her career, her friends, and making sure she doesn’t let another charming man lie to her and break her heart.

Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan. He’s on track to a partnership at one of Dallas’ premier law firms, and he’s marrying a woman who has the beauty, smarts, and connections to be the perfect wife. Or he thought he was.

Fate and a dead car battery throw Micky and Nick together, forcing them to question what they want. Nick’s charm makes Micky’s heart pound with desire and her gut twist with mistrust. Micky’s fire awakens a passion in Nick that flips his world upside down. With his personal and professional lives colliding in chaos, Nick has one way to make sure he gets what he wants, but it means betraying the woman he craves.

In their struggle to balance love and ambition, Micky and Nick will have to decide what they want and at what cost before they lose the one thing that matters.

Choosing You (Thirsty Hearts Series #2) by

Taryn Lieber has a date set to marry a man beyond her dreams. Jeff McConnell, and his feisty daughter, Olivia, transformed her life. She never thought she’d want a ready-made family. Now, she can’t wait.

The only good to come out of Jeff McConnell’s first marriage was his curly-haired daughter and the unfulfilled desire for a woman to stand with him as he conquered the world. When he met Taryn, he knew instantly she was the one.

Taryn and Jeff have plans for marriage, adoption, and a life together, but those plans fall apart when Jeff’s ex-wife shows up, wanting to be part of Olivia’s life. What does the woman want? Taryn’s instincts tell her Shannon Nelson is an unreliable, scheming opportunist. Jeff’s compassion compels him to find a way for Olivia to reconnect with her biological mother.

Conflict, mistrust, and danger follow as Taryn and Jeff try to hang on to the love that brought them together and make it down the aisle.

Cherishing You (Thirsty Hearts Series #3) by

New job. New address. New name. Shannon Clifton has one focus. After missing most of the first seven years of her daughter’s life, she’s getting her life together to be a good mother to Olivia. She’ll prove to her ex-husband and the world that her past of drug addiction and crime are history.

Jonah Moran hasn’t struggled for much. He has a cushy job at his father’s billion-dollar company, a string of socialite girlfriends, and anything money can buy.

One night, Shannon’s past confronts her in a dangerous encounter that brings Jonah her rescue. Shannon and Jonah begin a relationship that offers something new for each of them. Shannon’s never had a man sweep her off her feet with elegant charm. Jonah’s never had a woman who appreciates each joy like it’s her first. Drawn together in a novel passion, they find solace in each other’s worlds even as their differences threaten them with ruin.

Jonah’s family has no intention of welcoming Shannon, and Shannon fights to stand on her own feet for the first time in her life. Can Shannon and Jonah push through the barriers and find lasting love?

About Kris Jayne:
Kris Jayne is a devoted writer, reader, and traveler. She spends her days blissfully sweating out the writing process in the Dallas area with her dog, Otis the Shih Tzu (DNA verified after being told he was a Lhasa Apso).

Her debut Thirsty Hearts series launches in 2016 with three books, Charming You, Choosing You, and Cherishing You--available on Valentine's Day. She's begun work on the fourth book in the series, Chasing You, which will be available in the spring.

Her passion for writing is only matched by her passion for the adventures of travel. In 2008, she let a friend talk her into sleeping outside for the first time in her life when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Interview With Kris Jayne:

1) Can you tell us a little about your books?
The first book in the Thirsty Hearts series, Charming You, features Micky and Nick as my heroine and hero. They meet when Nick helps her jumpstart her car, and sparks fly between them. The problem is that Nick may or may not have a fiancee—even he’s not sure at the beginning—and Micky’s last boyfriend was a total pig, so she’s gun-shy. It doesn’t help that Nick has a double agenda. He’s under pressure from his law firm to dig up information about the company where Micky works, but he’s also starting to fall for her. Micky has to get over her trust issues, but that’s hard to do with a guy who’s not being totally honest. Plus, Nick has the complication of his ex-fiancee. The question is: how can Nick untangle his personal and professional life and get to a place where he deserves Micky’s trust?

The second novel, Choosing You, picks up Taryn’s story. In Charming You, we first meet Taryn and her fiance Jeff as they are planning their wedding. Everything is going according to plan until Jeff’s first wife shows up and wants to insert herself back in Olivia’s life. Olivia is Jeff’s daughter. Taryn was going to adopt her. Jeff has a lot on his plate with the wedding and selling his business so he just wants to keep Shannon pacified. And he also wants to help her. He still feels sorry for her since she had a troubled life. Taryn, on the other hand, is convinced that Shannon is up to no good. That conflict brings up a lot of issues in their relationship. Plus, Shannon has brought her second husband with her, and he’s nothing but trouble. Taryn just wants to get down the aisle, and she and Jeff both start to doubt whether that’s going to happen.

After writing book two, I got obsessed with how Shannon was going to pull it together so I made her the heroine of the third book, Cherishing You. She meets Jonah Moran—who showed up at the end of Charming You. He has some drama with his father that I didn’t explain in the first book, but we find out what that is in book three. They come from completely different backgrounds. Jonah comes from loads of family money, and Shannon grew up in foster care—with no real family. Forget family money. They have an intense physical attraction that turns into something deeper, but if you read the first book and you see how the Morans operate, you know they aren’t going to love Shannon. Also, as much as Shannon wants to leave her past behind her, her old life and the people in it still haunt her. Jonah and Shannon have to figure out how to step out of where they come from and be together. That’s gets more and more complicated throughout the story.

2) Which book has been your favorite to write?
Cherishing You was probably favorite to write because Shannon wasn’t a planned heroine. I originally planned to feature Alexa, Taryn’s cousin, as the heroine of book three. Shannon proved to be the most interesting project. In Choosing You, I couldn’t decide at first how bad I was going to make Shannon or how I might redeem her and make her sympathetic. I’m proudest of Shannon because she faced the biggest obstacles and came out happy on the other side.

3) What inspires you to write?
My stories typically start with one kernel of an idea — a scene I want, a type of character that interests me, or a dilemma that gets me excited. I started writing Charming You with the first scene. I wanted a guy who came to the rescue in some way and gave my heroine a “jumpstart.” Half way through, I thought I’d complicate Taryn’s story with a dilemma because everything was so perfect, and then I decided to tell Shannon’s story. Those ideas can come from anywhere. The Valentine’s Day scene in Choosing You started with one line that a friend of mine once said to a guy. I ended up changing the line because it didn’t exactly fit the characters, but what Taryn says to Jeff at the end of that scene is based on something said in real life that’s become a running joke among my friends.

4) Do you have a favorite spot to write?
My couch. It’s not very ergonomic, but my desk in my office is stuck in a corner. The room isn’t big enough for me to rearrange the desk, my bookcases, and my printer. So I write on the couch. Twice a week, I meet another writer friend for “writer’s camp.” We park ourselves in the lobby of a hotel, have lunch, and write for three or four hours in the afternoon. I like having lots of things to look at when I look up from my computer. The hotel is nice because there are always business meetings and different kinds of people coming in and out. I get to overhear a lot of conversations. I finished my first draft of book three on an airplane. I was flying back to Dallas from New York and someone on the plane had a seizure. They guy ended up being okay, I think, but we got diverted to Washington D.C. Nothing forces you to write like being trapped in a steel tube.

5) Do you listen to music while you write?
Sometimes. Not often. When I’m really stuck and procrastinating, sometimes I’ll put on my headphones and listen to binaural waves in my ears underneath music through an app on my iPad. It’s really a way of blocking out the world and forcing myself to write without interruption.

6) Do you work with an outline, or just write?
After book one, I learned that I need to start with an outline. It’s not terribly detailed, but I flesh out the arc of the plot and the conflicts in advance. Without it, I found I can just wander around in the universe of the book, and it makes it hard to finish. I didn’t start with an outline with the first book, and it took me over two years to finish it.

7) When did you know you wanted to write a book?
I’ve always wanted to write since I was a little kid. I wrote my first complete story in the fifth grade about how the old Chicago Bear Refrigerator Perry got so fat. I’ve started five or six different novels throughout the years. I started Charming You five or six years ago and decided in 2013 to work on it consistently and finish the manuscript. The problem was that I had a corporate job where I worked six days a week many weeks—only because I refused to work seven. It was taking over more and more of my energy, and I knew I would never finish anything as long as I was working there. So I quit. I’ve written full-time since Halloween 2014.

8) What are you working on next?
I’m finally going to tell Alexa’s story. I have a prequel novella nearly done, and I’ve started on the fourth book in the Thirsty Hearts series, Chasing You. That will be finished before summer. I’m giving Alexa a couple of heroes to choose from. I like the idea of throwing two different men at her and deciding what she’s going to do. She meets the first guy while on vacation in London in the novella, and then we meet the other hero in the novel.

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