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Release Boost for Love You In December by Author Olivia B Dannon

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Love You In December
by Olivia B Dannon

Heatwave Series Stand Alone Vol 2.

Released 4th December 2015


Rachel and Angelo are just settling into the witness protection program. They’ve testified and now they are ready to get on with their new life in Peaches, Colorado.

Only, life isn’t ready to let them settle.

A new threat emerges with Angelo and Rachel ( living as William and Eileen) as the target. Angelo, a trained hit man will do anything to keep Rachel safe and Rachel will do anything she can to help preserve the new life they have going.

Someone is trying very hard to pull Angelo back into the killing game. The threat of exposing their identities yanks Angelo and Rachel into a game that can only end with someone dead.

Take this hot, romantic and exciting leap with Angelo and Rachel to see if a hitman from New York and sweetheart from Ohio can over come a crazed killer and find their happily ever after.


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His heartbeat was pounding in his ears, forcing out the sound of everything else. Angelo reread the card.

Congratulations on your new found happiness, Parkers. While it lasts.

Your Favorite Uncle

It said Parkers not Donatti’s. This wasn’t necessarily a threat from someone who knew that he and Rachel were in the witness protection program, hiding from the Grimaldi and Fabbri families.
It could be someone who was losing business to the restaurant or tanning salon, both businesses Angelo and Rachel owned.

He tucked the card in the shorts he was wearing because despite the could be's, he had a feeling it was a hit man looking for him and putting out a feeler.

The move here was no move at all. Any reaction would confirm that he, William Parker was, in fact, Angelo Donatti and that Eileen Simmons soon to be Parker was actually Rachel Stuart.
So instead of calling the flower shop, or hunting down the pimple faced delivery boy like he wanted, Angelo did what his new identity William would do. He took the tray of chocolate-dipped strawberries from the refrigerator, left the bouquet of flowers on the counter, as if he’d forgotten it, and returned to Rachel, who’d just agreed to be his wife.

He was up the stairs with the tray and smiling already because he knew that when she ate the strawberries, she was going to make those teasing noises that he knew from experience also were made when she was loving his mouth, or hands on her body and waiting with anticipation for him to take her.

He pushed open their bedroom door and there was his Rachel. She was smiling in her sleep. Her full pink lips turned up at the corners. Her long golden blond hair was on the pillow at her back and her evenly tanned skin looking just as smooth and silky as it felt.

It was almost picture perfect seeing his ring on her finger. The only flaw being her hand was splinted from being tortured by a man who had been desperately trying to find Angelo.

Rachel began to battle with the blankets as she always did and winced when she used her injured hand. Her long lashes fluttered, and she opened her blue eyes looking at her hand. Angelo decided right then as she spotted him that she didn’t need to know about the threat hanging over their heads.
Rachel had been through enough already. He could carry this burden for the both of them.

Rachel scribbled a note and stuck it to the fridge. Angelo was asleep and the dark crescents beneath his eyes made it clear he needed rest. She ran her hand over the lush marble countertop of the kitchen with an excited smile.

The house was as good as any castle and Angelo had helped to build it with her in mind. After all they’d come through they were really going to have the happily ever after like in the fairytales.
Smelling the roses on the counter she grinned fully letting the too big, ridiculous smile, fill her face. Rachel could not ever remember feeling as happy as she did in that moment. With a contented sigh she turned on her heel and headed for the front door.

It wasn’t until she was outside, and locked out of the house that she remembered she had not driven herself to the house, Don, Angelo’s friend had driven her.

She looked at her watch and found that it was after seven which meant Bella would be up. She found her number on her phone and selected it as she began the long stroll down the secluded street that led to her new home.

“So?” Bella answered her phone with the question.
“What?” Rachel began but then realized that Bella and Penelope would be still waiting to hear. “Oh. William was at the house when I got here and he proposed!”
Bella squealed in excitement on the other end. “I knew it!”
“Hey if you come pick me up I’ll tell you all about it,” Rachel said.
“Yeah, text me the address. I’m on my way out the front door right now,” she said and Rachel heard a kissing noise before she whispered to her husband Brick, “love you, you sexy beast.”
Rachel grinned. “’Kay I’ll text you. Bye.”

She didn’t actually know the address so she used Google Maps to get directions to her current location on her cell and then waited picturing her clothes in that amazing closet Angelo had built for her.

Out of nowhere though, she suddenly heard the silence.

Rachel looked slowly around herself. She was on the edge of the lane that led to the huge castle size home, that was a full block in distance behind her now and she was only halfway to the main road.
There was green grass and an orchard on each side of the road. They were peach trees. Beyond them hedges so thick, no daylight peaked through with a height of ten feet.
No birds.
She swallowed and continued toward the road. There had been birds when she’d begun her walk up the lane. An uncomfortable sensitivity ran over her skin at the back of her neck. It felt like someone was watching her.

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Author Bio
I was raised in a big, happy, rowdy family where imagination and love were nourished. I am happily married with two lovely children and rambunctious dog and teething puppy!
Romance and Happily Ever Afters filled with adventure and sometimes suspense is what I love to write most. I also love to read, don't we all? Aside from that I like to do service when I can, and although I would say I'm a hiking kind of gal, I love to be outside on a warm sunny day.
I love to hear from her readers so drop me a line here or on Facebook and if you enjoy my books I'd really appreciate a review, it helps me tremendously! Thank you for reading and for your support.

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