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Featured Author: Skye Falcon

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Skye Falcon!!!

Phoenix Rising


The first years out of high school are difficult for everyone. Major life decisions, first loves, finding one's true self, and dealing with defeat. Phoenix Rising begins as Janie Taylor, a beautiful, smart young woman struggles to hold on to herself, and truly find her own life's happiness. Although she doesn't seem to be finding it in any of the places she's looked, so far. Dark secrets, lust, and abusive controlling relationships keep Janie on a tight leash. With her friends close by her side, she does what she needs to do to set her life straight, and get it on track. To do this, she must be deceitful, dishonest, and secretive. While digging herself out of an ever deepening hole, she finds that her heart has unexpectedly fallen in love with someone else. Someone real. Someone who values her. Someone who also feels the depth and passion of their sudden budding romance. But now she could feel his eyes always on her... His presence surrounding her in the quiet times... Hints of him were everywhere... Will Janie ever be able to safely find her happiness? Gabriel Lazarus has always had a sixth sense about people, and situations he's gotten himself into. Always a rebel, and always one to push the limits. Meeting Janie Taylor instantly set off all of his internal alarms, and there was no way he could stay away from her. Moments after their first interaction, he could feel the strength of the invisible connection that was now pulling them together, and he knew he would do anything for her. Though months into their deep relations with each other, he finds himself having to defend the very new love he so badly wants to have, and his very own life. Together their love binds as one and is reborn, giving them the strength they need to drudge through the crazy times of break ups, and of course, new, hot beginnings..

Phoenix on Fire

It's been almost 8 years since we walked through country fields with Janie, hoping that she'd find her way out life's path of disasters. Now almost 28, Janie Lazarus is still searching for the last bits of something to make her whole, while she seemingly has everything anyone could want. From the outside, her life looks perfect, but no one truly knows how quickly things can change. With her somewhat misguided conscious while on her new path of self-growth, experimentation, and discovery, she again steps into more trouble than she realizes, and her past comes back to haunt her- yet again. As a typical housewife, she feels undervalued, and secretly wishes for the chaos and attention that her life once brought her. (You know, maybe "normal" just isn't Janie's thing...) Opening her own business with the full support of her husband, Gabriel Lazarus, she ventures into the unknown, and quickly finds out that no one is who they seem to truly be. Gaining new friends along the way, making new business relationships flourish, and finding new areas of personal expertise are just some of the things Janie must face in Phoenix on Fire. Protecting Janie has never been an easy job, but Gabriel's never doubted his decision to marry her, and take her for his own. She's brought nothing but happiness to his life, and given him so many of life's best gifts. They share the same best friends, and she still gave him those butterflies, every time he looked into her beautiful hazel eyes. (Not to mention incredibly steamy sex...) She was his whole world, and he knew it. But with the Visitor's arrival, no one is safe, and nothing is definite. Truths are revealed, and friendships lay on the line. Janie finds herself again fighting for her family, her friends, and her own life.

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 Interview Questions with Skye Falcon:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

Of course! The Probed Saga series is an erotic suspense, with lots of different triggers. The series takes you through the life of Janie Taylor, a young woman just trying to trudge through life. She stumbles upon some seriously unfortunate events that end up setting her on the path she so desperately wants. This was a series that I needed to write, after dealing with some ugly life situations over the years. Many women who have read the books (Phoenix Rising & Phoenix on Fire) speak of the feelings of empowerment, true love, and life’s true choices. It ain’t
all fairy tales, all the time!
Before I wrote novels, I wrote poetry. I’d had many publications, made it into anthologies, and continue to this day of creating a giant book of poetic works and short stories. My poetry is often about the darker topics and circumstances in life.
I write multi-genres (erotic suspense, romance, children’s-focus: adoption, and books about life and illness), including cook books! My most recent cook book, Oh, Forks!! A Little Bit of Everything and All That’s Gluten Free was published in October 2014! It is available on Amazon, too!
Within the next year, you’ll get the last book in the Probed Saga
series, Phoenix Reclaimed, plus a few new stand-alone projects, too!

2.  Do you have a favorite character to write about?

I do love writing about Janie from the Probed Saga series. The series grows with her, and sees her through some of life’s worst scenarios. At the beginning of the series, in Phoenix Rising, she’s lost and hopelessly searching for herself. By series end…well, it’s safe to say she claims back everything that is hers, and then some.

3.  Do you have a favorite spot to write?

I do have a favorite spot…my room!! I’ve got my writing couch, and my bed in there. Being constantly ill, comfort is a must. I don’t mind writing in other places, but for whatever reason, my bedroom provides the most safety and comfort. I do enjoy writing outdoors, too.

4. Do you listen to music while you write?

Absolutely! I grew up in bands, playing multiple instruments (woodwinds, percussion & organ, violin…). I sat first chair flute & piccolo-ist in high school…until I pissed off my band teacher. In my teens, I fell into the stereotypical garage bands… and my love of music has only grown over the years. Except drummers…. I loathe them to this day….
Being that I love words entirely too much, I tend to fall into lyrics feeling too much, or become overly obsessed with songs. I binge on oldies & rock, sometimes country, but I do have my favorite bands and playlists constantly going.

5. What is your favorite activity to do when you’re not writing?

My favorite activities when not writing are being with my kiddos and cooking!!  I love creating simple recipes that are easy enough to have the kids help with, and safe for some of us to eat, too. We’re an auto immune house, with a Celiac positive child. Gluten Free for Me has become a whole other entity in my life, and I LOVE it! The public interaction, and hearing how much people LOVE healthy foods (and my recipes!!!!) is such an amazing feeling!!
I also REALLY enjoy my other job, which is being the Head Mistress at the Boudoir Noir’s School of Loving Arts. It’s an adult education school in Fort Wayne Indiana where one can come learn about all things intimate, sexual and relationship related! I LOVE this job, and spreading the truth of sex and intimacy around the town. I’ve taken a beating on this topic in my OLD community I recently moved from, mostly because they are tight-ass jealous wenches, who hate themselves, and thusly sex. I’m working on a second part class we’re doing with Cancer Services, where we bring back and discuss all options for intimacy during and after chemo. Love, Love, LOVE this job! And I’ve been at it over a decade!!

6. When did you know you wanted to write a book?

When I was in high school, going through what I was going through, many of my friends would jokingly say I should do it. “Hey, wow…that’s a lot of drama! You should write about it!” Then, I laughed, because I
couldn’t see past the poetry I was currently focused on. And hey, I was getting published, and recognized…so why push it? (Introvert, what can I say…) WHY?!!? Because my head almost exploded holding in things that needed to be written!! Then it just took off…. So, when I was 16 or 17.

7.  Do you work with an outline, or just write?

Most of the time, I just write. I have a general idea of where things are going, and what the ending I see needs to be. Then I just go there.
The first time around I don’t worry about certain parts….I do a lot of revisiting the second pass-through.

8. What are writing projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the LAST FEW chapters of Phoenix Reclaimed!
Honestly, my goal was to have it out a few months back…but life has this way of changing even the best of plans. Either way, the last book in the Probed Saga will be out soon, and I’m hoping to have the next super-secret project out in the fall!!!

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