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Featured Author: Gabriella Messina

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Bloodline (Bloodline Series #1)


“Samantha needs to understand who she is, where she came from, why we are who, and what, we are.”
After a death-defying fall, Detective Samantha “Sam” Karolyi hopes to use her leave from work to heal her body, and care for her aging grandfather, Ivan. But a series of strange incidents intrudes on her rehabilitation – a drug addict gutted in an alley; a young thief’s suicide by bus; bodies disappearing from the City Mortuary – and Sam realizes that something is terribly wrong in New York City.
When her grandfather is attacked by a vicious animal and left for dead, Sam begins an investigation that places her directly in the path of one of these animals, an encounter that leaves Sam wounded… And infected with Lycanthropic Virus.
Werewolves, creatures of legend, now roam the streets of New York City.
As she struggles through the physical and emotional transformation process, Sam – along with her partner, Lenny; her childhood friend, Ben; and a mysterious “Man in Black” – begins to uncover the truth about these werewolves, and the truth about the BLOODLINE.



“Our strength is in our blood… And we are not alone… We are never alone…”

Six months ago, Sam Karolyi’s life changed forever. Infected with Lycanthropic Virus, she suffered through the horrific changes to her body, as well as the loss of her beloved grandfather, Ivan.
Sam Karolyi has faced her enemies, and her fate… and lived. But now a new threat looms… 
A botched terror attack sets the city on-edge, and Sam is once again dodging bullets and sharp teeth as she tracks the spread of an insidious new drug throughout the city. Where the drug goes, the virus follows… and so does Vincent Kremer, a werewolf hunter who is bound to protect her.
Meanwhile, Sam’s body begins to enter a new phase, one defined by hormones and a primal drive… A drive that will deepen and strengthen her connection with Vincent…
But Vincent Kremer is not all that he seems…

About Gabriella Messina:

A “hoosier” by birth, Gabriella Messina grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Always a spinner of tales, even if they were acted out with dolls, where her earliest ventures into writing consisted of producing 30-page book reports for her homeschool study program. Though her writing began in prose, it was screenwriting that later captured her attention and put her on the path to authorship.
Following a trip to London during her sophomore year in college, Ms. Messina began to teach herself the basics of screenwriting. By 2005, she had completed her award-winning first screenplay, "The Devil Inside", which was later adapted into her debut novel, BLOODLINE. Originally a single story, the world of BLOODLINE has yielded a second novel, QUICKSILVER, and a third novel, WOLFBORN, is due to be released in 2018.
Ms. Messina is also the author of the Kate Gardener Mysteries, a series of books about an American forensic photographer cracking cases alongside London's Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard. The series is based on the television series "Yard Work", which Ms. Messina created.
In addition to her creative writing, Ms. Messina freelances, providing web content and blog posts for businesses covering a wide range of topics, from medicine and travel to insurance and business news. When not writing, she enjoys reading, catching up on favorite films and television series, enjoying the outdoors with her son, and getting to know fellow authors and readers.

The Cold Ones

a Tale of Ancient Ireland

Ireland in the Dark Ages is a land of extremes… clan versus clan, light versus dark…
Patricius is a man of God, a Christian bent on bringing a new Light of Faith to the remote land where he was once a slave. It is a harsh and primitive land, though, and he soon finds himself confronted with suspicious minds, dangerous foes, and unbelievable creatures that challenge the very heart of his Faith.
To save our world, Christian and Druid, human and fae, must unite, and wage an epic battle to drive the darkest of evils from the Emerald Isle, and from the World.

Where Old Gods meet New… a Legend is Born…


Kate Gardener Mysteries Book #1
On a crisp September morning, a jogger stumbles upon a horrific scene in a London park...
When forensic photographer Kate Gardener steps in for her injured supervisor, the brash American ex-pat finds herself at the scene of a truly brutal murder. The naked, castrated body of a young pharmacist has been found at the edge of Regent's Park.
Gifted with acute sensitivity and a "photographic" memory, Kate is uniquely suited to capturing the details of crime scenes and seeing what others do not see. Something about this crime scene haunts her, though, and her frustration grows as the investigation proceeds.
After the victim is linked to the sensational decade-old murder of a young woman, and a second equally-brutal crime scene is discovered, Kate has to agree with New Scotland Yard's Murder Squad detectives that there is a definite link between the cases. Then crime scene photos go missing -- and a coworker's strange behavior takes center stage -- and Kate begins to fear that the murderer may be close to the case... and about to strike again.
Kate's instincts for solving crimes have always been spot-on... but finding the truth this time may be more dangerous than she could ever have imagined.


Kate Gardener Mysteries Book #2
As faithful parishioners gather for Vespers on All Saints Day, a beloved priest is bludgeoned to death in the church sacristy…
Though he is no stranger to controversy, the priest’s death sends shockwaves through the community. Allegations from the past come to light when a young seminarian, the victim of sexual abuse, is found hiding on the church property, his clothing covered with blood.
Forensic photographer Kate Gardener has her doubts about the young man’s guilt, and her hunches are seldom wrong. The twists and turns of this complicated and controversial case throw Kate into the path of the members of a notorious dining club…. and a very handsome young architect. Romantic entanglements must take a backseat to the case, however, as the investigation intensifies and the inquest into the death of Neville Crane looms.
Together with Detective Sergeant Richard Pierce, Jimi Khan, and the rest of the team, Kate must overcome her fears and face the ghosts of her past in the race to piece the clues together and catch a brutal murderer before he strikes again.

Kate Gardener Mysteries Book #3
“There’s been a police-involved shooting… three officers have been shot, I need Armed Response and ambulance services here immediately!”
In the early morning darkness, an undercover drug meeting goes horribly wrong, leaving two officers dead and a third wounded. Coincidences pile up as evidence of both a planned attack and of an eyewitness comes to light. Convinced that these murders were a planned hit, the investigators begin to explore the pasts of all officers involved, including one of their own…
For Kate Gardener, seeing what, or who, isn’t there comes naturally. Finding them is another story…
When Detective Sergeant Richard Pierce’s connections to the victims and a shadowy Bosnian drug trafficker put the case at risk, Kate steps up her search for the “watcher from the walkway”. Innocent lives are in grave danger, including her own, and the final revelation of who was responsible sends shockwaves through the entire Met.


Kate Gardener Mysteries Book #4
A grisly crime scene greets the caretaker as he arrives to feed the ravens at the Tower of London… A young woman, naked and brutalized, her nose pecked by the wily birds like an old nursery rhyme…
When a notorious playboy bursts into New Scotland Yard to claim responsibility for the vicious crime, he begs to be arrested. His confession, and a mysterious tattoo on the victim’s body, raise many questions, including who is really behind this crime…
As the media blitz surges on, and new victims are added to the mix, Kate’s unique skills put her on the trail of the mysterious Mary Stoner… A brilliant, manipulative, and deadly woman who has her sights firmly set on money, sex, revenge… and Chief Crown Prosecutor Clive Reynolds.
Mary Stoner has danced with Reynolds, and the Met, in the past… will this be their last tango? Or will Kate decipher the secret of the Raven’s Mark in time to stop her?



Interview With Gabriella Messina:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
My books are in a couple of genres (so far). I have an urban fantasy series, The Bloodline Series, about werewolves in New York City, and a historical fantasy that came out this month, The Cold Ones, which is a new twist on an old legend associated with Saint Patrick. I also write a contemporary mystery series, Kate Gardener Mysteries, about an American forensic photographer working cases and solving mysteries in London, England. And I have a number of partial scripts and stories in different genres that I’m hoping to complete over the next eighteen months or so. 

2. What inspires you to write?
Oh, everything! Yeah, I know everyone says that, but it’s true. Music, visual arts, magazine articles, photographs, experiences… anything and everything can be the stimulus for a story.

3. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
As of now, I’ve written eight books… Three in The Bloodline Series (Bloodline, Quicksilver, and Wolfborn, which comes out on March 30th); Four in the Kate Gardener Mysteries series (The Memory of Trees, De Profundis, Well-Acquainted with the Night, and Raven’s Mark); and one standalone, The Cold Ones. Favorite so far? The Cold Ones… It was an amazing experience writing it, and even going back through and editing and preparing it for publication, I was really kind of overwhelmed by it. It’s just a really great story.

4. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
Generally, I write in the afternoon. I have quiet time for my son, though frequently he’s playing with monster trucks or cars while I write. I’m always amazed more kabooms and crashes aren’t showing up in my work, because I have that constant noise in the background, but I think it actually helps me focus, like your brain switches into gear when you have to take a test or something.
Evenings I occasionally write, but mostly I’m working on things like formatting, or graphics work, making covers or teasers.

5. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?
Chocolate. Chocolate helps my brain work, even when it’s late, even when it’s tired.

6.Do you have a favorite spot to write?
No, not really a favorite. I’m either on the sofa in the living room, or in bed.

7.For someone who hasn't read any of your books yet, which one would you suggest they read first?
I would suggest starting with Bloodline, the first book in The Bloodline Series. It was my first book ever, and the story is one of my oldest, as it was a screenplay long before it was a novel. 

8. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
I’d love to be able to move in time… You know, like Hermione Granger and the time turner… to go back in time so I could get more things done faster. 

9.What writing projects are you currently working on?
Well, I’m currently working on a couple more Kate Gardener Mysteries, and I’ll be starting some short stories soon that are meant for a couple of anthologies. 


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