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Featured Author: PT Macias

Welcome Today's Featured Author
 PT Macias!!!

Experience the world of the ruthless masters, the Elite Supreme Power dictating society and the world.

Taste the excitement and the mysterious allure of falling in love.
Enjoy the opulence, the adventure, the power wars, the suspense, the corruption, the drama, lies, secrets, and the omnipresent danger cloaking their life.

The Elite power is supreme, but love brings them to their knees!

Note ~ Elite Power, Supreme Legacy Series are also standalone stories and no cliffhangers. (Dark Mafia Romance . . . . . . HEA)

Elite Power: Trent - release day 9.29.19

Prince Trent Konig
I was born an Elite and forged by the king.
I’m ruthless and soulless, a bastard to fear.
I’m merciless, I’m fierce, and trained to kill.
I’m broken, I’m evil, not worthy of her love.
My Baby Girl has a halo; she’s truly an angel.
I always knew she’s my soul mate, and yet I force myself to wait.
This wild need compels me to claim her and drives me insane.
My heart aches, my soul rages, and I refuse to have her near.
I can’t crown her my queen; thus, the kingdom is not at peace.
The danger and intrigue shroud the Elite.
The wrath of war is in the air, and a woman’s scorn is always a power to fear.

Lady Yvette Kaiser
I pray he forgets his past deeds, his fears and believes in the greatness that he is.
No matter what he thinks, no matter where he goes, I keep my eye on him, waiting for his call.
I wait, I dream, I think of him.
I place my heart in his hands, knowing that he’s my man.
I only know that we belong, and our souls are fated to be one.

Elite Power: Rhett - release day 10.20.19

Earl Rhett Kaiser
My one-night stand is more than I thought.
She collides with my world, making it rock on its axis.
Yeah, the one that I can’t seem to forget.
I need to ignore my soul’s roar.
She’s part of the web of deception that I need to make right.
She’s wild; she’s beautiful, she’s untamed and smart.
She runs from my grasp, not granting me a chance.
The King seeks justice, and the underworld war needs to end.
The bloodshed, the Capo, is dead.
The Lord is pissed and eager to wage war and claiming her as his reward is his only redemption.

Isabelle Napolitano
My world has changed; I knew it would.
My father, the Capo of the underworld, is dead.
The war has to end!
My brothers are gone and nowhere to be found.
The Lord in Europe seeks revenge, claiming me as his.
I don’t think so, I rather die.
I have to run; I have to hide.
I’m petrified, and I’m going insane.
What should I do?
My one-night stand unexpectedly shows back up in my life.
He’s not who I thought.
He’s an Elite, much more than a Capo in the underworld.
Who would have thought?
He wants to protect me, is that a lie?
My heart aches; my soul weeps.
I’m running, not looking, not listening to him.
Nobody can help me; I can’t stay here.
I must hide, I pray that I’ll survive.

Elite Power: Lennox - release day 11.3.19

Earl Lennox Konig
I thought I had it right, and all under control.
My bride is pissed, she’s very hurt.
She refuses to listen to reason.
I made a mistake that I regret.
Now, I fear I’m losing my bride.
My soul is in an uproar.
And my heart aches.
I can’t think straight.
My ex is making threats that I cannot control.
I’m running scared.
I fear for my life and that of my bride.
I don’t know how to make things right.
To top it off the Elites are at war.
Our union is no fucking joke.
I know what I want; I want my bride.
I’m running out of time.
It's a fucking nightmare come to life.

Lady Alexis Slovak
The love of my life has betrayed me.
What hurts the most is that he didn’t stop his booty call when he knew about our betrothal.
I knew that Lennox is no saint, but you would think he would repent.
I never expected this from him, especially since he’s an Earl in our world.
We’re taught from birth to have honor, fidelity, and love above all else.
We don’t take our duty lightly, so what was he thinking?
That bitch wouldn’t let us be.
What should I do?
I need to make him grieve, to feel some pain.
I need to bring him to his knees.
I need to claim what’s mine, and he is my husband

Elite Power: Wesley - release day 12.1.19
Wesley Roth
The gorgeous spitfire enthralls me.
She makes my heart skip a beat.
She stirred my soul that was dormant.
We’re from different worlds and yet the same.
The time it’s not right; But how I want it to be so.
I fear this may never be real.
I dare not make her mine.
I must turn away this time.

Athena Weston
The life of luxury, love, and decadence is my world.
A world that implodes, changing my life forevermore.
Sometimes life is not what you believe.
It’s tough to accept that your life is full of secrets and bloodshed.
The breathtaking man fills my dreams.
He makes me ache and dream.
I yearn for the safe haven he presents.
The dark secrets in his eyes lure me in.
I see the fire deep in his soul.
I hear the sweet promises he whispers.
My soul lights up, and my heart aches, but will he be able to soothe my fears?
I turn away, praying to be saved, running headlong into my fate.

Elite Power: Carlos - release day 12.29.19

Lord Carlos Reyes
The Elite can kiss my ass.
I’m king in the underworld, so I rule all I survey.
I don’t play their game, and I don’t follow the rules.
The only Elite that I honor makes me burn.
My soul roars, and my heart skips a beat.
The princess fears me, teases me, and snubs me by turns.
The princess’ cutting words slice deep into my soul.
Her actions flay me open.
Her eyes don’t lie; her soul is mine.
I’m waiting for the moment of truth.
She’s mine; she can’t discard me so easily.
Then the Elite will roar, and Hell will wage war.
I know she’s worth it all.

Lady Jennifer Slovak
Forged to be Queen is my reality.
Father promised I would be Queen one day.
I endlessly dreamed of my wedding day.
However, the King has other plans.
The hurt, the hate, carries me away.
The gorgeous soldier steals a kiss.
He’s lethal, wicked, toxic to the core.
He takes my soul and makes me his.
Our worlds are different, yet the same.
I treat him with disdain, and I run away.
The next thing I know, he’s the King of the underworld.
He wants me for his Queen.

About PT Macias:
I've been reading in the romance and suspense genre since I was a young girl. I dreamed of writing paranormal tales that are packed with fiery romance, incredible sexy wild men, exciting realms, and a dash of suspense.

My greatest thrill in writing the paranormal genre are the limitless range of characteristics, powers, and weaknesses available to develop the characters' and realms. I love sexy angels, gods, vampires, werewolves, dragons, and other entities.

Born and raised in San Jose, California. I now live in Sacramento, California with my gorgeous, loving husband and children. My four beautiful grandchildren are my stars.

When I'm not writing I love going on cruises, to concerts, munching on white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and sipping margaritas.


Interview With PT Macias:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

Yes, I will tell you that my books are amazing! My series connect, meaning that you will see some characters in other stories. 
I have dark romance and paranormal romance. Oh yeah, I have non-fiction book and journals. 
My books need to be read slowly, you need to picture the story, and savor it. 
If you read it fast, you miss the best parts, and you will not feel it. 

2. What inspires you to write?

I've always wanted to write since I was young. Live happened and I didn't write until 2011.
I decided to write when I realized that my dreams were my stories. I bought my laptop and I started writing, writing, and writing.

3. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I have over 60 books. I love them all, but De La Cruz Saga, Ghost, Lucifer, The Vhampier's Wolf,
my Elite guys - Trent, Rhett, Lennox, Wesley, Carlos are my favorites! Oh my, I love all of my books. Lol.
These are my series.

Supreme Legacy Series
The Watchers
Wolff Dynasty
Vhampiers Realm
Dragon Blood Legacy
Razer 8
De La Cruz Saga

Non-Fiction Series
Archangels Insights

4. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?

I do spend my entire day working on promo, writing, and creating my covers/banners.
I can write anytime but I do have to have the story in my mind. I need it to flow out.

5. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it?   

I had my first case of writer's block in 2018, omg! It was like the well dried up. Lol, I didn't write until recently.

6. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
Yes, I do have a special spot to write, in my bedroom. 

7. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
I would love to have the superpower of magic, lol.

8. What writing projects are you currently working on?
I'm working on Elite Power, Supreme Legacy Series.

Release Blitz for The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard by Charlie Cochet

The Prince and His Beloved Bodyguard RDB Banner

Title: The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard
Series Title: Paranormal Princes
Book #: 1
Author: Charlie Cochet
Length: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Shifters
Word Count: 31, 417
Release Date: September 19th, 2019

Prince Final Cover FS

Prince Owin
Being a fierce predator—not at all adorable, despite my graceful stature—the last thing I needed was a bodyguard. Especially a wolf shifter, whose presence alone was an insult to my princely principles. As Prince of the Ocelot Shifters, I prided myself on my infallible feline instincts, uncompromisable dignity, and flawless fashion sense. If having a canine follow me around at all times wasn’t bad enough, I now faced the most important moment of my entire life. The time had come to prove I was worthy of my crown. If only I could find a way to get rid of the pesky bodyguard.
When the King of All Shifters asked me to guard Prince Owin, I admit I had no idea what to expect. Cat shifters tend to be a little intense, not to mention kinda cranky. Owin was no exception, though he seemed crankier than most. Being his bodyguard was proving to be one of the greatest challenges of my life—but not nearly as great as convincing him there was something special between us. When Owin is faced with a perilous quest to prove his worth, I was determined to keep him safe, even if the same couldn’t be said of my heart.

Prince Title Isolated (1)

“What the—” Grimm dropped the orb, and we both jumped back. To my utter disbelief, it spread upward and sideways until it was roughly the size of a large doorway, a forest appearing inside. “Hmm. What do you know? A portal that will take us where we want to go.”
How cross would the king be with me if I accidentally pushed Grimm off a cliff? Or left him with the Cù Sìth? Not like he didn’t have plenty of wolf shifters. What was one less in the grand scheme of things? Grimm narrowed his eyes at me. “You’re not leaving me behind.” How did he do that? “Are you sure you’re not a seer wolf?” Grimm didn’t look impressed. “You’re right. I’m a seer. My curse is that I’m limited to visions of you being a jerk.” I opened my mouth to respond, then thought better of it. “Can we just go?” “As you wish, Your Highness.” He bowed and motioned for me to go ahead. Clearly, he thought I was an idiot. “What if it’s a trap and I step through and burst into flames? You go first.” “Your generosity knows no bounds, my liege. Fine. I’ll go first, but if I meet my demise, my blood is on your hands.” I shrugged. “I’ll get over it.” “So mean.” He shook his head at me and stepped through. On the other side, he turned and held his arms out. “See? All good. Wait….” He gasped and clutched at his chest. “What’s happening to me? It burns!” “Grimm?” My heart lurched in my chest, and I stepped up to the portal. “I can’t,” he gasped, falling to his knees. “I can’t….” “Can’t what!” Oh my Goddess, oh my Goddess. I never expected him to actually burst into flames! I flailed around feeling utterly helpless. “What do I do? Is it flames? Are you bursting into flames?” I frantically looked around. “I don’t see a fire extinguisher!” Not that I knew how to use one. I’d just have to toss it at him and hope he could do it himself. “I can’t….” He gasped for breath. “I can’t… believe you fell for that,” he said with a laugh. “I’m going to kill you!” I darted into the portal, ignoring his laughter as he took off, his long legs putting him out of my reach in a heartbeat. “I hate you!” “Admit it! You were worried about me,” he called out from across the field. “Worried you’d die and I wouldn’t be able to pry the magic purse off your cold, dead, dog-smelling corpse!” “It’s a satchel!”
  CharlieLogo2018Website (1)
Charlie Cochet is the international bestselling author of the THIRDS series. Born in Cuba and raised in the US, Charlie enjoys the best of both worlds, from her daily Cuban latte to her passion for classic rock.
Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found devouring a book, releasing her creativity through art, or binge watching a new TV series. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Release Blitz for Incomplete by L.A. Fiore & Anthony Dwayne

Title: Incomplete
Authors: L.A. Fiore & Anthony Dwayne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 20, 2019


You go through your day on autopilot. 

Day after day, the same routine. The days meld together, years bleed into the next, molding the life you live. 

A life you once dreamt would be epic, but instead you fall into the rut we call life. 

There are days you sit and wonder is the grass really greener on the other side? Does the sun shine brighter? Do the flowers smell sweeter? 

Until one day... you take that leap to find out for yourself. And in the midst of it all, your world crumbles around you. 

Meet Tillian Forester and Gage Sutherland and how they destroyed each other’s lives.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

L.A. Fiore

LA Fiore is a hybrid author of thirteen novels. She believes in a happily ever after, but she likes to make her readers work for it. When she's not writing, she can usually be found in the garden or hanging on the deck with her family and friends. She lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids and their four fur babies.


Anthony Dwayne

Anthony started writing years ago as a hobby, but it quickly turned into a passion. He first began publishing under the name, Kane Caldwell, but has since changed the name he will continue publishing under. He is the epitome of a country boy with jeans, t-shirt, hat (No, not a cowboy hat. Lol), scruffy face, work boots on, driving his truck and definitely not a guy you'd picture writing romance. Anthony works in the construction business where he runs his own crew. He has two awesome boys, and an amazing woman that keeps him on the edge. He drinks way too much coffee and probably curses in one day what others curse in their lifetime. Lol! Anthony resides in the south where the weather is warm but most times sweltering hot. During down time, he loves to be surrounded by family, friends, great food, or engrossed in a good book. And of course, putting his imagination to work, where reality and fantasy collide.


Release Blitz for My Madame by Savvi V

Title: My Madame
Series: Cameo Gentlemen's Club #1
Author: Savvi V
Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 20, 2019


The king of the Vegas underworld may have everyone else fooled with his dark, brooding eyes, hard body, and expensive suits, but not me.

I knew Gideon Kane back when he was a mere prince under his father’s twisted thumb. Back when he wanted nothing more than to escape that legacy and this town, and take me with him . . .

As princess of the elite Cameo Gentlemen’s Club, I was raised in a world of sensual pleasures and sinful fantasies. My own tarnished legacy, created by strong, independent women who understood where true power lies.

Who also happened to be in business with the mob.

And I stupidly fell for the heir to that empire, heart and soul.

Until he shattered me.

That’s ancient history now that I’m at the helm of Cameo and someone is viciously murdering my dancers and escorts. It’s my bad luck that Gideon’s organization heads up my security, so I’m forced to work with him until this killer is brought to justice—or until I spontaneously combust from the sizzling chemistry we still can’t escape.

Sex is just sex, however. And nobody said a thing about love. Or trust. After all, the princess learned a few tricks from her prince once upon a time . . .

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Only 99c!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


“So, I’m the devil now?” he asked, slow strolling around the hood, tieless, his shirt still untucked. His hair sticking up in spikes from my fingers clawing through it.
“Interesting that you assumed I meant you,” I said, lifting my chin and pulling his jacket tighter around me.
There was a long pause in which tired eyes locked in some last-ditch effort at battle before he conceded and stopped just out of touching distance. “Is that what you think it was up there?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Good arms. Stop looking at his arms. “Some sort of payment for services?”
“No,” I said on a bitter laugh. “I was told earlier that I’m too proper for that.”
One eyebrow raised. “Whoever finds you proper didn’t see you half an hour ago.”
I licked my lips, ignoring the heat that memory sent through me. “I don’t know what that was, Gideon,” I said. “Anger. Grief. Letting off steam.”
“Lust,” he quipped.
“Closure,” he echoed, drawing the word out as the surprise played through his features, circling something almost real before landing back on arrogance. “Interesting that you assume it won’t happen again—Miss Vaughn.”
I crossed my arms as well, letting the jacket drift open. Letting his gaze slide over what was left of my clothing and everything he’d filled his hands with earlier. My inner muscles tightened as tiny fires igniting along my flesh. Part of me wanted to slap that smug look off his face so hard that he’d choke on that Miss Vaughn comeback of his and forget my name entirely, but I could still smell him on me, and it was maddening.
When his eyes came back up to meet mine, they were darker, glazed over, and all that was stupid inside me couldn’t help but wonder if his cock was hard again.
I was f*cking doomed.
So, I stepped closer.
“Well, I can promise you this much,” I said, trailing a finger down his torso and tugging on a shirttail. “Keep calling me that, and it definitely won’t happen again.”
I caught the slightest hint of a tug at his lips as I turned and sauntered up the sidewalk.
Yeah, game on.
Unless he followed me, but I wasn’t about to turn back around.
Ten steps. Fourteen. Nineteen steps I counted until I entered the building and walked in, shutting Gideon Kane on the other side.
“F*ck, Charli, what are you playing at?” I whispered, sagging against the door.

Author Bio

Savvi V is a dynamic writing duo of two friends who came together over their shared love of hot, alpha heroes, feisty, smart-mouthed heroines, and smexy, melt-your-panties romance. We also love ogling tatted up guys, coffee of all kinds, and indulging in dessert first! We hope you'll join the fun because it's all about the V with us! 

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Cover Reveal for A Baby for the Bratva by Chloe Kent

Title: A Baby for the Bratva
Author: Chloe Kent
Publisher: Blushing Books
Genre: Reverse Harem
Cover Design: Blushing Books
Release Date: October 2, 2019


They wanted a girl quickly so they chose an orphanage where no one would ask questions.

They planned to use her until she was pregnant…

Instead they got twenty-one-year-old American Starla Anderson.

When the Russian Mafia invades the orphanage where she lives, in the middle of the night, throwing the nuns who raised her, into a petrified frenzy, it’s Starla who is chosen as the only one who could possibly survive the Bratva and their demands.

But in spite of her own fear of the three massive, glowering and scary men, Starla has to think and act fast…

With her heart thundering in her chest, her body on fire at their presence alone, she sees an opportunity, something that might help the other girls at the impoverished orphanage at a chance of a better life. She lays out her only condition.

Her body for a fee…


No one says no to the Bratva.

Pre-order Links

$2.99 for a limited time!


Also Available



Author Bio

Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance since her teens and couldn’t wait to grow up and write her own romance novels. Her books usually feature a spirited heroine, and at least two… sometimes more incredibly hot heroes.

Her favorites pastimes include her husband, her dog, and books. Her biggest fear is running out of coffee or her imagination.

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