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Featured Author: Imy Santiago

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by Imy Santiago

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chasing Reese. a SAFELIGHT novel vol.1

Adult Contemporary Romance with Mature Content
Author: Imy Santiago
Date of Publication: January 5, 2015
Cover Design by CoverMe, Darling
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About chasing Reese:

Loss brings Love...
 Everything in life is not permanent but it was perfect. Catalina Pardo had a career in journalism most people could only dream of, a hot, sexy fiancé to call her own and a brilliant future ahead of her. When tragedy struck, the life she once knew fell apart. Four years later, traumatized by the events that ultimately changed her existence, Catalina sets herself on a punishing work schedule, preventing herself from facing the demons of her grief-stricken past. Emotionally shut down, she’s alive but not living because everyone she ever loved leaves her.
Fate intervenes in Catalina’s life in the form of a last minute assignment to a snowy mountain lodge in Whistler, B.C. Sent there to cover the life of the infamous Jackson Reese; an Olympic Snowboarding Champion, she is faced with many challenges bringing to surface the raw emotions of her past. Compelled to work alongside Stryder Martynus, an award winning photographer brought in to document the Reese press tour, tensions and denial run high forcing Catalina to accept the past and face the present with zero regrets.
*Adult Contemporary Romance - Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen (18+).*

Excerpt from chasing Reese.

Four years ago Snow falls like soft whispers over the treetops. The weather is blustery cold and the skies are painted different shades of grey, like the backdrops of holiday greeting cards. The winding road is desolate and untraveled. The pavement is covered with ice and snow. Catalina Pardo sits perched on the passenger seat while her fiancé, Blake Mackenzie, is behind the wheel. He is the love of her life and within Catalina’s womb reposes the fruit of their undying love. Blake takes a glimpse at the beautiful woman sitting across from him. His eyes appraise Catalina and glisten with fervent love. Blake removes one hand from the steering wheel and lays it on top of Catalina’s, which is tenderly rubbing endless circles around her wee belly. “I love you Cat,” Blake declares, as he lifts her hand to his mouth and showers Cat’s knuckles with feathery kisses. “I love you too, forever.” Catalina tries to release her hand from Blake’s with a giggle. “I know you love me, but you better keep your damn eyes on the road.” Blake snorts and answers, “Your humor becomes you, honey,” as he looks to her and threatens to tickle her. She throws her head back in peals of laughter. But Catalina’s merriment ends abruptly−the car hits a patch of black ice and swerves out of control. Blake tears his hand away from hers as he desperately tries to regain control of the car. Her eyes widen as she looks out the window. The trees move past them, unusually slow, the time continuum irrevocably broken. As a snow bank comes into view, her hands cover her mouth in horror. Panicked, Blake slams on the brakes and yells, “Hold on, Cat!” In a split second, the car slides a few feet and flips in the air three times until it lands upside down. Catalina’s head hits the window, shattering it into countless pieces. She’s in cutting pain. Blood rushes to her ears with the force of a freight train. All sounds diminish−she hears only a roaring hum. Her eyes blink rapidly, her body, in shock, going between patches of darkness and life. Catalina tries to reach out for Blake but can’t. He looks at her, pain etched on his features, his head dangling in front of the steering wheel. A large gash on his scalp forces a steady flow of blood to drip onto the ceiling of the upside-down car. Blake coughs as he gasps for breath. “I’m sorry, Cat. I−” He exhales one last time, and all the life disappears from his baby blue eyes. Catalina’s voice breaks. “Blake? Blake?” Catalina sobs inconsolably as she screams his name in vain. She tries to move but can’t−crumpled metal restricts her, keeping her prisoner. “God, please! No! Blake! Wake up honey. Please don’t leave me!” A knife-edged pain grows inside her womb. Still suspended, Catalina tries to crane her head upwards. She looks to her lap. An ocean of red stains her maternity jeans. Losing all of her strength, she lets her head dangle back down. “No God. No! Please! Someone help us! Please!” With hurried breaths, her eyes close. The snow falls like whispers in the wind.
©2014 Imy Santiago – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

chasing Reese.

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finding Reese. a SAFELIGHT novel vol.2

Author: Imy Santiago
Adult Contemporary Romance with Mature Content
Expected Date of Publication: May 31, 2015
Cover Design by CoverMe, Darling
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About finding Reese.

Hope Breeds Life...
Sometimes destiny and fate have a weird way of reminding us of our inescapable vulnerability, but more importantly our inexorable humanity. Life is fleeting, and what little time we have left in this world, we must make do with what we have, and cherish those whom we love by our side.
Fresh back from the Jackson Reese Press Tour, sports journalist Catalina Pardo rushes back to British Columbia after receiving unexpected and distressing news. With the help of award winning photographer Stryder Martynus, Catalina is determined to prevent the news of tragedy and heartbreak from governing her life again.
Together they will embark on a new journey of introspection to overcome the ghosts and raw emotions of their pasts−on a long and unpredictable road full of complicated circumstances−to find healing, hope and salvation.
The smallest of gifts−like a friendship bracelet−have the power to save your life, and unlike fairy tales, happy endings are seldom guaranteed...
*Adult Contemporary Romance with Mature Content−Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.*

Excerpt from finding Reese.

It’s such a peaceful feeling, trekking down the mountain−hearing the sounds of your board scraping against the snow, the light spray of powder landing all over your goggles and going up your nose. These are the little things that mean so much to me when I’m riding. I enjoy the silence as I become one with nature. It fills my soul with feelings I can’t even begin to describe. But there’s something off about this line in particular. There’s an eerie feeling I simply can’t shake off. Maybe I’m just over-thinking things, or Rob’s resistance this morning somehow shook all of my confidence away, but a part of me feels this could be it. A loud crack on the side of the mountain straightens my spine, followed by a shrill scream from Chris. Looking behind him, I see a cloud of snow and ice barreling down the mountain. The ground shakes as nature reclaims its territory. I let out a guttural roar to warn Rem, and he looks back at the monster behind us. I can’t see his eyes, but I can tell he’s scared by the way he’s flailing his arms trying to figure out how to outrun it. I journey over, trying to find a safe spot to land, and hopefully escape the avalanche. A garbled cry for help comes from behind me, and I turn my neck just in time to see Chris sucked into the claws of the avalanche. “NO!” I scream, horrified. I’ve lost all sense of place and time, but my body seems to be taking me to safety as my board zigzags down to the west side of the mountain. I’ve been able to avoid avalanches in the past, but this time around, I’m not so lucky. It takes another second before the avalanche sucks me under. My body is tossed around like a rag doll until I’m buried beneath the snow. It’s packed in around me tightly; I can’t move my legs or arms, and as the snow settles, it feels like I’m encased in a pool of hardened cement. It’s becoming harder to breathe with each passing second as my body relays to my brain my death is imminent. My mind replays memories of my life before me like a movie, and bitter frustrated tears stream down my face crystallizing quickly as the freezing cold sweeps over me. I’ve always feared dying like this, trapped in the place I love the most, in the snow. My thoughts are of my family, especially mom and Jupiter. My tears quickly become painful sobs as the contractions of my cries tighten the snow pack around me. Catalina... My best friend and confidante−the news of my death will crush her. I wrestle against the hardened blanket of snow and ice to move my arms, and after a few seconds of unwavering persistence, my arms come free. My hands desperately push the snow away from my chest, trying to get hold of the radio. With shaky fingers I press the call button. “Base, this is Jax. Do you copy? I’m trapped, but I’m okay. Can anyone hear me?” Taking small measured breaths, I wait for a reply, but all I get is static interference. “Base, this is Jax. I’m on the western quadrant of the mountain. I’m alive. Can anyone hear me?” Once again, static feedback rings in the small pocket of snow surrounding me. No, no. This can’t be happening. My body shakes violently as the freezing cold goes through all of my layers. I’m finding it hard to breathe, and if no one comes soon, I’ll be dead from hypothermia. I’m so cold I can’t feel my limbs, and the more breaths I take, the more exhausted I become. My life as I know it hangs by a thread. Exhausted, I close my eyes and say a prayer. I ask God to have mercy on my soul. While I’m not the most spiritual of men, I think He’s always had my back. All the stupid shit I’ve done, all the risks I’ve taken, and always rising from them all. The clock is ticking. I need to dig myself out somehow and go home. I refuse to let this be my end. Catalina−the bracelet−look for me, please! “Base, please. This is Jackson Reese. I’m alive. Someone come and get me. Please,” I cry into the radio, praying someone answers. I’ll keep trying until my dying breath. This is not how I was destined to die. Not here and not like this. Closing my eyes, I rest. What happens next is all in God’s hands.
©2015 Imy Santiago – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
*For a steamy excerpt, please click here.

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We Met on a Train


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Words In Isolation

FALL 2015


saving Reese. a SAFELIGHT novel vol.3


Sonnets of Pain


Connect with Imy Santiago

About Imy Santiago

I love to read stories about loss, heartache and redemption so it didn't shock me when I ended up writing stories of my own revolving around those themes. I write with my heart, using my life experiences and emotions to dictate the tone and path in which my fictional characters embark. I believe in the power of friendship and to always have hope because life is always full of pleasant surprises. If you were to ask me if I consider myself an author, I would tell you no, I am not. I'm just a girl who loves to write a good story that makes you consider life choices and the darkness that envelopes a broken heart. My stories are about loss, friendship, hope and love.
I hope to continue writing more books in the not so distant future. It could be said that writing keeps me sane and brings a smile to my face. When I’m not writing Adult Contemporary Romance novels, I’m enjoying a quiet life with my family on Long Island New York.

Interview With Imy Santiago:

  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
chasing Reese. and finding Reese. are the first two volumes in the SAFELIGHT series. chasing Reese. is the story of three individuals in their thirties who work together during a highly publicized press tour for an Olympic snowboarding champion, and how their lives flourish when they are amongst each other.
In chasing Reese. we meet Catalina Pardo, a brilliant sports journalist with an antipathy for snow. Beset by tragedy, Catalina sets herself on a grueling work schedule, focusing on stories rather than living her life. She has endured many loses throughout her life, and being a sole survivor means she struggles with Anxiety, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is lacking adventure, and yes, she is alive, but hasn’t lived.
Stryder Martynus is an award-winning sports photographer. He is somewhat a jaded, hollow man, and there is a reason for that. Like Catalina, he has focused on working rather than giving it a go at having a romantic relationship again. Instead, he gives himself away, but deep down he struggles with his choices. He’s broody, moody, but deep down, he is a very caring and loving man. He is also a lifelong friend of Jackson Reese.
Jackson Reese is a pro snowboarder who lives life on the edge, and then some. He struggles with demons, mainly brought on by his past. His public persona is at a crossroads, and at the advice of his public relations firm, he invites journalists to join him on his journey towards reclaiming his title of world champion snowboarder.
On a real-life adventure,the three will form an unbreakable bond, challenging societal definitions of what is love, for love is not only romantic, but it is also filial and everything in between.
In finding Reese. we follow the journey of Catalina, Stryder, and Jackson, exactly where chasing Reese. left off. There are terrible losses, and relationships and friendships are at stake. It also delves on forgiveness, and how we must overcome fear to start living again, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.
  1. Do you have a favorite character to write about?
I love writing in general, whether it’s poetry, songwriting, screenwriting, or prose. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised when Jackson Reese arrived into my life. He was meant to be a secondary character, and nothing more, but as I was writing his voice, the more evolved he became. Jackson set the tone for the story, and he plays a pivotal role in everyone’s lives within the SAFELIGHT universe. He is playful, funny, but he is real as they come. There is nothing fake about him, and he isn’t afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve. In a weird way, I feel like Jackson is my best friend, and while that might make me come across as a lunatic, know that in my darkest hours, writing Jackson’s “voice” helped me live again. I feel like the four of us: Catalina, Stryder, Jackson, and I are best buds.
Please don’t call the Asylum. I am sane. I swear.
  1. If the Safelight series was made into a movie, who would be your dream cast?
I have been asked this many times since releasing chasing Reese. It blows my mind people are championing to see this story on the silver screen. It would be a blessing and a dream, as chasing Reese. was originally a screenplay I wrote two years ago.
Here are my casting picks:
Catalina Pardo: I haven’t been able to cast her yet. She is definitely unique. There is a face, but she is a tad young. Christian Serratos
Stryder Martynus: Josh Hartnett.
Jackson Reese: Chris Pratt.
Ultimately, I leave the casting choices to the readers. There is a platform where you can cast the SAFELIGHT series:
  1. Have you ever snowboarded?
Sadly, I have not. What I know of the sport has been through stalking-AHEM-researching professional snowboarders such as Scotty Lago and Travis Rice.
I was supposed to go snowboarding for the first time this past winter, but between illness and writing, my trip has been postponed for next winter. I can’t wait! I’ll probably be THAT person screaming like a banshee, and cursing like a sailor while going down the pow.
  1. What can we expect in  finding Reese?  Will we need tissues? 
finding Reese. is a another emotional ride. In the feelings department, it’s a raw and unedited rendition of events and thoughts that will make sense if you’ve read chasing Reese. The initial response has been overwhelming. You’ll need the following:
Tissues, a bottle of rum and a friend to read this story with is highly recommended. Don't read this book on a Friday night while your friends are out drinking, and you're home alone, sitting on the couch with your furry friend beside you. If that is the case, break out the gallon of ice-cream. You’ll need it.
  1. Can you tell us a little about We Met on a Train and does it have a release date?
We Met on a Train will be another Adult Romance with Mature Content. It is based on a true story that happened last year during Labor Day weekend. Of all my written work, Evan Pryce’s story will be heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I love writing about flawed characters who struggle with painful situations. I find inspiration in hardship and pain, because throughout the journey there is only one road to follow, and it leads towards redemption.
We Met on a Train will be my first novel that comes with a “Trigger Warning” apart from a mature content warning. It is currently a work in progress. I aim to release it sometime between late Summer/late Fall 2015.
  1. What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
One random fact about me is that I am a preacher’s kid… a rebellious one at that. *winks*
I grew up in the church, and naturally, my faith is characterized in my written work. While faith has many shapes and different names, at the end of the day, I don’t make it a habit to push my definition of faith to others. Live, and let live.
  1. When did you know you wanted to write a book?
My urge to write started at a very early age. I was seven when I wrote my first poem. It took me almost three decades to gather the courage to publish my first novel. I never imagined anyone would be interested in my silly stories, and what shocks me the most is how readers have embraced my characters like real-life friends. I am humbled and thankful.
  1. What writing projects are you currently working on? 
As soon as finding Reese. releases on May 27, 2015, I will resume writing We Met on a Train. After that novel is complete, I will start drafting saving Reese. a SAFELIGHT novel vol.3 *double winks*

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