Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exclusive Teaser Uncovering Love by Kacey Shea

Uncovering Love  
by Kacey Shea 
Releases June 30


Evelyn Harper lived the perfect life.  Until she was fired from her job.  After a ridiculous idea devised among friends comes to existence, Evelyn finds herself part owner in a private investigation firm specializing in matters of the heart.  Throughout wild antics with her best friends Jonathan and Kate, Evelyn conducts relationship background checks for a wide variety of clients.  Soon it becomes clear that one case has moved beyond professional and Evelyn finds herself fighting an attraction she cannot resist.  Will Evelyn admit her feelings when she uncovers love in the most unexpected of places?

Teaser Excerpt:
My jaw hurt from clenching it, and I was wound tight. The one guy at the bar who had tried to start a fight had paid the price of my pent up frustration. The man looked like he was going to have a heart attack when I grabbed the back of his shirt to escort him outside.
When Kate and Evie danced their way over to me at the stroke of midnight I was barely holding on to my last thread of sanity.
“Hey there sexy bouncer man! Wanna dance with us?” Kate called out. Evie and Kate each grabbed onto one of my arms in an attempt to drag me out with them to the dance floor.
“I’m working,” I responded a little too sternly.
“You’re no fun, Jon!” Kate pouted and Evie added, “Yeah, you need to relax and have some fun with us! Trust me, I didn’t want to either, but Kate made me and now I’m glad she did!”

Exclusive Teaser:

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Cover Credit: Cover Design by Perfect Pear Creative Covers
Photographer is FuriousFotog
Cover Model is Shane Williams (IG eyeball_2015_)

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