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Featured Author: Cynthia P. O'Neill

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Cynthia P. O'Neill!!!

Books by Cynthia P. O'Neill 

N/A, Fantasy Romance:
Remembrance Series -        I Remember
                                                Loving You
                                                Always – coming 2015/2016
                                                And Forever – coming 2016
Contemporary – Erotic Romance:
Need Series (Newest) -       I Need You Always – Need #1   (on sale 3 weeks only for $1.99)
                                                I Need You Now – Need #2  - coming May 25th  (pre-orders Available on Amazon)
                                                I Need You Here – Need #3 – coming August 2015
                                                I Need You T oo – Need #4 – coming October/November 2015
                                                I Need You Forever – Need #5 – coming late 2015/2016
A Learning Series -              Learning to T rust, Book 1 – Currently FREE on Amazon US
                                                Learning to Let Go, Book 2
(only on Amazon)                  Learning to Love Again, Book 3
                                                Learning to Move Forward, Book 3.5 (spin-off of Grace and Jonathan’s romance)                                               


I Need You Always – Need #1   - on sale for $1.99 for 3 weeks only. 
Marissa wants to focus on her career, but Dane wants to dominate her; mixing business with pleasure. Every touch tempts her to submit to his desires.  
Can she hold up to the control he craves in life, especially in love? Can she let go of her own hang-ups and submit to him?
Only time will tell if she can be everything he Needs!

I Need You Now – Need #2  - Releasing May 25th
Nate Lawson was a player - dominating in the office and bedroom. T hanks to betrayal he didn’t do relationships, only one-night stands, until he met her.  T he one he finally connected to would be the one he’d let slip away… 
All he knew is that he needed her  - Now!
Pre-Order Links, I Need You Now – Need #2, on Amazon:
AU:   http://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00XJVL9DO?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

About Cynthia P. O’Neill:

Cynthia P. O’Neill grew up in small town in South Florida and moved to Central Florida to attend college. There, she married her friend, love, and soul mate and still resides with their amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little boy.

In her books, Cynthia draws on her background in healthcare and business, along with her husband’s engineering knowledge.

She currently writes on all levels of Romance. The Remembrance Series encompasses New Adult with a touch of Paranormal activity and a hint of Historical romance. A Learning Series is for those who like a little more steam with their books, falling into the categories of Contemporary - Erotica, with a hint of suspense.

Her latest series, Need, will have several books, each focusing on one couple per book. The main couple will then become supporting characters, while some of the background characters step forward to find their own happily ever after. It will be will be a Contemporary – Erotic romance with a high level of suspense added.

She tries to make her writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for her books, but her imagination takes them to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist.

To learn more about the author, please visit Cynthia’s website at:

Interview With Cynthia P. O’Neill:
  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
I write in all areas of romance from tame all the way to erotic steam.  I have three series currently out.  T he tamer one is called Remembrance that is a very tame New Adult Fantasy Romance with some paranormal and historical elements two of the four books are currently available.  T he steamier ones are A Learning Series, which if complete and available only on Amazon, and Need Series, which has one book out, with the second coming out on May 25th
A Learning Series has three books and a spin-off.  It follows the trials and tribulations of one couple who have both been hurt, have to “Learn to T rust”, “Learn to Let Go” of their pasts so they can, “Learn to Love Again” to have a future with each other.  “Learning to Move Forward” was a fan request to fill in the gaps on Laurel ’s cousin Grace and her romance with Garrett’s brother Jonathan. 
The Need Series focuses on one couple and one HEA per book.  T he characters will continue throughout the series, but another couple will step forward for their chance at a happily ever after in the following books.  T he first book, “I Need You Always – Need #1”, is out and will be on sale starting May 18th, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, to help give an introduction to the next book, “I Need You Now – Need #2”.  T he books do not have to be read in order.  T hey can be read as stand alones, but to get the full understanding of the supporting characters, it would be advised to take a glimpse at the other books.  T his series is anticipating five books, maybe more, to come from it. 
In the future, I’m contemplating doing a fantasy serial, still with a bit of romance, but trying out a different area.  I don’t seem to be able to stay just within one general genre.  I seem to add levels of suspense to all my steamy reads and add some fantasy to my tamer ones. 
  1. Do you have a favorite character to write about?
In the steamy books, my favorite used to be Garrett from A Learning Series, but after writing this last Need book, “I Need You Now”, I’m favoring Nate Lawson. 
In the tame books, I favor Gregory and Jordan, because they are myself and my husband and how we met in reality.  I will admit that some fiction and fantasy has been added, but how they met and their personalities are all us.  So I think they’re my favorite overall. 
  1. What has been your favorite series to write?
That’s a hard one to answer.  I like all my series equally and for different reasons.  But, if I had to choose, I’d probably pick the newest series, Need.  I like that I’m doing only on couple per book, but I don’t have to say goodbye to my other couples.  I can use them for supporting areas.  T his series is a challenge because there’s so much that can be written about the characters, so confining them to one book, primarily, is hard.  Also, I’m pushing my boundaries with this series.  I was asked to write stronger alpha men who were more dominant and I’m giving it my all, going beyond what I’m used to writing.  I love a good challenge. 

  1. What inspires you to write?
What many don’t know is that most of my writing is either from real life experiences or what I’ve witnessed around me in every day life.  I do through some fantasy and let my mind go wild a bit, but the basis of many of the characters and the story itself has some truth to it.   For example, I saw a man pass out from his car onto the street in front of my house one night.  We called 911 to get him some help, not knowing what was wrong and not wanting him to risk getting run over.  I kept thinking about that scene and within a couple of weeks had a storyline in my head wondering “What if”.  T hat story ended up becoming “I Need You Always”, with that very scene in there, but tweaked and embellished of course. 
I guess you could say life itself offers my inspiration.  I have quite a few stories running through my head with ideas written down.  I could easily keep busy over the next few years writing, without adding any additional ideas to the files. 
  1. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I prefer to use my desktop in my bedroom.  I like to close the door, turn on an air purifier for white noise and just write away.  I’m very limited with my time to write, because I’m a full-time mom, teacher, caregiver, and wife during the day.  So my time is limited to a few hours each night and some on the weekends or before everyone wakes up in the morning.  When I’m not at the desktop, then I can be found with my laptop in the family room or at the dining room table typing away.  I can pretty much write anywhere, but I do like some white noise in the background to help me focus. 
  1. Do you listen to music while you write?
Not while I’m writing.  I do have music that inspires ideas for the book and song lists out on Spotify that are tied to each book I’ve written.  T hey are the songs that inspire and encourage the scenes.  But, I only like silence or white noise while I’m writing. 
  1. What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
You’d think that I’ve always had a love of books, but you’d be wrong.  I used to hate reading.  I was a cliff notes person in high school and college.  It wasn’t until the last few years that I discovered a passion with reading.  I went from watching the T V and rarely picking up a book to the reverse.  Now you’ll find me with my kindle or laptop open, reading versus watching television.  I read several books a week, even more so when I’m writing.  I like to read in the genre I’m writing to keep my mind focused.  It helps prevent mental blocks and lets the words flow freely.    When I’m not reading, I’m writing or brain storming new ideas for other potential series.  My mind never shuts off. 
When I’m not writing or reading, I spend time with my family.  I love to create through cooking, baking, playing the piano, creating flower arrangements, and drawing. 
  1. When did you know you wanted to write a book?
I’d thought about it for a long time, actually having the same story play over and over in my mind for over eight years.  One day someone asked me if I ever thought about writing a book.  T he idea stuck, I talked with my husband, and the rest was history.  I started writing as a hobby to begin with and became a part-time writer when I hit the second book.  It is now my passion.  When I’m not writing, I’m dreaming about ideas, running potential story lines in my head. 
What writing projects are you currently working on?
I’m currently focused on the Need Series.  I have the first book out, the second coming May 25th, with three more, at least, to come from that series.  I have two remaining in the Remembrance Series, that I need to complete, along with ten books on the shelf to write, three of which are stand alones, while a couple have the potential to be series of their own.  

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