Monday, September 17, 2018

Featured Author: Michelle Rene

Decorating With Love

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Read about Molly and Travis's second chance in Decorating With Love
(Strong Hearts Book 1)

All my life, I have been told I could do anything I set my mind to. That has always been my driving force. The one thing that has given me the courage to pursue my dreams.

Five years ago, given the opportunity of a lifetime, I walked away from the man I loved. I became a top designer at a prestigious firm with an extensive list of clients and a swanky downtown apartment. It seemed all my dreams were coming true. Then an unexpected tragedy caused me to reevaluate my life.

Now I am pursuing a new dream, in a new city, unaware of the opportunities that await me, both personally and professionally.

Leaning On Love

Looking for a sexy romance?

Shelby and Spencer have just what you are looking for in Leaning On Love
(Strong Hearts Book 2)

Six months ago, a letter from my mother changed my life.

With plans to relocate to be closer to my father and brother, I never imagined it would put me in the same city as the one person I never knew existed until recently. Nor did I believe that I would find the love I had always wished for.

When faced with tragedy, I never dreamed that the family I had always known would extend to include so many. Now I have learned that family is more than blood, and their love is always there for you to lean on.

A Beautiful Heart

Looking for a happily ever after with a bit of a twist?

Find out what’s ahead for Logan and Isabel in A Beautiful Heart
(A Strong Hearts Novella)

Who would have guessed that attending an open house to support a newfound friend would change my life?

The minute those four inch heels attached to sexy long legs hit the pavement, all I could think of was having them wrapped around me. The more I got to know her, the more I knew I had to have her. Not just in my bed, but in my life.

Then she made a decision that rocked me. Any other man would have walked away, but it was too late for me. I'd already fallen hard for this woman and her beautiful heart.

When Love Grows

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Book 3 in the Strong Hearts Collection
Meeting two guys in the same week was something I wasn't prepared for. One rescued me from falling on my face... twice. While the other immediately stole my heart with his big blue eyes. None of us were prepared for the surprises that awaited us.

Some surprises are like flowers, a beautiful addition to a garden, that will bring you joy and enhance your life. While others are like thorny weeds, only meant to cause harm.

Flowers and weeds. Both take work, but if you persevere, you’ll get to see the beauty when love grows.

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Family treasures and cherished memories both can be found in the corner of the attic tucked away in a box long forgotten.
That’s where my daughters found an antique tin full of old photographs and keepsakes. With their curiosity piqued, they are desperate to find out the stories behind them.
The only person I recognize in the photographs is the one person who lived through it.
Let’s just hope she’s ready to tell us her story.


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Nixon - Book One in The Winter Haven Series
by Xana Jordan and Michelle Rene


My siblings refer to me as the responsible one. I've had a set plan for my life for as long as I can remember, and everything I've achieved up until now was to help me reach that goal.

I was finally where I wanted to be, until a sexy as hell brunette crossed my path. Without even trying, she's made me aware that my life wasn't as complete as I'd once believed.

She is the other part of me I didn't know was missing.

Will things beyond our control or imagination tear us apart, or give us what we both never realized we needed?

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by Michelle Rene & Xana Jordan

NIXON (Now Available on Amazon)
LYNDON (Coming Soon)
HAYES (2019)
PIERCE (2020)
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