Thursday, September 20, 2018

Release Blitz for Kick by Ali Dean

Buzzing anticipation. Floating weightlessness. Adrenaline rush. All the best feelings wrapped into an emotional high that never gets old.

I think I might be addicted to falling in love.

When rising rock star Jack Kingston comes to play on our college campus, I think he’ll be just another fix. Instead, he flips everything around and makes me question who I am, what I want, and why I do what I do. After he leaves, everything changes.

Pushing myself in the pool, struggling to keep up with my twin sister, it’s what keeps me from losing myself entirely. Swimming isn’t my passion. It’s my source of stability. When I find the courage to finally start pushing my boundaries, I discover success in ways I never imagined, both in and out of the water.

When Jack resurfaces, I'm forced to decide between facing my fears or letting them spiral out of control as my past catches up with me... threatening to pull me back under. It's time to sink or swim.


 “So you’re telling me you’re a musician, with a six pack, who writes songs about his little sister?” I ask slowly. And who has dimples?
His smile widens. “Yes?”
“You’re killing me here, Jack. Tell me something gross about yourself.”
He rubs a hand over his chin, thoughtful. Glancing at me from the corner of his eye, I can tell he’s contemplating how much to confess.
“This is pretty embarrassing,” he starts.
“Tell me,” I say, giddy and clapping my hands. Oh, I hope it’s something really nasty and weird. I love hearing people’s secrets.
“Um, well, I drive a minivan.”
I hang my head, shaking it in disappoint. “You’re hopeless, Jack Kingston. That’s not gross, that’s adorable. And anyway, minivans are great for sex.”
With that, I stand up, take a deep breath, and do a front flip into the pool, completing it with a graceful dive into the water. My head spins a little from the movement, but the water is refreshing and by the time I resurface, I’m collected.
I glance up, and Jack is still sitting up there, legs dangling. The group has moved to sit on the deck and they’re clapping at my flip, a few getting up to try the high dive themselves now that I’ve broken the ice.
I can feel Jack’s eyes on me as I climb out of the water, and I turn to look up at him. He’s standing now on the high dive, a quiet silhouette that momentarily takes my breath away. Though I can barely make out his eyes, the weight of them is heavy, like he’s seeing right into me, through me. I shiver. He doesn’t release our eye contact as he steps forward, and then he ducks his head into a dive, gracefully descending into the water with minimal splash.
When he breaks the surface, his eyes are back on me, and I flash a smile before walking slowly to the locker, confident he’ll follow.

Review by Gia:
You don't have to have read The Line Below to read this one but if you did read that one then you already met Kick (Lydia).   Kick and Shay are twins and they both are swimmers.  Shay is a the more serious one and Kick is the party girl.   Something happens to Kick and she decides to focus more and party less.   I really liked Kick.   She meets Jack who is a rising rock star.   Omg Jack is heart melting amazing.   Him being a rising rock star, I expected him to cocky or jerky but he's not.   Kick really grows throughout this story.  She has real life struggles that just made me want to hug her.  
4 Amazeballs Stars! 

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