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Featured Author: K A Duggsy

Welcome Today's Featured Author
K A Duggsy!!!

 Book 1 Advance:
 The first book in a dystopian romance trilogy.

"Time is something we can't control. We may think we have plenty of it but it ticks past so quickly, before we know it, its run out."

I never knew I needed saving until he came for me. This stranger who removes me from all I’ve ever known. Hinting at secrets I should be aware of but can’t fathom. I’m caught up in something… something huge or so he says, yet he refuses to tell me. Memories have been discarded and he begs for me to fight for them … to remember him… to remember us.
To remember the life I’m living, the life I'm apparently going through the motions with, just isn’t the truth. The truth hurts and therefore is easier to numb, to submerge myself in forgetfulness. But my life isn’t the only one at stake and for that reason alone I have to seek the truth in all it’s heartbreak, in all the confusing turmoil. I have to find the answers and only one place can give them all...
Advance Industries.

This is the first book in a trilogy. If you are allergic to over the top mushiness or cannot stomach excessive bad language, this book isn't for you.

Book 2 Advancing
Reunited but at what cost?
Because when time is involved, everything can change in an instant.

After travelling away from Advance Industries Faith and Kye find themselves in an unfamiliar city.
Facing new enemies, old grievances and dealing with the impossible decisions awaiting them.
Faith has emerged as a new woman. Determined to control her own destiny, but Kye is just as determined to right the wrongs they caused.
Which will win?
Morals or love?
Sometimes, the one we want most is the one we're best off without and love doesn't always conquer all.
They need to decide whether to listen to their hearts or their heads and they need to do it fast before their enemies close in.

Please note this is the second book in the series. Book 1 Advance does need to be read first for this to be understood.

Book 3 Advantage
We met by chance, by crazy circumstance.
Forced together by events out of our control
Neither of us were looking.
Neither of us were wanting what we found.
Both scarred. Both scared. Both hiding.
Only, one of us is undeserving.
One of us is lying, faking … taking advantage.
The face I present to the world is a farce and my act has been perfected, now it’s first class.
Taking a chance is a risk to us both
But it can’t be ignored, because not only is it her name, it’s what she gives me…
Some sins can never be erased. If I get too close… if she finds out…
I’ll be replaced.

Please note this is not a stand alone. This is the third and final book in the Advance Industries series. Books 1 and 2 will need to be read first in order to make sense of the story.

Coming soon...
Can't fix crazy
You know those people? You do. We all know someone like it. Those people that aren’t happy unless there is drama in their lives. Unless everyone’s attention and focus is completely and undividedly on them. The ones you roll your eyes at because they’re so obvious, so annoyingly transparent and clearly lacking some desperately needed honesty in their lives.
Yep. Those people.
But, what happens when the unreality becomes startlingly real?
What happens when you realise that you are one of them?
Compulsive liar. Check
Sympathy whore. Check
Drowning in disillusion. Double check.
I say I’m dying. They say I’m lying.
Like the little boy that cried wolf, I’m no longer believed.
But just like the lessons learned from that story – they’re about to receive an education.
A wake up call, if you like.
There’s no reasoning with crazy and they’re about to learn that the hard way.

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About K A Duggsy:
K A Duggsy was born in Cardiff, UK and is a mum of 3. She loves to read romance, regardless of the sub genre, but she does prefer a HEA. Her biggest passion is reading, followed closely by writing. She alternates between the two, and her long-suffering children and partner frequently get ignored while she does so.
Her love of writing started with poetry and she had some works published.
Today, Tomorrow, Forever was her first novella, followed by Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Carey's Revenge. K A enjoys writing about strong women and the men who love them with a healthy dose of suspense and action thrown in.
Her first full length novel Advance (Advance Industries #1) was released in february 2016 in a genre she never thought she'd attempt.

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Interview With K A Duggsy:
1.  Can you tell us a little about your books?
All of my books are different genres, though they all have a romance aspect in them. My novella's Today, Tomorrow, Forever and Carey's Revenge were romantic suspense and created around a story of anxiety and my Advance industries trilogy was never supposed to include any romance but it didn't work without it, they are sci-fi, time-travel romance with strong characters and awful antagonists.

2. When did you know you wanted to write a book?
Forever. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to write, I find it therapeutic but I struggled with how to start. I started with poems, moved on to novella's and finally got to a full novel. Now, I can't stop.

3.  When you write do you write the first draft on a computer or paper and pen?
Always on the computer. I just start tapping away when the perfect sentence or story comes to me. I have a file constantly open for possible lines that will work later on in the story or in a different story and I scour through that for inspiration when I'm stalled.

4.  Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?
I don't have a favourite.I usually have a cup of tea next to me and some kind of snack, whether that's a tub of pringles or chocolate of some kind. Snacking is a must when writing!

5. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I wish I could say somewhere cool or even in my office but I'm usually sat at the kitchen table. Or propped up in bed which my partner just loves lol.

6. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
Ooh, I like this. I'd love to be able to hear people's thoughts - so many misconceptions wouldn't happen if we could, plus, I'm just nosey. I love the film What women want so that's probably why.

  1. What are you working on next?
 My next story is called Can't fix Crazy, it isn't quite ready yet but again will include an aspect of romance. I think this one is likely to be a crier, which is new for me. It's very deep and emotional which is why I'm struggling with how it ends. And I have a few untitled works on the go that I'm pretty excited about.


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