Thursday, June 22, 2017

Featured Author: J.P. Uvalle

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
 J.P. Uvalle!!

 One Last Ride (A Ride Until You Die Novella Book 1) 

One Murder. Two Strangers. One Hell of a Ride...

Lola Durand and Demetri Cruz, are two strangers from the opposite side of the tracks. And when their worlds collide, they witness a brutal murder being committed by mafia leader, Los Rey. They join forces - determined to escape their lingering fate with only one option - to ride it out. Meanwhile, Los Rey and his crew are hot on their trail. They have nowhere to run; nowhere to hide.

How long will Lola and Demetri survive their one last ride?

This e-book contains sexual content and adult language and may be considered offensive to some readers. For readers 18+ years of age.


 One Last Score (A Ride Until You Die Novella, #2)by J.P. Uvalle
Coming soon!

Resurrection of Sin (Hidden Souls #1)

Hidden Souls
Resurrection of Sin
One case.
One secret.
One dog.
One soul.
Can transform a life forever.
FEAR consumes the quiet town of Groverton, North Carolina
when seven, teenage girls mysteriously vanish - with little evidence left behind.
Their disappearances are only the beginning...
The course of the investigation unleashes a string of bizarre occurrences only bombarding, Xandra Kallan, and her partner, Liam Hendrik with more questions.
Questions; that make them rethink: everything they thought they knew about each other, themselves, and the world around them.
Xandra and Liam becoming partners runs deeper than fate.
Their souls are fated, and this discovery may give them an unimaginable connection to the suspect?
Sometimes the hardest mystery to solve is your own.


Descendants of Arcos (Hidden Souls #2)

Hidden Souls
Descendants of Arcos

His Legacy. The World's Destruction.

One War.
One Soul Mate.
One Descendant.
One Decision.
Could Destroy the World.

Xandra Kallan – a homicide detective, battles internal turmoil, suffering the aftermath of being caught in the middle of a war, which has left her without the person she needs the most. With her eyes open to the truth and her tortuous past unearthed, she seeks solitude, leaving her haunting past, soul mates, and the place she used to call home in the rear-view to soul search with her trusty canine companion by her side – her shield from evil.

Will the truth set her free or will her past catch up with her?

On her road to freedom, Xandra finds herself on the campus of Colorado State University. And reminiscing of her old college days, she decides to re-enter the world of education to become a veterinarian. Little does she anticipate; she will run into a soul just as lost as her. Just as dark. A descendant. And there's more to this soul that meets the eye.

In the battle between descendants and soul mates, which side will she choose?

When Xandra gains more knowledge about Arcos, she is forced to choose – a decision that could affect the survival of mankind.

Will Xandra make the right decision this time around or will she once again, get caught up in the flames?


 About J.P. Uvalle:

J. P. Uvalle is a beautifully twisted soul who has a passion for writing paranormal romance and has the divine ability to make the unbelievable, believable. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs, went to Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and graduated with an Associate's degree in Applied Science and Technology. JP full-time as an emergency veterinary technician. Aside from being a technician and a writer, she runs two businesses in her spare time—Beautifully Twisted Publishing, and Mary Kay. On top of that, she also contributes her time to the Beneath the Ashes Blog as a Promotions Manager. When she's not saving lives, coming up with her next plot twist or making women feel pretty and pampered, she's spending time with family and friends. 

 Twitter: @Soul4Writer 
Instagram: j.p. uvalle 

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