Thursday, June 22, 2017

Release Blitz for DR. Big by Sienna Swan

Title: DR. Big 
Author: Sienna Swan 
Genre: Romantic Medical Comedy 

I wish I could say I’m one of those girls saving their v card for the right guy. But I’d be lying.
I’m stuck with my v card because I have a… problem.
A problem of the medical kind which so far no member of the male species has been able to counter.
They just can’t… well… 
They just can’t get it in.

That’s why I’ve been on Dr Big’s waiting list for hell knows how long. They say he’s the best. The right man for my condition.
Only Dr Big’s professional opinion isn’t quite the verdict I’ve been hoping for. And neither is his supposed treatment plan.
You see, Mr Big doesn’t think I have closed vagina syndrome after all. 
He thinks my lady parts are in fine working order and it’s my head that has the problem.
Dr Big is a cocky, arrogant jerk. A beautiful jerk who thinks a real man is all it will take to solve my issue. 
Dr Big is wrong and I’ll prove it. 
It’s no big deal. He’s hot and I’m desperate to lose the v status. 
No big deal at all until he drops his pants… 

Dr Big isn’t just big.
He’s absolutely huge.

Sienna Swan is a romance writer from NYC still searching for her HEA and enjoying kissing a few hot frogs along the way. She writes steamy little numbers that she hopes you enjoy more than she enjoyed the unicorn frappe.

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