Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Release Blitz for Merciful Vows by Vanessa Luisa

Title: Merciful Vows
Series: The Giannotti World #1
Author: Vanessa Luisa
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 25, 2021


It's impossible to shield your heart from a man who knows you so well. A man who is your husband. The father of your children. The love of your life. A man like Giulio Giannotti.

I thought we would last forever...but we won't. Not when he doesn't believe our abducted child is still alive. Not if I continue to lose myself in this chaotic hope. Not until our daughter is found.

It scares me...the stark reality of how cruel life can be to us, how twisted secrets turn to sacrifice and how there's always someone in the misty shadows lurking...watching.

Tonight marks six months since we lost it all. It should bind Giulio and me closer together, yet the moment his hot gaze lands on mine, it's all over. The pact I made with myself to reserve all my nerves shatters into a million pieces as those eyes burn straight through me.

They're heavenly fire. And it's as if he can see me. All of me...

If this is supposed to be the end of us, then why does it feel like it's only just the beginning?

Merciful Vows is a bittersweet second chance romantic suspense standalone and the first book in the emotionally gripping interconnected world set in Seattle: 'The Giannotti World'.




“This is all of me, Giulio. This is where I want to be. With you. With our entire family. The five of us,” I say, my voice breaking while wiping away tears. “What will it take to convince you Addilyn is alive? I will do anything at this point, baby.”
“I don’t want to hurt you more. I know I might if we talk about Addilyn.”
“No hurt. I will listen with no judgment tonight. I promise.”
Giulio sighs. “It will still hurt you.”
“I can carry a heavy heart.”
The rumble of the city so close drowns out the heavy fluttering of my anxious mind. Right now, there are so many things I feel for him that have taken months to come to light. It’s only in these past three weeks working for him where everything has begun falling into place.
In slow, delicate steps he approaches me from behind. My heart is set on fire...
Giulio doesn’t need to say a word.
He knows me.
The warmth he provides with his bare chest against my exposed back can save me from a rising tide. When he sweeps my hair off my right shoulder and hugs me from behind, I smile against his secure touch.
This is exactly where I want him. How I need him. Why I love him.
“But I want to carry the heavy heart for you, baby.”


Vanessa Luisa is a contemporary romance author. She resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her army of current reads, sassy cat and Tom Hardy…the latter is purely all in her mind, but shh don’t tell her!

Vanessa adores all things from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Seinfeld and believes tea is a writing essential. Her love of reading and writing have always been with her, and while she has a background in certified personal styling, nowadays Vanessa is turning her dream of being an author into reality.

She loves writing swoon-worthy, emotionally gripping stories with passionate alphas and strong-willed women. When she isn’t writing, Vanessa is busy running her own business and spending time with loved ones.


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