Monday, May 31, 2021

Book Blitz for Beneath the Lies by Célia Pereira

Title: Beneath the Lies
Author: Célia Pereira
Genre: Second Chance Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2021



A love that was never meant to be broken.
A pledge that bonded two souls.
A vow that was meant to last a thousand lifetimes.

A lie that destroyed everything in its wake.

A lie that shattered our love.
A lie that ruined our souls.
A lie that broke our vows.
Or so we thought.

Broken promises were never our thing, but how do we overcome a lie that has been our reality for the past ten years?

How do we see, Beneath the Lies?


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I swear I had just closed my eyes when there was a loud pounding at my front door. “What the fuck?” I mumble as I rub my eyes from sleep and check the time, four in the god damn morning. When the pounding intensifies, I quickly get out of bed, grab my baseball bat by my bedroom door and make my way to my front door.
I look through the peephole, but it’s too damn dark to make out who it could be. I shake my head at what I’m about to do. “This is how the stupid blond always dies in the damn movies,” I whisper as the pounding starts up again, only louder.
I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t come out yelling yet. I grip the bat firmly in my left hand and turn the doorknob with my right. I fling it open as quickly as I can, and then with both hands, I take my swing.


Célia Pereira resides in Ontario, Canada, in the heart of Toronto. She and her family immigrated from Portugal but traveled back each summer. She speaks Portuguese fluently, as it is her first language. Célia works full-time as a spa manager in one of Toronto's well-known facial spas by day, and by night she lets her imagination run wild and creates dramatic stories. When she's not working, she spends her time with all her adoptive nephews and nieces, but where you can find her most often is in a Starbucks, lost in a book with a caramel macchiato in hand.


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