Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Review for Sweet Ass by Carla R.


Sweet Ass by Carla R.

Gracie has had a rough life, bouncing from foster home to foster home after her mother died. As far as she knows, her only family, are the ladies at Bombshells.

Until now, school and career were her only focus. Boys and romance were mere distractions, and between classes, an internship, and two part-time jobs, who has time for that anyway? Zeke, however, is no boy, but is he a man she can deny?

Zeke has spent the last eight years working to make his tattoo shop successful, renovating his house, and trying to keep himself out of trouble. Having Gracie, literally stumble into his life, has him questioning his sanity. Is she too innocent for him and will he ever get used to her Sweet Ass in those short shorts?




 Review by Gia:

I was hooked on this one. Gracie is a nice girl. She grew up in the foster system but has a good head on her shoulders. Zeke is a sexy tattoo artist that oozes the bad bad image. He's really a nice decent guy. She has some laugh-out-loud funny but embarrassing and awkward exchanges with Zeke and by the beginning of Chapter 4, I was waiting and hoping to get Zeke's POV. We finally get Zeke's POV in Chapter six. I loved getting both their POVs.  Gracie is hesitant to start anything with Zeke but once she does she fall for him fast.  I liked their story and I'm hooked on the series to find out what happens to the side characters. 

4 Stars!!

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