Saturday, January 9, 2021

Release Blitz for Flight by Montana Fyre

Title: Flight
Series: Forest Falls #2
Author: Montana Fyre
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 9, 2020


Men were the furthest thing from my mind when I arrived in Forest Falls. In my experience all they had to offer was pain, and I had enough of that in my past, I didn’t want it in my new life as well.
But when I met my new roommate, Braxton, all my carefully laid plans went out the window, and I found myself falling hard for the resident bad boy.
When the horrors of my past collide with the life I’m trying to build, can I trust Braxton with my heart and the secrets I hold close to it? 

Any illusions of Happily Ever After died the same night my high school sweetheart took her last breath. I didn’t deserve a second chance at that kind of happiness, and ever since I had lived for my three favourite things.
Hockey. Women. Alcohol.
At least until I met my Possum. Ariah took my breath away from the moment she stepped out of Charlotte’s car, and straight into my heart.
But Ariah has horrors in her past that I knew I couldn’t comprehend.
Can I be the guy she deserves? Or will I lose her just like I’ve lost everyone else I loved?



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“Keep looking at me like that, Possum, and neither of us are going to make an appearance at this party,” Braxton growled as he took in the short black dress I was wearing, until his eyes fell on the deep neckline that had my full tits looking way better than they would have normally looked. “You need to change. You can’t wear that fucking dress around me.” 
I giggled and positioned my lips into a pout. “Why not?” 
Braxton stepped close to me, his head dipping to whisper into my ear. “Because I’ve never wanted to tear an item of clothing from someone’s body as badly as I do right now. And I’m trying to take things slow to show you I can put in the work.”


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Montana was inspired to write her own stories from an early age and it wasn't long before her dream became becoming an author one day. Life hasn't always been kind to Montana, but each of the challenges she has faced she has turned into a positive outcome, and has made her want to achieve her dream that much more.

Montana is a lover of all living creatures, except for spiders, and her love for her pets is never ending. She leads an active lifestyle and enjoys many different cuisines, often referring to herself as a garlic bread connoisseur. Montana loves to travel, and has found inspiration while exploring the USA and Canada with her wonderful husband. She has always loved everything Disney and is a pop culture nerd.

She attributes her ability to write romance to her husband, Sam, as she's inspired every day by their fairytale love story. If she can bring about positive change in one persons life with something she has written, she will consider herself a successful author.


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