Friday, December 11, 2020

Release Blitz for In the Grasp by Cadence Keys

Title: In the Grasp
Series: LA Wolves #1
Author: Cadence Keys
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: December 3, 2020

He's football's hottest quarterback.

Jack Fuller, the most notoriously private player in the league, is at the top of his game, but his personal life leaves something to be desired. 

She's the newest reporter for the LA Chronicle.

Paige O'Malley has worked her ass off for her career, and now she's just landed her dream job with the biggest paper on the west coast. 

They broke each other's hearts nine years ago. Now fate is giving them another chance to get it right.

When Paige gets assigned to write an exposé on Jack, she must decide where her loyalties lie: with the career of a lifetime or the love of her life. 

In the Grasp is the first contemporary sports romance in the LA Wolves series. Jack and Paige's story begins in the prequel novella, Intentional Grounding.

Review by Gia:
In the Grasp is a good read. Jack is a successful quarterback. He's a very private player and won't give the media any detail on his personal life. Paige is a writer for a newspaper. She has worked hard to get her dream job but her first assignment is to get a personal interview with Jack. Paige and Jack have a past. We get bits of their past in this one. There is always a prequel to this one and I didn't realize it so I didn't read it first but that has more about Jack and Paige's beginning. Even though we did get a bit of their past in this one, I do want to know more so I will definitely go back and read a now because I do want to know more of their past. Paige is the one that Jack let go. They haven't seen each other in a while but when their paths cross again the sparks are still there. They both still like each other and have a good connection. She keeps the secret of what her assignment is and Jack is very private and doesn't want to have his private life in the news. I loved their growing relationship but I was also nervous about how her assignment was going to affect them when it all comes out. I enjoyed this story and get can't wait to read more in the series.
5 Stars!!

Cadence Keys is a contemporary romance writer. She loves football, coffee, and watching Gilmore Girl marathons. Intentional Grounding was her first published work. In the Grasp is her first published full-length novel. She has been writing for almost a decade, but only recently got the gumption to really do something with her work. She looks forward to publishing many more novels, specifically her LA Wolves series. 

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