Monday, August 17, 2020

Release Blitz for Half Truths by Rachael Brownell

Title: Half Truths
Author: Rachael Brownell
Genre: An Opposites Attract Romance
Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs
Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
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All-American boy meets broken girl… at rehab?
It will never work.
How could it?
Alex is Chicago royalty. Harley considers herself Las Vegas trash. While he’s been handed everything his entire life, she scrapes to make ends meet. Still, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Both long to break free from the stereotypes of their upbringing and embrace each moment together. Yet, neither are ready to share all of who they are.
Their secrets.
Their fears.
Their bitter realities.
Does their budding relationship stand a chance under a blanket of secrecy? Or will owning their truth set them free?

Review by Gia:
I loved this one.   Alex doesn't have very good parents.  They are more concerned about money and how their peers view them than their children.  So when Alex's sister, Daphne, needs help for an addiction, he jumps in and does what he has to to get her help.   Alex is a good guy.  He's from money but has seen how it has made his Dad and doesn't want to be like him.  Harley is Daphane's counselor and also Alex's neighbor.   These two are interesting characters, who have layers.  Harley is hiding a past.  She is raising her brother, Phoenix, as her son because her mother is an addict that can't raise him right.  Harley is a great girl who isn't used to opening herself up to other people.  There is a connection between the two.  Alex is sweet and patient.  They both are keeping secret from each other and share half-truths.  They both are doing what is best for their siblings so I hoped that when the truth comes out the could work with it and I was a little surprised when and how so of the truths came out.   I really liked this and it's one you should read.  

5 Stars!

Rachael Brownell is an award-winning romance author. She resides in the midwest with her husband, son, and fur-babies. A morning person at heart, Rachael is a coffee addict who enjoys writing characters readers can connect with. She’s also known for placing those same characters in situations that will make you feel like you’re right there with them, going through the experience.
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