Thursday, August 20, 2020

Releasae Blitz for Revved by A.M. Mahler

Revved is fun, witty, sexy, and romantic. Written in K. Bromberg's Driven World, this sweet story will hit you right in the feels.

When Simon Weber left Maine for Grayson Falls, New Hampshire, he never expected the move to be permanent. A successful web designer, image was Simon's life. He had a very specific idea of his dream girl in his head. She would be put together, spotless, the quintessential girly-girl. Then he met Maggie Dalton.

As Willis-Reilly Racing's lead engineer, Maggie was singularly focused on one thing. Work. Her fingertips were stained, and she wore engine grease on her face like other girls wore blush. Her life consisted of work and sleep. When Simon Weber comes to work for WRR her work-life cycle is thrown into chaos.

Experience the wonder of falling in love as two introverts' worlds collide and their new relationship is tested when tragedy strikes.

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Review by Gia:
Revved is based in K. Bromberg's Driven World.   You don't have to have read the Driven books to enjoy this one.  At first, I wasn't feeling  Simon.  In the very beginning, we get to see him with his family in Maine.  He's living with his mother and his brother and nephews are in town too.  I could understand why he would want to leave that to move to New Hampshire for a job bu then not too long into the story he's meeting with his new boss and Maggie walks in.  She's a mess and not what he thought his type was but knows right away that she's his dream girl, that right there hooked me on the story.   Maggie is a lead engineer at Willis-Reilly Racing.  She's really good at her job.  She's a workaholic and doesn't have time to date.   Simon is a nice guy.   He's put together and web designer.   He's working for the same company as Maggie.  These are made for each other.  Just when things start to heat up between the two something major happens with Simon and I loved how Maggie just steps up helps.  
4 Stars!!

Revved is written in New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg's Driven World, which is one of two KB Worlds projects. With over 100 authors, who were selected by and are working with K. Bromberg, these stories will be fan fiction at its finest—and sexiest. Devoted fans of the Driven and Everyday Heroes series will have the opportunity to revisit their favorite characters and settings. A.M. Mahler is returning to the Driven racetrack and putting her spin on this smoking hot, fast-paced and addictive world. You can find out more about K. Bromberg and the KB Worlds at

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Meet A.M.

Anne Marie is a contemporary, historical, and fantasy romance writer. She received a Bachelor's in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She lives in the Richmond, VA area with her husband, teenage son, two dogs, and cat.

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