Monday, July 20, 2020

Series Blitz for The Heart Series by Michelle B

Title: Breathe With Me
Series: Heart Series #1
Author: Michelle B.
Genre: Contemporary Romance


What happens when you grow up with your soulmate and become as close as two people can become? Then, tragedy strikes, and you desperately fight yourself trying to hang on to what you have with him , but ultimately, push him away because of the pain and fear.

Time passes.
The pain you felt subsides, lying dormant.

You can finally wake with the sunrise with a smile on your face, only to have it ripped away from you again when you're abducted and held prisoner by sadistic human being.
Only to be released and promised he'd come back for me…

My given name is Sofia Rose Heart and I am the headstrong daughter of an organized crime boss. But, I am also known as beautiful, by my best friend and soulmate, Caelan O'Reily. He is my strength, courage, heart, childhood memories, and even the breath that I breathe at times to keep me alive.

My name is Caelan O'Reily. What would you do when you are trying, so desperately, to hold onto the woman you love, but she keeps pushing you away? You fight, that's what you do. I have loved my beautiful girl since we were kids. I have waited years for her to acknowledge our love, and for in short glimmer of time, I thought she had.

I'm done waiting.

She is my girl.
She always has been.
She always will be.

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Title: Breathing Together
Series: Heart Series #2
Author: Michelle B.
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Have you ever felt lost, like you’re floating through a world that’s just too crazy for you to handle? And the people you thought you could count on the most have all let you down?

Lost. That is how I feel right now.

Sofia Rose Heart belongs to me.
She shattered and ran from my biggest mistake.
I pushed her into the arms of another.
I will stop at nothing to find my beautiful girl.

Caelan O’Reily gave me his heart, then he tore mine out.
I ran from him.
I ran from my mistake.
I ran from my stalker.
I ran from it all.

Where do I go from here?
I have to heal my very broken heart.

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Title: Breathing On My Own
Series: Heart Series #3
Author: Michelle B.
Genre: Contemporary Romance


There are moments in life we all regret.
Mine would be the second I decided I needed to be alone.
That decision changed the course of my journey.
But was it for the better or for worse? That’s yet to be seen.

I have to fight through the smoke, emerge through the dense fog in my brain, peel away the layers, and face what’s right in front of me.
I need to do this on my own.

Fighting for her is what I was born to do.
Healing her is what my heart was made for.
Protecting her is my job.
Waiting for her... is what I will always do.

I will fight for my girl.
With my girl.
Right beside my girl.
Every step of the way.

Breathing On My Own is the conclusion of Caelan and Sofia’s story, but not the end of their journey.

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Title: Where the Chips May Fall
Series: Heart Series #4
Author: Michelle B.
Genre: Contemporary Romance


I am the Queen of my world, owning the dark nights.
He is the King of his world, ruling with a firm hand.
Unknowingly we both fight for our freedom.
He needs the freedom to breathe, whereas I fight for my freedom to live.

Three worlds collide:

They smashed together, obliterating the last little bit of morality I had. 
He will never forgive me because I will never give him the chance. 

Secrets have been buried.
Lies have been told.
Betrayal is at the highest degree.

My real name is Jessica Winthrop. A.K.A The Queen of Hearts. I am an underground poker player. I don’t play in the comfortable basements of family homes with the ‘good ‘ol boys from around the neighborhood. No, I play in the deep depth of dark basements against men that will slit my throat at the turn of a card or the drop of a chip.

Since the tender age of four, my decisions were made by my mentor, my father, that is, until he became my adversary. His decision making came to a screeching halt when I turned seventeen. Three years later, I had to make some of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I made them and I’ve stuck by them.

Six years later, those same decisions are now coming back to haunt me.

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Author Bio

Michelle B is a wife of twenty-seven years and a mom of two adult children. Always a movie girl, she never read any kind of books until the summer 2015 when a family member gave her a trilogy to read. Once she was finished with the series, she was hooked. After a year of reading voraciously and pushing away the urge to start writing her own story, she finally decided to take the leap and start putting finger tips to her keyboard. After five months she finished her first novel, Breath With Me. She then gave it to a few handfuls of women to see what their thoughts and feelings were. With overwhelming encouragement and demands, she finished her second novel of the Heart Series, Breathing Together. Michelle B is currently writing the fifth book in the Heart Series called Skinny Love, but that is not it for the Heart Series. There's a lot more to come for the Elite Eight.

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