Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Blog Tour for Love in Motion by Angela K. Parker


Title: Love in Motion
Author: Angela K. Parker
Genre: Contemporary/NA Romance
Release Date: July 14, 2020
Cover Design: Angela K. Parker

The thing about love…
It’s kind & beautiful, soft & hard, forgiving & emotional, but love can also be blind. Love can twist and turn you into someone unrecognizable.
That’s the way it was for Josie and me. She became my everything. I fell heart over mind, allowing her to take the only thing that I could call my own. The life I envisioned for us was blurred by secrets, hard to overcome. She made me question whether what we had was based on truth or a lie.
Dalton was an obstacle in the way of what I’d always shied away from, and the only way to reach my end was through him. So, I made a choice to get close to him, even when I shouldn’t have. We were never meant to be what we became. I didn’t intend for something forced to turn into something real. In the end, Dalton was so much more than just a means to an end. He held the key to everything, including my heart. It was his to have, to hold, to break, and to mend.
That’s the thing about love…
It can’t be forced. It just happens, and once it’s in motion, it’s impossible to stop.

 Review by Gia:
Love in Motion is a good read. When reading it I was hooked and didn't want to put it down. Dalton is a sexy lead singer for DOL. DOL is made up of him and his friends, Owen and Luke. These guys are bandmates but also best friends and I loved the dynamics of that. Dalton is a nice guy with some issues. His relationship with his Dad has not been great. He and his friend's head home because his Dad is sick. While there he meets Joselyn. Joselyn is a sweet nice girl. Up until the time her friend Rose drags her to the airport for a glimpse of DOL, she knew nothing about the band. Joselyn had a rough childhood and struggled a bit after. She works hard and is focused. When see she Dalton for the first time she feels a pull to him. These two have this cute instant connection hat they build on. This one is a cute read with some twists and secrets that will keep you hooked.
5 Stars!



Angela K. Parker is a country girl with a big heart. She's a South Carolina native with a passion for writing, reading, music, & math. When she’s not engaged in any of the above, she’s spending time with her family or catching up on the latest movies. She’s always had a very active imagination. Now she’s putting it to good use.



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