Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Featured Author: Tracie Delaney

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Tracie Delaney!!

Mismatch: A Winning Ace Novel

The perfect life. A killer blow.
When playboy Rupe Fox-Whittingham wakes up in bed next to a dead woman, he’s charged with murder. His best friend, ex-tennis ace Cash Gallagher, arranges for frosty but brilliant lawyer, Jayne Seymour, to represent him.

Jayne swore off men after her husband’s terrible betrayal. She’s far too bright to make the same mistake twice.

Rupe wants her—and he always gets what he wants. Winning her heart won’t be easy. Still, he thrives on challenge.

When danger comes knocking, the mismatched pair are thrown together.

Can Jayne learn to trust again, before it’s too late? Or will fate step in to snatch her happiness away?

Mismatch is a fast-paced, suspenseful novel that can be read as a standalone. However, those who enjoyed the Winning Ace series will love catching up with old characters, and meeting fascinating new ones.

About Tracie Delaney:

Tracie Delaney writes contemporary romance novels that centre around strong characters and real life problem with, of course, a perfect Happy Ever After ending (even if she does sometimes make her characters wait a little while!)

When she isn’t writing or sitting around with her head stuck in a book, she can often be found watching The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or any tennis match involving Roger Federer. Her greatest fear is running out of coffee.

You can chat with Tracie on Facebook ( or Twitter (, or, for the latest news, exclusive excerpts and competitions, why not join her reader group ( and those things will be automatically delivered right to your inbox, along with a special gift just for signing up.

Tracie lives in the North West of England with her amazingly supportive husband and her two crazy Westie puppies, Cooper and Murphy. Any tips on stopping them chewing the furniture would be gratefully received.

Interview With Tracie Delaney:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

I write romance centered around strong characters, especially the women, and real storylines. I guess I’m in love with being in love. I started publishing in May this year and have three (soon to be four) books out in a series called Winning Ace. The first three books centre around Cash Gallagher, a tennis star, and Tally McKenzie, a journalist who’s desperate for a story to advance her career—and the media loathing Cash becomes her victim! There’s also a short story prequel to the series that I give away as a thank you to anyone signing up to my newsletter.

 2. What book is your newest release?
Mismatch, which is the fourth book in the Winning Ace series, is a spin off and centres around Rupe Fox-Whittingham who is Cash Gallagher’s closest friend. It was such a fun book to write. Rupe is a fabulous character. This book only came about because I had so many readers contact me asking for Rupe to get his own story—and he absolutely ROCKED it.

3. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
Yes, I write in my study. It used to be a garage until I persuaded my husband I really needed a quiet place to write. He’s still mourning the loss of his beloved garage.

4. Do you listen to music while you write?
No. I need complete silence. I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t work for me.

5. Do you have a favorite character to write about?
The latest character is always my favourite, although Rupe was certainly easier to be around than Cash! I did love being inside the head of Gabe Mitchell who is the hero in my fifth book, a stand-alone called My Gift To You which is due to be released in March 2018.

6. When you write do you write the first draft on a computer or paper and pen?
Computer all the way. On the odd occasion I have to write these days, my hand aches after two sentences.

7.  If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
The power to teleport. I have a horrible commute to work which takes longer and longer as each month passes and the roads become more congested. I’d love to instantly arrive somewhere simply by thinking of the location.

8. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I’m currently writing a six book series based around four brothers. Each brother will get their own book, but there will be an over-arching theme of family loyalties, betrayals, and secrets. The last two will be spin offs of secondary characters that appear in books 2 and 3.

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