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Featured Author: Grace Brennan

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Grace Brennan!

Bear Claw Shifters

Book one is Starry Night Sky

Ellie Cartwright is at a crossroads in her life. Fleeing the cold life her parents had laid out for her, she goes to stay at her friend’s ranch in Wyoming. It’s everything she’d hoped it would be: beautiful landscapes, endless peace and quiet to determine her future in, and cowboys. Gorgeous cowboys. One in particular, Jake Montgomery, catches her eye.

Jake is a grizzly shifter, loving his quiet life on his family’s ranch, content with life. That is, until Ellie burst onto the scene and into his heart. He knows she’s his mate. Now all that’s left to do is convince her to stay... And hope that she can accept the grizzly in his middle.

But it seems like someone in Wyoming wants Ellie gone. With someone threatening her life, will Ellie run, leaving her heart behind her? Or will she and Jake face down whoever is out to get her, and prove that love can overcome all?

Book two is One Sunny Day

Jared Montgomery is just going through the motions every day. There’s no color in his world, no joy; he’s spiraling faster and faster every day, fighting harder and harder against his inner grizzly to keep his human skin. Then he meets Adara Carmichael, a feisty human who’s been hired as the cook on his family’s ranch. She’s slowly pulling him out of the darkness and into the light. There’s just one problem: she’s a human. He swore to never love a human again, no matter what his bear is telling him.

Adara is a woman with secrets; secrets that could hurt the Montgomerys. She came to their ranch to be their silent protector, but she’s falling for Jared. Hard. But she’s scared that if she spills her secrets, he’ll hate her forever. There’s no choice she can make that has a happy ending.

With danger approaching, Adara is forced to make a decision. Should she tell Jared what she really is and why she’s there, risking everything; or keep her secrets, making protecting the Montgomerys that much harder. Will Adara be able to protect the family she’s come to love? Will Jared ever be able to forgive her for the secrets she’s kept?

Book three is Misty Autumn Morning

Kendall Montgomery is content with her life on her family’s ranch. She’s happiest alone and she wants it to stay that way. Then Sam Adams walks into her life, throwing her and her inner grizzly into turmoil. She’s sworn that there will never be men or a mate in her life, but here Sam is, making her question every rule and vow she’s laid down. She’s holding strong, though. No matter how much she wants Sam, she won’t give in.

Sam, and his inner fox, knew the moment he laid eyes on Kendall that she was his. And he’s going to do everything in his power to make her see that they’re mates. Everything he’s gone through in his life has led him to this point; shaped him for the moment that he’d fight for his mate, for Kendall. He’ll never give up.

Thrown together in a crisis, Kendall and Sam are forced into tight quarters. It gives Sam the chance to show Kendall how good they can be, and Kendall can’t stop her resolve from wavering. Will Kendall ever give in to her heart’s desire? Or will Sam be fighting for her forever?

Red Moon Shifters

Book one is Unexpected Mates

Tyler MacKeltar has a motto: Just make it one more day. He fights his inner wolf for control every minute of every day, certain he’ll need to be put down at any moment. Life has dealt him more than his fair share of blows, and damaged his animal, almost past the point of no return. He believes nothing can save him, and he knows he’s running out of time. Then Parker Leighton walks into his life. One look at her is all it takes to soothe his beast in a way nothing ever has. She’s human, though, and he knows how that usually ends: in heartbreak. How does he tell her what he is without making her run from him and sending his wolf spiraling out of control again?

Parker Leighton does her best to hide from the world. Shy and awkward, she’d rather be at home with a good book than anywhere around people. Returning to her hometown for her sister’s wedding is torture; until a chance meeting with Tyler has her suddenly eager to be around someone else for the first time in her life. His effect on her is instantaneous, calming her and putting her at ease around someone other than family, when she never has been before. But how can a man like Tyler ever really want a woman like her? And can he handle what she needs to tell him?

One magical night together changes everything. Suddenly, Tyler’s wolf is sane, and Parker is more comfortable in her skin. Neither of them are sure what it means; Tyler just knows he doesn’t want her to go, and Parker doesn’t want him to let her. But will Tyler and Parker be able to handle each other’s secrets? Or will their revelations send them running in opposite directions?


Book two is Temporary Mates

Kelsey MacKeltar has lived like a ghost for years, using her wolf to run from her past, until stumbling upon her brothers’ farm. Even though she’s safe now, the memories continue to haunt her. No one can ease her mind, not even her concerned brothers, but one man might be the key to helping her defeat her demons once and for all before she flees again.

Garret Adams has his own demons to face. His shifter gift has changed him from a carefree youth, to a reclusive, brooding man, and his secrets threaten to tear him apart. With his gift overwhelming him, he’ll eventually go mad, until a ghost arrives to quiet the demons in his mind.

Kelsey and Garret soon find themselves drawn to one another, but Kelsey knows her wolf can’t be trusted, and mates can’t truly mean forever. It’s only a matter of time before someone betrays her, so her mate can only be temporary. But Garret is playing for keeps, and unless he can convince Kelsey his feelings are true, the ghost that saved him will become the ghost that unravels him. 

Book three is Forever Mates

Hannah Vanderguard is trying to change her life. After coming home to Eagle Creek with broken dreams, she’s fighting to become a better version of herself. But one incredibly sexy man is infuriatingly intent on putting her in her place, and reminding her of who she used to be.

Chase MacKeltar doesn’t believe for one minute that Hannah has changed, certain she’s going to hurt the women in his family. The fact that she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen plays no part in how closely he’s watching her. Nope, not at all. He’s just on his guard, trying to protect his family.

But when Chase’s suspicions begin to falter, and Hannah earns his trust, Chase becomes the one with the secrets. And when tragedy strikes, it might already be too late—not just to tell her what he truly is, but also to win her heart forever.

About Grace Brennan:

Grace has been reading romance all her life, only recently getting up the nerve to share and publish her own stories. She loves all genres, but shifters have a special place in her heart, so that's what she writes about. Her hubby is in the military, so her family never stays in one place long, although they call Texas home at the moment. She has an adorable little boy, four dogs, and a tattoo addiction that she doesn't want to fight!

You can find her on Facebook under Grace Brennan, on her page Grace Brennan Author, or her reader group Grace Brennan Reader Group.
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