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Featured Author: Mallory Funk

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Mallory Funk!!

My Sweet Paige
(The Hastings Brothers Series Book One)

Trevor Hastings meets his new neighbor Paige when she moves in across the street. One look and that's all it took for Trevor to know she was going to be his. He would do whatever it takes to get into her heart. If that meant he had to go through her addiction to coffee, or a water balloon ambush he was going to fight for her heart. The best way to her heart might involve some flour, glitter and self-tanning lotion. Paige has spent the last three years alone due to her ex-boyfriend. Then Paige and her best friends move across from five of the sexiest men they have ever seen. The catch? It may involve water balloons, paint balls and a tampon chandelier.

Without Claire
(The Hastings Brothers Series Book Two)

Claire has spent the last six years not living her life, hiding from the world and only living through her books. When she meets a group of friends who act like family she realizes how much she wasn't living and decided to start living herself. When Sam Hastings sets his eyes on her she can't help question why a guy like him would want someone like her.

Sam has been envious of his brother's relationships but he will never admit it out loud. When the girls bring home a friend he already knows that Claire was meant to be his. Can he go slow in order not to scare her away? Will she let him in or will she run back into her shell of just existing?

Loving a Davis
(The Davis Sisters Series Book One)

The Davis sisters have always been close. Being raised by a single father has only brought them closer.
When Ava goes out for drinks with her sisters she doesn't know she ends up meeting the man who breaks all of her rules.
Never sleep with the same guy twice.
Get out before he gets attached.
No cuddling.
When she wakes up to do her normal walk of shame out of his apartment the familiar voice of her best friend stops her. Not only can she not walk away but she doesn't plan on falling hard for her best friends brother. She tries hard to keep her emotions out of anything involving Mark but he won't let that happen.

Mark doesn't sleep with the same girl twice. He usually ends up kicking them out before they can pass out. He's knows that he's a player and loves to live that way. It isn't until a certain Davis is caught leaving his bed that he realizes he can't let her go. Will he break his rule when it comes to Ava Davis?

Accidentally Yours
(A MC Novel, Vicious Snakes MC)

All I wanted was a baby.
Simple, right?
The plan was to get sperm and have a baby.
Sometimes plans don’t always go how we expect them to.
I didn’t know one phone call could change my life,
I didn’t know the deep voice on the other end would be the man I would end up with for the rest of my life.
One mix up at the sperm bank and I am now stuck with a man who I have never met before.
Someone who I have never had sex with, but I’m carrying his baby.
Sometimes accidents happen for a reason, right?

Releasing December 25th, 2017

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About Mallory Funk:

Mallory Funk has enjoyed writing since she was a child. Raised with three other siblings by a single mother, Mallory often places an importance on her characters having, or developing, strong familial bonds. Mallory always wanted a big family, and is now happily married with two children and a baby on the way.  Mallory has a strong sense of humour, and loves to make people laugh. Her teasing nature is always in good fun, and often shows up in her writing. Mallory can usually be seen at her home in Nipawin, Saskatchewan sitting with her laptop, and laughing at her own jokes as she writes them into her newest book.

Social Media Links:
Instagram: malloryfunk33

Interview With Mallory Funk:


  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

My books are romantic comedies.  I like to make people laugh and that’s what I try to achieve when I’m writing my books. My characters are usually about women scared to love and the men who get them to fall.

2.  Can you tell us a little about your books?

I’ve always loved to write and the way people react to my books makes me want to write more, I love trying to bring out emotions in readers. Whether it’s happy, sad or frustrated.

3.  Can you tell us a little about your books?

   Most of the times I listen to the TV while my kids are watching movies. I’ve tried listening to music but I start singing the songs and completely forget I’m writing.

4.     Do you have a favorite character to write about?
I like to write about women who are scared to love. I like seeing the change in the woman throughout the book to when she finally lets herself love.

5.     Do you have a favorite character to write about?
I have experienced writers block. Usually I have three books on the go and I switch between books to see if I can add anything to any of them. If I can’t then I spend time reading until it comes to me where I want my story to go.

6.     Do you have a favorite character to write about?
When I write the first draft it’s on a computer.

7.     What's your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday is thanksgiving.  I usually have a big dinner and have friends and family over.

8.    What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on three different projects. One is the third book to my Hastings Brothers Series. The second is a second book to my Vicious Snakes MC Series. The third is a secret child book where the father founds out years later.

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