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Featured Author: Audrina Lane

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Audrina Lane!!

24Hrs To Love
Book 1 - Need For Speed racing romance series

Lola - I had almost given up hope of getting my career off the ground. Then thanks to my friend Chris I had the chance to be in the thick of the action as a pit board girl at the next Le Mans endurance race. All I needed to do was stay focussed and make a good impression. What I didn't need was 6 feet of leather clad hot driver distraction. Jax took my breath away but he was a player and I should keep my distance....well tell that to my raging lust and love starved heart. This was definitely going to be a 24Hr challenge all round.

Jax - I was sick of being portrayed as some heartless womaniser and sick of having to put up with man eating barbie doll girlfriends. Petra was pushing me too hard and she had to go. I needed to clear the decks and concentrate on the race. At least that was the plan until a fiery bundle of red headed chaos walked through the door. Lola.....I wanted her like nothing else. It was against the rules but hey....I'm a race driver....breaking rules is part of the game. So the game was on. I just didn't see what was ahead of us or realise that there would be more to play for than just two hearts.

Book 1 in this explosive new romance series begins the collaboration between Audrina Lane and Rita Ames to bring you the excitement of the race track combined with some hot romance and of course a little plot twist thrown in. The only way to win this race is to join us on the grid and see it through to the chequered flag! Hold on tight. It's going to be a rocky ride!
Look out for Book 2 - 24Hrs to Heartbreak (Indie 500) and Book 3 - 24Hrs To Burn (Monaco Grand Prix) - If you love motor racing and hot romance reads then this is the series for you.

Bloodstained Heart: Part 1 - Passion

Meet Felicity, a seventeen year old on the brink of adulthood. Abandoned as a child by her father she watches as men come and go before her mother meets and marries Malcolm. He is a rich, powerful and dangerous and up roots Felicity from the inner city to the suburbs of London. Felicity tries to fit in but senses that her step-father is being more than just friendly towards her. Then on a family holiday with her step-brother Tony she falls in love with him. Does an eighteen year old stand a chance with a twenty-four year old or is she playing with fire?

Things take a turn at Tony’s 25th Birthday party and this becomes the defining point in Felicity’s life as she vows never to love or trust a man again. Will she take her revenge?
Suitable for over eighteens only.
The exciting first part of the story “Bloodstained Heart, Part 1 - Passion” runs from 1978 to 1993 as Felicity grows up to make her plans for revenge.

A two-part novel with dark connotations in its many twists and turns through Felicity’s love life.

Bloodstained Heart. Part 2: Revenge
Meet Felicity, a wealthy, successful and happily married woman. But is this façade just that, a deception as she continues to plot and scheme against everyone she comes into contact with. Including her husband! No one is safe from her vengeance that has been festering since she was eighteen. She has gotten her way for over forty years and at some point her revenge may return to hurt her.
Will she survive to triumph or will karma prove that what goes around must surely come back around?
The second part of the story “Bloodstained Heart, Part 2 – Revenge” runs from 1994 to 2012 and will keep you on the edge of your seat.
A novel with dark connotations in its many twists and turns through Felicity’s love life

Where Did Your Heart Go 

Stephanie never truly let go of her first love James in 1988. When the relationship ended she kept her diaries, letters and memories safe in the attic and her heart locked away from any future heartbreak. Now her daughter Charlotte is experiencing the same relationship break up that she did. Handing her daughter the diaries she hopes to save her from the bleakness she felt at the loss of first love. The diaries inspire Charlotte to strive for true love as she realises that finding the right man is worth the wait.

Can Charlotte heal two broken hearts at the same time through a strange twist of fate, destiny, music and dance?

Linking the lives of a mother and daughter together you can join them on their journey of discovery through the highs and lows of first love. Will Stephanie finally face the future after the scars from the past, and find out why James left her? Charlotte starts to discover that dancing with Mitchell will be the time of her life. Does anyone ever forget their first love and can you go back?

Un-Break My Heart

Stephanie is reunited with her first love James as they adjust to being a couple again after twenty four years apart. Can Stephanie exorcise the ghost of her dead husband, Mark, to fully move on into the future? James is puzzled that Mark's killer was never found and vows to investigate this further if it will help Stephanie heal.
Charlotte and Mitchell are making waves in the dance world with transatlantic job offers on the table, but will their ambitions pull them apart? Can Charlotte remain true to her first true love or will other dancers distract her?
All seems to good to be true for the couples but James' ex-wife Felicity is unhappy that her plans in the past failed. Felicity decides that if she can no longer hurt Stephanie then the next target on her list will be her daughter, Charlotte. She will stop at nothing to split her son up from this relationship, even if it means destroying Mitchell in the process.
Find out how Stephanie and James, Charlotte and Mitchell face their first six months together in this exciting sequel to "Where did your Heart go?"

About Audrina Lane:

I live in Herefordshire with my partner Steve and my 2 dogs. The original book started life when I was 19 back in 1992 but I was too scared to try and get it published! When I rediscovered it in 2013 I did a complete re write to get to the storyline of today. "Where did your Heart go?" was published in July 2013. It was great to actually include my very first kiss in it as my main characters first kiss - such a special moment x
Since starting to write I have to admit that I am really enjoying the whole experience and reading readers reviews has just spurred me on to continue for them.
I hope you enjoy the books and would welcome any comments or questions you may have.
Amazon Author page links:
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Twitter: @AudrinaLane
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Interview With Audrina Lane:

  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
To date I have completed 6 books since I started writing in 2013. My first novel ‘Where did your Heart go?’ was intended to be a standalone but after the response I received from readers and the way that I had left the story that it could be continued I went ahead and ended up writing the Heart Trilogy. This is made up of the 2nd book – Unbreak my Heart and the final book Closer to the Heart. On finishing these I really thought I was going to move away from the characters I had created but it was not to be when the evil character Felicity from the Trilogy kind of demanded I tell her side of the story. So then I embarked on the Bloodstained Heart Trilogy which can be read without reading the Heart Trilogy first but works better if read after the trilogy. Felicity is the tale of an 18 year old who through circumstances turns from a good girl into a complete bitch, intent on revenge.
My Heart Trilogy series is a realistic romance with an erotic twist whereas Bloodstained most definitely steps into the dark, erotic romance genre! I have written the first two in this series ‘Passion’ and ‘Revenge’ and am currently working on ‘Redemtpion’
Then whilst working on Bloodstained Heart my author friend and book cover designer suggested that we write a book together. I sent her a rough idea for a story about a racing driver and pit board model set at the Le Mans 24 Hour race. This book is out now and called ‘24Hrs to Love’ and it was such fun to write as we each took a character and wrote alternative chapters. We are now working on the next book in this series called 24Hrs to Heartbreak which see’s us with two different characters and at the Indy500 race. Believe me, if you love motor sport you’ll love this series but if you don’t you’ll still enjoy the romance between the characters.
  1. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
Well, to date I’m at 6 full length novels and a few short stories that have been included in various anthologies. I think my favourite to date is still my first book ‘Where did your Heart go?’ because there is so much of my own life and experience of 1st love contained in it!
  1. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
As I work full-time I don’t really get chance to structure my writing time, its more a case of when I have time to sit and write then I take full advantage. Generally speaking I love to write either early in the morning or on a Saturday or Sunday evening.
  1. Do you listen to music while you write?
I enjoy listening to music as I write, especially when I was working on the Heart Trilogy as my main female character is a radio dj and she loves music and the feelings and memories they evoke in her. I find that getting the right music to create a scene really helps. I have to admit that I actually can’t write in silence so I always need background noise or either music or the television. You may notice that all my novels (apart from the racing one) are named after songs. I choose the songs so that if you listen to them you can get a sense of what the story is about.
  1. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I love getting comfy in my chair by the sofa and have my laptop balanced on my lap. However I can be found writing on the bus, in the summer outside on my garden table and chairs and on holiday on the beach!!
  1. When you write do you write the first draft on a computer or paper and pen?
I always write directly to my laptop and then save to multiple places as there is nothing worse than losing your writing due to an un-expected computer crash. I do sometimes write notes in pen, but its very rare!
  1. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?
New Zealand, preferable the top of the North Island called the Bay of Islands or the top of the South Island where all the vineyards are. It’s a perfect country and at the moment one of the books I’m working on is set there!
  1. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I guess I must be mad as I’m working on 3 different novels and also need to write a short story for an anthology due out in February.
Bloodstained Heart – Part 3. Redemption. I’m currently about half way with that book to finish the trilogy.
Bonfire Heart – This is a standalone spin off from the Heart Trilogy. It’s the story of Sebastian and Lena who turn up in Closer to the Heart. It originally started out as a short story but has grown a bit too long for that now. Again I’m roughly at the half way point with this story.
24Hrs to Heartbreak – Currently waiting for my co-author Rita Ames to get her next chapter back to me but we like to keep it tight and the story needs to finish in 24 chapters!! We’re currently on Chapter 7 and hoping for an end of May, 2018 release to coincide with the Indy 500 race.

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