Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Featured Author: Megyn Ward

 Welcome Today's Featured Author  

Megyn Ward!!!


Logan, Kings of Brighton Book 2, by Megyn Ward
Once upon a time, my name was Matthew Collins. My father is known as The Family Man, one of the most brutal and notorious serial killers this country has ever known. When I was nine years old, he killed my mother...and then he just kept on killing.
Who I am has always been a secret. What I've been through and the things that I've seen have always been off-limits. Something I don't talk about. Not with anyone--not even my brother--and if anyone gets too close to the truth about me or if one of father's followers manages to find me, I do what I always do.
I run.
That's what I should be doing right now.
I should be running.
Because not only does Jane Halstead know every one of my dark family secrets, she's determined to drag them and me into the light. Jane knows everything about me and every time I try to put any sort of distance between us, scare her into leaving me alone, she just closes the gap and refuses to listen.
She keeps getting closer and closer. Throws off the delicate balance between who I really am and who I pretend to be.
Even though I'm the monster, Jane's the one who scares me.
I hate her for it.
But not half as much as I want her.



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Interview with Megyn:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
Sure! I write scorching hot, contemporary romance (the majority of which is second chance/enemies to lovers). My flagship 8 book series THE GILROY CLAN is my most popular and centers around a close-knit Boston family who own a bar. THE KINGS OF BRIGHTON is a 4 book spin-off series from the Gilroys and it's about four men who grow up together in an orphanage and form their own family. Since they're both set in Boston, there's a lot of cross-over between the two series which makes it a lot of fun to write. THE CLAN McLEOD is a 4 book series set in Hollywood about, you guessed it - brothers! Basically, if you love reaching about hot, alpha men and strong, independent women, overcoming obstacles and falling in love (with some kindle-melting sex scenes in between) then I'm your jam!
2. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
I've written 23 books - 18 romances and 5 thrillers (under the name Maegan Beaumont). My favorite romance... it's a toss-up between GRIND (from my ONE NIGHT duet) and LOGAN (book 2 in THE KINGS OF BRIGHTON). I love Keaton from GRIND - he's probably one of the hottest male characters I've ever written. If I could bring one of them to life for a day, it would be him. I'm partial to LOGAN because he's been a side character since book 2 of my Gilroy series and I was so excited when it finally came time to tell his story. He's a hot nerd with a lot of something going on under the surface. Of my thrillers, it would have to be the prequel, WAITING IN DARKNESS. I loved developing the history between my main characters and showing who they are as people and how they got to be that way. 
3. How do you come up with your characters' names?
I think like most writers, I choose names that fit their personalities. I like unusual names or names that aren't often used. 

4. For someone who hasn't read any of your books yet, which one would you suggest they read first?
For my romances, definitely read Pushing Patrick first. The Gilroy Clan is a series of duets - each couple has two books and the first book in each duet ends on a cliffhanger. It wasn't a marketing tactic to sell more books. These couples are going through some ish and their stories are BIG. Too big for one book.
5. Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I really try to write from an outline but it rarely works out that way. My brain tends to get ahead of me in the sense that I'll write something or give a character attributes or a history that won't exactly make sense to the outline but actually makes perfect sense to the story that I'm building in my subconscious and 100% of the time, the story I'm subconsciously building in my head is waaay better than the story I have outlined. So my outlines tend to be pics for character inspiration, timelines so I can keep events between books and past events straight, and calendars so I can keep track of what day it is in my story. 
Bonus Question: What can we expect to see from you in the coming months?
LOGAN is my latest release and probably my last release of 2020. 2021 will bring MR. RIGHT, book 2 in my Clan McLeod series, GRAYSON, book 3 in The Kings of Brighton, and a THE DEVIL'S REACH, book one in a brand-new romantic thriller series through my new publisher, Bookouture... and maybe a few surprises along the way.


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